In the last few days I have come across people who have stated that they can feel other people’s emotions and physical pain. They then asked if that was normal or if there was something wrong with them. Good news! If this sounds like you, you are just fine! You are what is called an “empath.” You’ve of course heard about empathy or feeling empathetic towards someone or their situation right? This gift is an actual physical and mental manifestation of that statement, a great example is when someone says they are having sympathy pains for someone close. Like when a woman is in labor and the man is having stomach pain or a child injures themselves and the parent can feel the physical pain the child is in, being an empath is just like that except it comes from every person around you. There are cases of people who are strong empaths not even being able to watch news casts do to the fact of so many bad stories involving death or pain.

Is being an empath an exaggeration of your own feelings or are you really feeling what the other person is feeling?  I am an empath I can say that it is not the case for me  at all, being over emotional or easily put into physical pain are not traits that I have. I would say that if you are reading this and what I have said so far makes sense that you are the same and have the gift or as some people have said the curse of being an empath. Sometimes being out in public can be unbearable and pushes us into feeling anxious and sick and possibly even causes us to feel depressed. Taking in all the emotions that people around you are feeling and mixing them together is pretty miserable. I am not a Doctor or medically trained, and it is only my opinion but I do believe that many empaths become addicts of drugs and alcohol and other bad vices. These people do to not understand how sensitive they are to other people’s emotions. In an attempt to dull what they are experiencing they turn to substance abuse or other outlets that truly do not bring permanent relief and often times compound the problem.

Well what do we do when we feel these overwhelming emotions or the physical pain of a stranger? No one wants to feel like a miserable person if they are normally very happy and healthy. We have a few defenses against taking on other people’s baggage; they include some very basic things like meditations and visualizations. Now, I have stated before that I am a no nonsense kind of person when it comes to these topics so I have taken the things that work for me and am bringing them to you. They are part of the solid foundation that I have built for myself and I do believe will work for most people who find this site. First and foremost my favorite, meditations! Clearing your mind is always going to be the quickest way to feeling better.

If you are in the supermarket or other really public place and feel the panic and depression or anxiety start to come over you simply take a few deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Imagine all of the emotions that you are having leaving your body when you exhale. Close your eyes briefly and ask yourself if you are sad or upset at all, if the answer is no then imagine a white canvas in front of you and make sure you put your own emotion there. You should not be feeling anyone else’s energy in your field at all and if you do, go back to your breathing and keep pushing that nasty feeling out until you are relaxed again. Make sure to tell yourself that you are fine and that there is nothing that is allowed into your energy field that will affect you in a negative or subvert way. Truly your words have the ability to get you out of harm’s way and back to your day.

The other piece of advice that I would offer is to buy a stone, I use obsidian and tourmaline. They are two crystals that have natural energies that offer grounding, centering and protection against negative vibes. Yes I do believe in the power of crystals, even in my no nonsense approach there is a spot for a pocket full of rocks. Why you ask? Well because even if you don’t believe in the power of the stones you can believe in the intentions that are attached to them. So if you picked up a pebble and said “This is my protection rock and it will keep me safe from bad vibes” then it will, because your words and thoughts have power and influence over everything around you. Your intention of the stone being protective will bring you a piece of mind when you grab it during times of high anxiety or bad feelings. Your own energy infused with an object to focus on and your intention to not be taken over by others baggage will be enough to keep you protected.

That’s the key word when you are an empath “protection.” There are many other ways besides meditation and that includes prayer and positive affirmations and even a personal favorite of mine, rubbing sea salt on while taking a shower. Sea salt is an excellent way to break energy fields and cleans our own Aura fields(something we will go over another time). In the mean time I want you to practice deep breaths, clearing your mind and projecting your own will outward to keep yourself from feeling what everyone else is going through. Your ability to protect yourself is in your hands, pick up some of the tools I have given you and go with it, don’t stop here either. Go ahead and get on that Google and search “empath.” Don’t stop until you have the answers you are looking for. If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I can discuss it further with you if you like. Stay safe and remember to practice, practice, and practice!


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