“I know something is different about me, I’m just not sure what it is.”

” I think everyone experiences the things i do. Why do they say they don’t? ”

Hey there! have you thought those things in your life, or things like it? I have some news for you, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you are special! You have an ability to see and feel things that other people don’t! Is it a pain in the neck sometimes? YES IT IS! That is ok though because you are here and we are building a community of people who are like minded and who understand what you have been going through. Hey, this isn’t just for you Spiritual folks either, this is for every Paranormal Investigator and Empath and Person out there who knows deep inside that there is something more, more to this life and more to the afterlife.

I am guessing that if you are a Paranormal Investigator or “ghost hunter” there is more to you then just gadgets and a cool t-shirt with your logo on it. You have most likely had some experience that inspired you besides watching the fine folks on TV run around in the dark to join in the fringe area we explore everyday. I bet everyone who is reading has lived in a haunted house, or been to so many places that are haunted and have million stories to tell about the paranormal we could be here all day listening to just one of you. How can I be so sure? Guess how I figured it out, yeah realized at a young age that my friends and family didn’t see and feel the things I did.

Mom and Dad were pretty convinced that our 15 year old house wasn’t haunted and that I was crazy. I am not crazy, I told them that every time they said I was. I mean I am a bit out there sometimes but i am just like you! So, did you grow up having experiences you couldn’t explain and other people had a hard time relating to? I guess, YES! If not then I would venture to say that you have a strong belief in the afterlife and have your reasons, which is great because we are going to talk about that kind of thing in another article I have on the back burner. If you are reading this and want to read about dream stuff, stay tuned I am going to write the daylights out of that subject!

So all through life I would feel the presence of other beings, dream about them hear them and get all around creeped out by them. I realize in talking to people who are naturally gifted that they feel the same way as I did, even as grown up adults they are creeped out by the dark. If that is you, you are in the right place because by reading these blog posts you are going to become less afraid and more curious. With that you will become more empowered with your knowledge and the knowing that you have a place to come and ask questions without feeling weird or out-of-place. Take a minute and think about your most profound experience with the paranormal. Where did it happen, how old were you? How did it affect or effect the rest of your life? Is it recent or a long time ago and how did it lead you here? Would you like to share the story? I’d love to hear it, maybe you will help me write something that will answer questions for you and others! Most of my writing comes from my personal life and talking to others about the questions they have.

Growing up all I had were monster movies and fictional books to guide me, I didn’t know what Psychic was and I think that I have said that before here. That is because I want anyone reading this to know that in the world we live in today that we can connect with each other, get real-time feedback and have an outlet to express ourselves and ask questions. Please feel free to messege me here or on Instagram or even my Facebook. Just look me up, Scotty the Nj medium! I hope to see some comments below and please come back for Defense against the spirit world part 2. See ya soon!



  1. Hello I’m kinda new to all this my step-daughter(11) and my friends son(17)and his teenage friend see/ hear spirits they all live with me ATM and I worry and would like to help them so they can better protect themselves and so maybe I can know how to better support them i have so much I want to better explain but not really sure if this will even be answered I’m just at a loss and the teens have experienced quite a bit of loss recently and my daughter sees so many every day and every where I just had no idea…… if there was anyway you could direct me to a person who is in my area I’d appreciate it greatly

    1. Hey there Krystal, thanks so much for commenting. I do my best to reply to everyone! If you’d like please explain the what the kids are saying they see and hear. Also, where are you located? I don’t need an adress, just a town and state that way I can find someone to direct to if I cannot help. Being gifted as a medium and psychic usually runs in a family so I don’t doubt siblings would both posess these abilities. Often times traumatic events and stress unlock these abilities. I myself lost my mother at a young age and that with stress pushed my gifts to the front. If your daughter has started to expierence things since the other two moved in that I would say is not abnormal. Younger children are more open to seeing spirits so with introduction of these other two children that are expierencing these types of things she is now more aware and open to the idea.
      How old is the house you live in and are the kids complaining that the spirits are trying to bother them? Are they causing any activity that you are noticing? Ok, that with your town and state and let’s see if we can help you out. Thanks again for asking me, that is exactly the reason this page is here.

      1. My step-daughter has lived with me on and off for the last 7 years since her dad and I broke up , her mom and dad both struggle with addiction so I have volunteered to have her come live with me, she started seeing spirits when she was a baby ( this is what she told me a couple days ago ) she remembers very clearly, and some of them have been very scary some not but recently a friend of mines youngest son has come to live with me as they have recently lost some family members and my friend is really struggling with the loss of her middle son and now since her youngest son (17)has lived here he lost his best friend ( she was 17 )and we invited her boyfriend (18) to come live with us in the last couple days they have been telling me they can see/ hear their loved ones ( my daughter also sees them and describe them to a tee without having ever met them ) also they told me they have always seen spirits just nv told anyone……. also I live in Canada chilliwack bc

  2. And yes some activity I’ve really noticed before they all told me like my very thick vase shattered in my room once I entered the room or cell batteries draining very fast or feelings of anxiety or like something watching me also you should know I have three other children living here as well 7,18 months and a girl who’s 17 as well

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