Hello Everyone! Welcome back and I sure am glad you stopped by. We have the pleasure of welcoming a guest author today who has written an article about meeting your Spirit Guides. She brings a wonderful energy to our little spot here and brings a wealth of knowledge, she is a practicing psychic Medium and draws spirits she meets. Later she will write and post all about that as well, I can’t wait. Please enjoy the article and put into practice what you learn, this is your journey! 

Spirit Guide Connection


Your spirit guides are waiting for you to say “Hi!”. 

Believe it or not, you already have a unique connection with your spirit guides. We come into life knowing and talking to our spirit protector. As we grow, we forget or are told there is no such thing.

Like most people, I’ve always been connected to my spirit team but I didn’t know they were spirits. I thought their suggestions were my instincts kicking in, like maybe I was a little bit psychic. Our Guides say things like ‘turn left here’, ‘call your mother’, ‘don’t trust Billy’, etc..

Fast forward to now. Now, we watch television shows about Mediums talking to ghosts, we see memes about connecting with spirits. Something that would once have singled people out as ‘weird’ is no longer considered taboo. In fact, being psychic is often seen as ‘cool’.

There are many ways to meet and connect with your spirit team – books, audio books & even Youtube has many guided meditation videos specifically created to help you meet your spirit guides. 

When I learned that we all have our own spirit team I wanted to connect with mine. My first attempt, I connected with an earthbound spirit, thinking he was a guide. The second time, I was in a mediumship class (because I needed help getting rid of the earthbound). Our teacher told us to each hold out one arm and ask our Spirit Protector to touch our hand. She said we could feel anything from a tap to a warm puff of air. I did, it worked! Yay! So, I asked to have my nose touched as confirmation. I felt that too. I was thrilled. So excited. Then, I felt a strange soft tap on top of my head, one on my forehead, one on my cheek, another on the bridge of my nose. I called the teacher over and explained what I had experienced and what was happening now. She glanced at the top of my head, the look on her face changed to ‘OMG, what is that?!?’. After taking a breath, she said “I don’t know how to explain this… it’s like you have little, I don’t know, dust bunnies bouncing on you”. Of course I did. I laughed.

I had to discern who I was talking to & what was touching me. Eventually, the challenges strengthened my connection with my spirit team. 

When I saw my team for the first time, perhaps even the first two times, I wept, I sobbed & I laughed with joy. The love from my spirit team was so pure, intense, completely unconditional, bigger & stronger than any love I’d ever felt. They hold back you know, cause if we felt their full blast of love we’d be little more than puddles on the floor.

Some say that only our Spirit Protector, also called our Guardian angel, is with us our entire life. I believe our spirit doctor also stays with us throughout our lives. Perhaps spirit doctors care for several people, or everyone in the same family, similar to human doctors, but much better. Your spirit doctor helps with financial issues, family issues, job issues and health issues. A spirit doctor may call in other spirits to assist with more specialized situations. At one point in my life, I had three native American Shaman spirits helping me to heal. Another time I had a spirit guide step in to help me understand suffrage.

We also each have a Spirit Teacher. Teachers change as we learn and our interests expand.

Everyone can learn to feel their different spirit team members unique energy. 

Examples: When learning something new or studying in school – your spirit teacher will often be near you. 

At night, before falling asleep, if you ask for healing – your spirit doctor will begin to work on you.

When you feel frightened – ask your spirit protector to protect you. When you’re walking down a dark street alone, it’s good to know the feel of your protector walking with you.

Spirit Guides – the magic bringers

My guides love to hear me laugh. They play & give messages through songs on my car radio. I’d quit smoking for 3 days and then, I lit up as I was driving somewhere – ‘Smoking in the Boy’s Room’ came on the radio, busted!! Another time, I was driving through a creepy part of town, alone, at three in the morning. As I turned onto Main Street the song ‘Down on Main Street’ began to play, reminding me I wasn’t alone. While visiting friends in North Carolina, I debated driving home a day earlier than I’d planned. Cyndi Lauper singing ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ came on the radio, suggesting I stay and have more fun with the girls. Radio messages happen frequently. Usually it’s a line from a song that jumps out at me, not the entire song or the song title.

I do Spirit Art – Sketching deceased people and spirit guides. For me, it’s sketching while being coached by an Artist who is in spirit. At times I do channeled or trance sketches – not knowing what’s being drawn until it’s finished. Recently, a new spirit artist has begun working with me so he can learn how to connect & instruct other humans. I also do a sort of automatic writing. I write questions or make observations and spirit answers through me as I write.

I feel my spirit protector touch my hands or my shoulders when I need a reminder that she’s with me. One of my guides, who identifies herself as wind, plays with my hair.  They make me smile & laugh out loud.  Spirit helps me lift heavy objects – my king size mattress, mini refrigerators, boxes, etc. They’ve fixed small problems with my car. They’ve helped me find clothes that represent who I am now. They offer feedback, give insights and perspectives. They keep me comfortable when its cold. The list is endless. We can ask for help with anything and if spirit is able, they will help. But, we need to ask.

I believe we decide before we incarnate into our bodies what type of connection & interaction we will have with our spirit guides. There are people who will never make a stronger connection with their spirit teams than the inner voice who cautions and directs.

Some say we choose our guides from spirit friends and family that we have incarnated with through several lifetimes. Chances are good, if you have a strong sense of humor, your guides will too.

People say their dog is their best friend. I get that. I do. But, think on this… Can you imagine the unconditional love your dog has for you multiplied by 10,000?

Betsy Christie


    1. Hmmm, ok. I had a guest Author write this. Perhaps it’s time for me to step in and give some more perspective on the topic. Thank you for reading and for the comment. Have a great day!

  1. I think it was informative! My cryptic response was from a line in the article “Chances are good, if you have a strong sense of humor, your guides will too.”

    More perspective is always great though. I have no clue if I have any kind of “guides”, but on occasion, something seems to help out just a little.

  2. I love that her guides connect with her the same way through music. I connect very strongly with Archangel Michael. I always have. If I ever feel super scared or have a bad gut feeling, I call on him and my guides, my “main” guide being Enu. I asked them to ride to work with me one day because I was sleepy, tired, and the traffic was horrible. I found out that day that Michael likes classic rock. I couldn’t change my station. I could adjust the volume, but not the station. It’s happened a couple of more times, but only when I ask them to ride with me. The most recent time, I was getting the shower, I’m was not feeling well. More like I felt like a pile of poop. I could feel someone in the room. I hate when they come in there when I’m in the shower. I’ve set boundaries, but sometimes they still get through. Especially when I lapse and ignore the “intuition” because I’m dealing with life, and just ignore my gifts because sometimes they just scare me, make me tired, and can make me feel like I’m just crazy. So, anywho, I asked them to leave, I was sorry, I wasn’t feeling well. I could still fee there, so I said it more firmly, and still wouldnt leave. I finally called in my guides and Michael because by then, I was a little freaked out. I’m naked, in the shower, and someone won’t leave. I go about my showering, singing along with my Pandora station, and “All Right Now” came on. I was just singing along, and it dawned on me.. Everything was ok. They handled it. I busted out laughing.

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