Welcome back everyone! Glad you hung in there for the last part of this series where we talk about guarding ourselves against attacks from the Spirit world. We have talked about physical and Spiritual attacks now lets move onto the emotional and psychic attacks. These to me are the hardest to defend against and also the ones that have affected me the most growing up and kind of not knowing any better. Like I said before, I didn’t have anyone to guide me or give me advice and there was no Internet to look to so I just had to wing it and use the resources that were available. I’d like to think that you have found this early on and it is the resource you have been looking for. I took a while to write this because I was waiting for something and I wasn’t sure what it was, I have had lots of examples of how these attacks have affected my life and how they influenced me but I didn’t have any good examples of anyone else. Well recently on my Instagram someone sent me a message and told me a story, the person will not be named but I’m going to tell the story and explain how they fit our topic today.

So this person was admittedly a bit sensitive to the spirit world and has pretty good knowledge of the things they are dealing with but still had questions and needed some answers as to why things were happening to them. They said that they went to a house in the woods that was abandoned and walked around it for a bit. As they did they began to have images implanted into their head and felt that the house or something in the house was calling to them. The person also said that they felt warm and good like a loving feeling coming from the house and they felt invited. Then they explained that they felt tired after the experience and that since they had left all they wanted to do was go back, and that they could not understand the obsession. Although they were tired after the first visit they went back but this time the energy was off and felt bad to them. This is where we are going to break this down and I will explain some things about experiences like this one and others like it.

When this person went to the house they did not intend to have something call to them, and they certainly did not think they would have a psychic experience. Did they have a psychic expierience? They sure did. Some energy put images into the person’s head, what they were I am not sure of but that isn’t the point right now, the point is that there was no permission given for this to happen. I would equate this to the person at the perfume desk spraying you with the latest stinky perfume without you saying ok first. You didn’t ask for it and now it is going to be stuck on you all day. As a psychic I would call this an imprint. The energy there made an imprint on the living person to get attention. After that the person felt a good warm feeling, well we all like feeling loved right? Sure, it is really nice to feel that way and have that warm fuzzy feeling. Well I doubt we would like it much of a stranger gave us a big hug and told us that it was out of love. We would know that something is up and we would most likely do something to remove ourselves from the situation. Now what about the next part, our friend has left the area and cannot shake the feeling of being drawn back even though they left tired from house. (Did you read about cutting cords yet in my earlier blog?) So the imprint is so strong that we want to go back and we do, well this time we should know that we need to be protected because whatever is there has already done a number on us. So the person shows back up and the energy there has changed and everything feels off. There is no longer a loving feeling, now it is more fear based and perhaps adding to some feelings of depression. The entity has had you come back and is just taking from your life force to strengthen itself and that sounds like something from a horror movie! What are we going to do?

First things first! Recognize a psychic attack! Ok this isn’t just for mediums or ghost hunters, this is for everyone. If you are not diagnosed with a mental disorder and have lived a life free of major mental illnesses then it is ok to keep reading and just understand that these things happen to everyone. In the world there are energies, some are imprints on places people or things, some are intelligent energies and they know exactly what they are doing. Sounds a bit sinister and sometimes it can be but it isn’t always. In the case of our friend we do not know where this house is geographically located and we do not know the history. We just know it is an old house in the woods and no one lives there. Lots of times we know everything about our surroundings and that makes it easier to identify what is happening to us. I would say that if you are ever out, or investigating and have not given an entity or energy the permission to access you mind and they have that you leave. It is important to remove yourself from harm. Once they have access to your mind they have accessed your Chakra system and will manipulate you the way you feel in order to meet the goal they have set out to reach. This means that if you are seeing a vision of a child in your mind and you know it is no one you know you should remove yourself from the space. Practice cutting your energy cord at that moment to disconnect from the energy you have come in contact with. The next step from images in your mind is to invoke feelings about them which is a manipulation of your Heart Chakra. This is one of the most powerful spiritual centers of our bodies. Next will come your Base Chakra rooting you to the location, leaving you feeling that you want to come back.

Scott! That is so much and sounds like you are trying to scare me! I assure you that I don’t want to scare you, just educate you and give you good examples of how these things work with a recent example of someone just like you. So what should you do to protect yourself from these attacks, is there anything you can do against a psychic attack? Heck Yeah! First you have to recognize it like I said above. Remove yourself as quickly as you can from it and then cut your energy cord. This really goes back to a good meditation technique that you should be practicing. Once you have done that you should consider not going back to the area without someone with more experience than you to navigate the area. You see that there is a very big connection with a psychic attack and emotion attack. They go hand in hand, if not handled correctly you could end up going down a bad path spiritually and emotionally.

Quickly here is the worst psychic attack I have faced: I was about 20 years old and doing labor as an electricians assistant. It was a hot day in the summer and we had been working in a laundromat doing wiring. The boss asked me to go to the basement to check the wires under the machines to make sure they were ok and didn’t need service. I didn’t give it a second thought, I went down the steps and started checking the wires. I was down in the basement for about five minutes and then it hit me, the most violent disgusting images I had ever seen in my life were flashing before my eyes. Making me sick and disoriented I stumbled to the steps and made my way out of the basement. I told the boss that I would not go back down because I felt sick, I did not disclose the rest of what had happened. This was a sharp and very intentional attack against me and I had no idea what it was until years later, now I know. That entity did not want me in its space and pushed me right out. Has anything like that every happened to you?

What is the emotional toll after an attack? Well often times people feel grief and sadness and can often be led to feel depressed. It can leed to shortness of temper and a very dark outlook on life. Sounds familiar right? Kind of like being on drugs or being an alcoholic. The symptoms sometimes appear to be the same and with good reason. That energy has imprinted on you and has made you feel as though it needs to be apart of your life so that you feel whole. Meanwhile this is the ploy to keep you coming back and feeding it. I find this to be common with Paranormal Investigators. I have even heard them say things like “I can’t wait to go back, I can’t get enough of that place.” Yeah you can, please realize it. Places are haunted for a reason, something has decided that it is going to be in a place for a reason, think of it like a fisherman knowing the sweet spot in the lake. Same thing, they know where to be to feed and fuel their own energy through you. Again this is for education like all my posts, I am not trying to scare you.

This post is closer to home for me so I have tried to make it a little longer and more in detail. I would also like to say that you can find protection in medallions and in crystals. I will go more into that at another time. I just wanted to get this part of the series done and out there because people do need it and I want to help as many of you as I can. Thanks very much for reading and I promise there will be more. As I become more educated in this subject and as I hear more stories I will post them. The more we know the better we can help each other. Please go give my Facebook a like Scotty The NJ medium, twitter @scottynjmedium and Instagram scottythenjmedium

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you! Questions and comments are welcome always!




  1. Thank you for posting this! Sometimes, I wonder if I get attacked in my dreams. It’s hard for me to tell if I’m having a nightmare or if a spirit is coming after me. One time, I had a dream where I couldn’t move, and then I looked up, and hovering above me was a creature with no face. I was scared, and I forced myself to wake up. After I woke up, it was like I came out of a spell or trace. Have you ever heard of that before?

    1. I am going to cover dream stuff soon enough, I have enough I think to write a book. so if you feel that you are attacked in dreams, make sure that you take charge while you are in the dream and confront whatever is chasing you. If something is oppressing you I would recommend a prayer or intention before bed. I have to cover the mirrors in my bedroom before bed, I find that the nasty spirits tend to use mirrors as a portal and they are the ones who attack are night. Stay tuned for a write up and post about dreams and protecting yourself while asleep. Thank you for the support and for following me.

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