By the very meaning of the word “medium” we are the in between. We are the contact between two worlds and we have a very special job to do, the deceased rely on us to hear and speak for them and the living rely on us to relay that message. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you have been practicing your Claire abilities and have been picking up on those who have passed and now you are saying “what do I do with this information?”

I wish that I could say that the answer is always easy, but unfortunately it isn’t always cut and dry. We have to take the information we get and decide when to put it into action, when is the right moment to give a message to a person? If you have intentionally stepped into a situation to do a reading then the answer is of course easy, tell the person you are helping the message. Easy peasy. Now if you are wandering around the food store or mall or public park and you get the tingle and a message starts coming in your task could be tremendously difficult to handle, that’s the truth for seasoned mediums and beginners. On television we see mediums do this task with ease and they make it look very simple and very matter of fact. In my opinion it is not that easy, even for them.

If I wish to speak to those who pass I have to do a little ritual to let them know I am ready to talk, if I walked around ready to go all the time I would be exhausted. It is my opinion that these other professionals open themselves up for the television segment so that they can get the dramatic footage of the reading out in the public setting, I am not saying that this is a set up! Just that they are opening up to do a reading, got it? Good! Moving on, when we are open all the time and this is especially when we are first learning we tend to get all kinds of information and spirits who want to talk, we have to ask ourselves “Who is the message for and are they ready to hear it?” I try my best to keep away from this type of reading, I have not had any negative come from them but if I were to make it routine then I could find myself doing them to the point of no end and potentially upsetting the people around me. My advice to you is to make sure you have a signal to start and end readings. I take several deep breaths and rub my hands together and state “I am ready to listen.” The spirits then know I am ready.

Let’s say for the sake of the article that you are getting a strong message and it needs to come out, how do you interpret what is coming to you and who it is for? In my experience I have been lucky, in the way that the person who the message is for is right in front of me and couldn’t be any more clear who I am supposed to look for. With that I would say that most times that will be the case, and every once in a while you will get incomplete information or just a name and have no idea what to do with it. When that happens to me I simply apologize and tell the spirit to come to me when there is a better chance to convey the message, this works every time. Recently I was asked how can you find someone if you have a message for them? I don’t think that there is a simple answer but you can put the intention into the universe by stating that you are looking for the recipient of that message. The Universe is pretty cool, if the message is relayable it will be delivered one way or another.

After you identify who the message is for you need to speak for the deceased, this can be tricky. First you have to make sure the living person is receptive to the idea that you are a medium and someone wants to speak to them from the other side. I would suggest being polite and respectful of course and asking them how they feel about the subject of mediums. Most times I think the person is receptive because the spirit would not have tried to make contact otherwise. Next you have to relax a little and remember that the message is not for you, it is for the person or people in front of you. When the names, images and words come to your mind it is very important to let them out exactly how you see them without adding your own filter or spin on it. By dropping your interpritation on the message you will leave it untainted and exactly how the spirit intends to convey it. For instance if I were to see a red fire hydrant I would say that I see a red fire hydrant, not that I see a fireman or a fire truck or ask about fire. This is because I could be missing the point of the image. The fire hydrant could be a funny decoration or the key point to a story that all involved have shared and there was never a fire or firemen, just that red fire hydrant.

If you get names and they sound funny that is ok! We cannot know every name ever, believe me. Even if you were to read a big book of names you couldn’t commit them all to memory and make them useful, it would be a waste of time. Instead when you hear a name, ask for it to be spelled out and if that doesn’t work ask for them to sound it out. Mimic the sound that you can hear in your head and try to pronounce it, you will be astounded when the person receiving the message says the name and it’s exactly what you thought it would be. This goes the same for everything else, dates and numbers and places and objects. If you are unsure ask spirit to make it more clear or put it into better context.

Do not be frustrated with spirit or readee if things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped. I like to make it a habit to write all the information that I get down on notebook paper. This allows for me to look at my train of thought and also be able to go back to older info that could help a little while into the reading. This also helps when nothing is making sense and the reading has come to an end, you can leave the writing with the client and let them match things up. Many times the client will call days later and tell you that you were spot on with information but that they were unaware or that they had forgotten about it. Keep practicing and be sure of yourself because you are doing great!



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