During the day we all put out a ton of energy in more ways than just our physical exertion. We eat food to gain calories that turn into energy for us to use to move around the physical world we live in. It is something that we have been doing since we came into the world and have to do until we pass on to the next realm. You know what else we use lots of energy doing? Putting energy out in the form of thoughts and it takes a toll on our spiritual self. Real quick to touch on a subject, we have two selves, our physical body and a spirit body. The spirit body is what occupies the physical body and gives it life and the physical body is how we interact with each other here on this plane. I know you know that, I am just recapping so that it is fresh in your mind for this little blurb.

So, we eat food to keep this physical body going. What do we use to keep our spirit body going and where does the energy go and how in the heck to do we expend spiritual energy? There are long answers to all of those ideas, we are going to explore the more condensed version of them so that you can get back to your day with some easy ideas to retain.Every time   you go out into the world you make an imprint on the energy around you, at the convenience store, at work or school and in other people’s homes. It is true, think about your mood and how it affects others day-to-day. When you smile the people around you smile back, when you are grumpy the people around you are not responsive or they are and are grumpy back. That is the really simple example of how to see the energy that you are putting out but it certainly goes deeper than that.

When you go somewhere and spend some time there you are imprinting on that space, like if you sit on a memory foam mattress for a moment the foam comes right back but if you sit there or lay for a while the foam takes longer to bounce back. Now lets say that you sit there in that spot every day for a few years, the foam eventually just molds to your body. Now lets say someone else comes along and sit in that spot, they are going to feel that groove you placed there and it would take a while for them to get comfortable in that spot. When you push your energy out into the world it is very similar to that. If you spend a moment in a place and smile the immediate people around you will smile, if you spend every day in a location being happy then the people entering that space will be affected by that energy and reflect it when they enter that space.

I am sure that you have heard that being happy is easier than being angry, physically emotionally and spiritually that is true. We are all human so it is hard to be happy all the time so it is important to recognize your mood and adjust yourself accordingly. This is important when you are out in the world especially because leaving an imprint can be tiring and drain you for days to come if you aren’t careful. Here is what i do to prevent this from happening; When i arrive home I imagine the places I have been that day and think about their being a gold cord there that is still attached to me at the belly button. (you go ahead and try that right now.) Then I think about my imaginary scissors and take them out, I cut that chord and say to myself “I am calling back my energy.” (Ok, you do that now.)

Doing that exercise once or twice a day will not only help you but it will help the people who are in the space you have occupied. If you were in a good mood that day than you can simply cut the cord and leave the energy there, good energy is easy to replace and I will talk about energy replacement next. So, doing this everyday will become a habit and you will find yourself less tired and connected to the world which will help make you feel better and more energized to take on the next task or next day. Keep reading to learn about taking in new bright energy and feeling your best every day!

After you have recalled all your energy you may still feel tired or be feeling emotional and that’s ok! Now we are going to learn how to bring in fresh new energy and let go of all that negative stuff that came back to you. This is easy and only takes a few minutes to do. First go ahead and sit down somewhere comfortable. Put your feet down flat on the floor and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and exhale. Feel how nice and relaxed you are. Now, think about a golden and white light above your head. It should be so bright that if you looked at it would be like looking at the sun, got it? Ok now that light is going to be like liquid, very fluid and is easy to pour. Let that golden white light flow down over your head and right down your body. Does this sound silly? I thought so when I first started doing it but I had faith and did it anyway, so please continue. Let that light flow all through your body, it can travel as fast or slow as you like. I like it to flow like someone dumped a bucket of water over me, it is quick and refreshing. Go ahead and do that now, do it a few times for practice and soon enough you’ll just do it without thinking and you will feel better.

Keep in mind that you can also be imprinted on by other people and places that you visit. I tend to get stressed out by anxiety when I am at the grocery store, sounds kind of funny right? I have no idea why of all places I go that this kind of environment is the one that brings me the most trouble. Sometimes I imagine that it’s all the parents running around with everything on their minds and they do lots of reflection while in the store, leaving behind imprints that effect me. When I go to arenas for sporting events or converts I can feel an absolute exhilaration that I love and can’t get enough of. Walking to the seats through the tunnel and seeing the center of the venue, brings me excitement just thinking about it. I would say that was due to the large amount of positive feelings that have been left there over the years. So it’s not alway bad when we imprint on an area or other people, just remember to mind those negative feelings and flush them out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will be writing more on this in the future, this is a big subject with many different areas to talk about but this is the beginning, the first brick to this wall. Remember to practice and have faith in yourself, you are psychic and you are amazing!



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