If you read the first part of this little series you will already be familiar with the types of attacks and how to recognize them. If you haven’t please go back and read up, it is important to know what you are safeguarding yourself against before you start the protection part. You wouldn’t wear a life vest to go driving a race car, same idea applies here. You should have a general idea of where you are going and what activity is going on in order to protect yourself against an attack. Although it isn’t always possible to know exactly what you are getting into you can be prepared in a general way all the time, we will talk about that first.

So far you have read about eight or so things that I have written, at least I hope you have because I am doing this for you! You have learned a little about opening your third eye and meditation, you learned about being psychic and learning how to interpret the dead when they speak. You learned most recently about different attacks that can be waged against you and now we are going to talk about protecting ourselves. The first thing you need to do is go back and think about the meditation, remember it doesn’t have to be on the seashore in your best yoga clothes with the sun rising, that would be nice but that is not fesable. So we are going to sit down, relax and take a few deep breaths through our nose and let it go out of our mouth. Go ahead and do that, remember that you should feel it down in your belly. I like to lift my arms above my head sometimes while I do this, it really helps the air get down low into my belly area.

After that you need to imagine that golden rope, the one you cut when you practiced retrieving your energy from the world. If you didn’t read that it is ok, I’ll go over it here and you can go back and read that when you have a chance. Right now I want you to imagine a golden rope, actually it can be whatever color you want and made of whatever you want it to be made of. I like gold because it is super easy to visualize for me. Anyway, that rope should start right at your bellybutton and it should be nice and thick, like it could hold a ship to a dock, nice and strong. Now imagine that rope going from your bellybutton down into the earth and right to the core of the planet. It is anchored there and the only way that it can be dissolved is if you dissolve it. This easy method is called grounding! It the first step to effectively protecting yourself from the world around you. Go ahead and try that a few times before reading ahead, then when you are comfortable keep reading. As a side note you should be doing this a few times a day, it will help you in many aspects of your life, not just this part that we are talking about.

OK, do you have your rope anchored to the center of the Earth? Great! Lets move onto the next part of the protection. I will preface this by saying that I do not promote any particular religion at all, your belief system is all yours and it is up to you to pick what higher power you subscribe to. It is just important that you do realize that there is something higher than us here on this plane. With that in mind, let’s go! I want you to close your eyes again for this because it is all about visualization and setting intentions. I start by thinking about outer space, to me that is where the most cosmic energy is stored and where I gather all the energy that I use comes from. We are again going to take a deep breath and exhale just like always in through the nose and out the mouth. When you have become relaxed go ahead and think about a giant glowing ball of light above your head. It is white and gold and amazing and so brilliant you can’t look right at it, easy to imagine right because it sounds like the sun! Perfect you have your own sun now and you are ready to let it energize your protection sphere. Let that ball of light turn to liquid and pour over you until it surrounds you completely. Once that is done you have your most basic form of protection going, white light is the easiest protection to call upon and does wonders in all kinds of situations.

So it is important to think about the places you are going and what you are doing, why do you need protection beyond white light? I ask this question because there are levels of protection above this and apply to different situations. Lets talk about physical attacks first. When you are out in the world the white light will protect you against mostly anything but when you go to a place that you know has some physical activity happening and possibly physical attacks the best offense is a good defense. If you are helping someone as an investigator or as a medium and want to stay unscathed during your time at a location my best advice is to bring salt. Yep, salt. Some people say pink salt and some say sea salt and some say table salt, whatever you want and whatever you can get is what I recommend. I do like sea salt myself but use table salt as well if that is what is available to me. Salt is excellent at creating a barrier and also it is excellent at cleansing energy. I use salt in the shower, yes I shower with salt. I usually do it before and after readings, investigations or a day that was generally just taxing.

When you are home and take your shower bring a small bag of salt into the shower and do your normal cleaning routine. When that is done take a handful of salt in your hand, whichever it doesn’t matter. Put some on top of your head and then take the rest and scrub away. When you are doing this I want you to have your eyes closed because you don’t want burned eyes and because it is time to put your mind’s eye back to work. Imagine that the salt is like a sponge and that it is going to soak up and take all of the negative energy away from your spirit body and wash it down the drain. At the same time it is leaving your aura with a bright white protective barrier that will protect you from physical attacks. No spirit with malice intent will want to come near you because of how bright you are and how much positive energy you are beaming with. After your investigation go ahead and come home and do the same thing, rinse off all of the negative that you can. This will help you feel better, trust me.

Another way to use salt is to make a salt water mixture in a container and use it by pouring it over the threshold of doorways of the structure you are in. If you are advanced and have cleared a spirit it would be wise to create a salt water ring around the property further away as a way to keep the spirits from reentering the building. I personally like the water mixture because it soaks into the ground and creates a lasting barrier, just pouring salt can let the dry pile be knocked away and out-of-place breaking the seal. I also use the salt water barrier at my own home so that no nasties follow me home, I learned the hard way to do this and I’m glad you are reading this so you know it is a good idea. So far so good? Great let’s keep going.

Let’s talk about the spiritual defense, now this is completely up to you what you say and what you take from this. I am a Catholic so I base my spiritual protection in Catholic Faith. So let us move on, after doing your white light and salt protection you will need to protect your spirit. When would you feel the need to be specific about guarding this part of yourself? I would say that if you are going into a place that people have said there is depression or addiction and of course if someone has told you that there is the possibility of demonic or evil spirits. Lucky for us this type of protection is based in words, mostly. I wear a crucifix and a St Micheal medal around my neck as a reminder of my faith and that I will be protected by God and the Angels when I ask for it. Which brings me to my next part of this section, praying and intentions. You can ask for protection from the higher power that you believe in and that can be as simple as reaching out to the universe for help. Don’t let asking the Universe for help make you feel silly, remember it is about the intention and knowing that the greater good and higher powers that are out there will come to your aid. When faced with an attack on your faith, spirit or religion asking for this help will be your best bet and even if you feel silly asking trust me when I say, you’ll be better off for putting your ego away and doing it. Now, you can also invoke positive energy to combat the negative. Words carry energy and intent and are as powerful as you make them. Simply saying “You have no power over me and I am protected by the divine white light” can be as powerful as anything in your arsenal as long as you mean what you say.

Practicing your Faith will always be a great way to keep your defenses up, usually it is in the doctrine of the Faith that you find that advice I am just restating the obvious I guess. I bring it up because it happens to fall in line with my practice makes perfect motto. If you are always engaged in positive spiritual endeavours then you will be way less susceptible to an attack on your soul. Don’t get hung up on the whole good bad, light dark thing either. It is important to know that the bad things are out there and that’s why we are talking about it but it is my belief that if you are staying positive in your faith then the bad or dark side would have less of a chance of fighting you on this level. I am sure that in the future I will write more in-depth on the subject and we will discover more about it then, until that time, let’s move on.

Please see the next part. Coming soon.



  1. Very good advice! I really enjoy receiving your messages. They’re always easy to understand and informative. I haven’t tried the salt in the shower but it would be a useful tool. Thank you!

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