If I tell people I see ghosts they will think I am crazy. If I had a dollar for every time I had that thought in my life I would have enough money to pay someone to write this for me. Seriously, we all feel that way. Every one of us who have a bit of the gift or the full version of it has that thought, and why wouldn’t we? When people say they can hear or see something no one else can we think that there is a mental health issue with that person or that they are crazy or talking to their dog and listening to the directions Fido is giving on how to make his steak properly. Sure out there in the world there are people who do need help and should be questioning the things that they hear, what makes us different? For starters the voices are gentle and the people we see are not severely angry and telling us to hurt ourselves or anyone else. We experience for the most part spirits who are looking for help, or those who are just roaming and looking to get some attention or tell a story. I am not a Doctor and nothing you read here should be taken as medical advice, if you feel you need to speak to a professional than do so. There is never anything wrong with looking to a professional for help.

One of the things that you should be asking yourself is “How often do I experience seeing or hearing spirits and where does it occur the most often?” This could help you determine if you are living in a very active environment or if you are a magnet and experience phenomenon everywhere. As a matter of fact it could be both and that’s great too. So, when did you start noticing that you could see hear and talk to people who weren’t there? How did you know the difference between live people and spirits? Does this sound familiar? As a child I would carry on conversations with people and my parents would tell me to stop because there was no one there. I would walk into buildings and homes and know the names of people who lived there and that they had passed on. I would have visitors in my room at night and they would bother me and frighten me, my parents would just chalk it up to over active imagination and childish behavior. Is any of that ringing a bell? Probably right and now that you are older and reading this it is starting to flood back to you and the memories are very similar to what you are reading.

It’s wonderful to have such a great gift, or it’s awful. That depends on who you ask, I love it but I know very gifted folks who just want to turn it off and lead a “normal” life. I have news for them and everyone else, it is more normal to be so connected to the spirit world than it is to be so disconnected like our society has become. Not to get all preachy, I am just saying that looking back at recorded human history that our ancestors had much more spiritual bases for living and we seem to have lost that. It’s ok though because right now there is a huge amount of people waking up every morning and realizing that there is more out there and they are becoming open to the things we are discussing here. That’s what is important, not that other people are accepting of what we can do but that it is on more people’s minds and that makes the connection to the spirit world stronger. The veil gets thinner every time another person becomes more accepting that there may be more out there than what we perceive on the physical plane.

Hold on Scott, what the heck is the veil and what do you mean it gets easier for us? The veil simply is a reference to what separates our physical world to the next dimension and the spirit world. I once heard a Medium say that the next dimension was only 3 feet in front of us at all times. Think about that for a few minutes, it makes what we are talking about a little more tangible. The idea that the more people who are accepting of any idea is the concept of collective thought. For example, one person dreamt that as humans we could go into outer space then that idea caught on and more people thought it was possible and that moved the idea and concept forward to the point that it happened. If a million people are saying that they believe that there is another world or dimension and there are those who can tap into it and communicate with beings there than that is a strong collective thought. If ten million people accepted and believed it then it would be a tremendously strong idea and make the overall phenomenon easier to attain. That collective thought also affects people who may not have a psychic bone in their body, and it’s just enough that if you told them you had gifts that allowed spirit communication that they would not scoff or blow you off or think you were crazy.

I myself have been experiencing this more than I have ever in my life. I have to give a huge thanks to the television people who gave all the ghost hunters and mediums a show on major networks a shot. Those people have increased the acceptance that there may be more to life than what we just see in front of us. They have shown us that there are forces that can manipulate electronics, talk to an audio recorder and even manifest as shadows on film. Does this turn a skeptic into a believer? I don’t think so but it certainly does put a seed of thought in them that there could be something to it. The same things with the famous mediums and psychics on television, they often have segments where they are in public and give random strangers a message from a deceased relative. Does this make a believer of everyone? No but it sure does make folks feel good and give them hope that there is more out there and when we pass that it’s not darkness and nothing to look forward to.

This brings me to my point; don’t be afraid to exercise your gifts. Don’t be afraid to tell your family or friends about what you can do. You would be surprised at how accepting they will be, now if they are not I wouldn’t recommend trying to shove it down their throats. That’s also not healthy and not what we are here to do. Simply put it out there and gauge what they say, see of you will get that support that you are looking for. If you are not getting any support or they do think you are crazy it may be best to just branch out and find other local people who are like minded as you are and find support in them.  In no time at all your abilities will manifest themselves and your courage and confidence will develop with them. Remember that you can always come here and ask questions and feel free to comment and look for help. That’s what this is all about. Remember to practice and don’t doubt yourself, we have a ways to go together and this is just the start. See you next time.



  1. I wish I had some gifts =( I have nothing. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, but alas, the paranormal isn’t interested in me. If I had the gift of seeing ghosts, I would help them pass on to the next life. No matter how hard I try, nothing ever wants to see me. I’m like a ghost repellant.

    1. Hey! Don’t say that! Stay tuned here to this blog and practice the things I talk about and you can unlock your psychic abilities! I promise with practice you will learn and I am here to teach! Thanks for stopping by and please be a guest here any time!

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