The seriousness of being attacked can not go untalked about. I mean what happens when you are attacked on a psychic level, how are you supposed to handle that? First let me tell you that I have been attacked plenty of times, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically. So far I have been able to bounce back from all and that is because I do not let anything have power over me at any time, I never let anyone or anything drive my car so to speak. My car can get dinged and dented and every once in a while a rude passenger will jump in and put their feet on the dashboard but that’s ok, it all buffs out. Ahead I am going to give some examples of attacks and how to handle them if they happen to you. Of course what activity you are engaged in or the location you are in could have lots to do with the attack and how it manifests. I would like to say this also, I have never ever been attacked while doing a reading for anyone. Never ever, not ever! So please don’t worry about being attacked or bringing anyone home with you from a reading, those spirits are not interested in harming you or seeing your living room.

Certainly the most jarring to all of us at first is the physical attack, it affects us on the surface and the reality we live and operate in most. When something violates us and comes into our space especially when it means to hurt or harm us we go into fight or flight mode and that amps up the fear factor off the scale. A spirit knocking things off shelves or touching you is all I hope you ever encounter at the most but sometimes we get a mean one that brings it to another level. I personally have been scratched, punched choked and strangled all on different occasions and those are the least invasive attacks in my opinion. I don’t let fear get the best of me when things start physically interfering with me or attacking me, some sage and some prayers can usually break up the energy just fine and stop the nonsense. In one instance, if you read my story about the mirror and the boy from a case file you know that I found a mirror in someone’s home amplifying the negativity and helping facilitate physical activity. I gave the family my advice on how to rid themselves of the problem by disposing of the mirror, the spirit that was attached to the mirror did not like that. unfortunately I didn’t realize it until I went to sleep that night. During a dream a man approached me, stood in front of me nose to nose and without hesitation or flinching jammed his entire hand and arm down my throat causing me to wake up and physically have vomit induced from it. That was a scare tactic and I imagine most people would have been frightened or lost sleep over it. I however knew just what it was and knew that the spirit just used its most powerful tool in its tool box. I went back to sleep without a problem, I said a prayer and that was that.

Can you handle a little vomit? Yeah of course you can, we all do it at one time or another and it isn’t pleasant but it is not life threatening. Another time I was followed home and choked, which you can read in my previous blog about the haunted theater, and another time I was scratched on the face, I will have pics posted to instagram for you to review. They were razor-sharp and were placed there to make a point, back off. With that being said I want everyone reading this to know that I do not in any way ever provoke or threaten spirits. It is not my way and I think it is reckless. All of the attacks I have endured are because I simply was a threat and because I was there to help the living push away the paranormal problems they are having.

Emotional attacks are harder to deal with than the physical, they make your body feel like garbage. I always feel as if someone I know has died and it puts me into a feeling of heavy grief. This is a very powerful attack and something that the spirits can play off of if they recognize your weakness. I have had this happen when I am least expecting it. When I go to help people who have a haunted home or possibly have attachments I fully protect myself the best I can, but I am just human and sometimes there are holes in the armor. I am an empath and tend to be very deep feeling so for me this is a very big hole and when an energy sees it they go for it. It can take hours for me personally to recover from such an attack. The most important thing to do when you are feeling this way is to realize that it is happening and that it is not your own emotion. This could help you thwart the attack and minimize the effects. I always revert to prayers in this instance and ask my Guides and Angels to push away the negative.

A spiritual attack is a rough one also and the severity of it will depend on your belief and your faith, no matter what it is you believe in it is all dependant on you. More malevolent spirits will get you to question your beliefs and break you down, this is usually a long-term attack and will cause anxiety and depression. When the spirit is broken everything else will fail with it, that is the absolute truth. Your faith and spirit move your outer body and push you to move in a positive direction everyday. Now, we all get down day-to-day and that is ok. Of course it is apart of who we are and what we are made of. I wouldn’t jump to spiritual attack right away if you are having a bad day, again we all have a bad day. If however it is a persistent pushing and nagging that is making you doubt yourself and your faith and those around you and this is out of the norm for you than yes, look in this direction. The best thing to do when you feel this way is to find your church, whatever that may be. Go to a place where like-minded folks gather to pray or meditate and ask for good energy and vibes. You will find them, take them in and concentrate on digging out of that hole everyday. Use your soul and your light to push away the dark and say no to the temptations that are trying to fill the void in you, there is no void. Your Spirit is in there and wants to shine!

This next and final attack is one that in the beginning of my career doing this until this very day is the most potent against me. It is the psychic attack and it may sound more science fiction than reality but it is real. This is when an entity uses graphic images and pushes them into your mind’s eye, perhaps creating a scene where your family member or loved one is dead and is portrayed in a violent scene in your mind. They often use other types of scary images to show that they are serious, I have seen everything from what I just mentioned to a rabid black dog showing me its teeth as a warning to back off. This attack is for me the hardest to ward off and that is because when i am performing an investigation I am using my third eye and it is open, so it is free range for them to jump in and implant what they want me to see. I know what they are doing now but when I was younger it would constantly be a problem for me, if something thought I was a threat it would use this tool to get be to back off, there are many places I never returned to because of such an attack. It doesn’t have to be just visual either, I have heard voices and they have said nasty things. It is very important that if this happens to you for you to leave the space you are in, say a prayer of protection and quickly ask for protection from your Guides and Angels. Do not try to fight this type of energy on your own, our mind is very powerful and can pushed into making drastic decisions that don’t need to be made.

If you are going into areas that people tell you they know is haunted it is very important to prepare properly and I will talk about that in another article. For now keep these various types of attacks in mind and remember them if you feel something is coming after you with ill intentions. You are in charge, walk away and pray. Keep in mind people you may be trying to help could be experiencing these things as well. Remember to practice what you know, you are psychic and you can do this. Don’t forget to meditate and come back for protection practices!




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