What the heck is “building psychic energy?” Just what it sounds like and I think by now you know where it starts, that’s right your meditation! By now I hope that if you have been reading along you have really been practicing your meditation technique and are becoming comfortable with it. You should be able to pretty easily relax and get into the zone, ready to do the exercise. Today we are going to take a little bit and learn what we need to do to build our Psychic muscles and what we can do with them. Like a professional athlete it is good to mix things up and use different skills to remain flexible and build strength. In this case we are going to learn how to draw in energy.

The energy I am talking about is known as so many different names but I am going to go with “Ki.” (pronounced kee) It can be spelled several different ways also. So what is Ki? It is our psychic energy and it is apart of us all the time. It comes from all around us and our Spirit Self manages to use it for different types things. We can use it to heal others, to communicate with the deceased and even one of my favorites, perform Astral Projection. What? Really? Yes, and more but we will cover these things briefly and another time we go over them and other uses in depth. I have to keep you coming back right?

So to begin what I would have you do is get into your relaxed state and I don’t even think that you need to go full meditation but you can, that is up to you. Once you are relaxed I want you to think of all the things around you, don’t open your eyes. Just picture them as you see them. Get that Third Eye going and make it do the visual work for you. Once you have a few things in mind I want you to imagine a little further than that, so if you are inside imagine the things in the room, then imagine the things outside the house or building you are in. Visualize yourself walking around these areas a little bit and once you feel comfortable with that I want you to imagine you are sitting next to yourself or laying next to yourself. This is your spiritual copy and it is aware of its surroundings and is ready for its energy infusion.

Make sure to set an intention at this point in your mind “I will only receive pure and good energy.” Remember that because you want the purest charge you can get, don’t be like a bad cell phone charger and kind of work and only get half of the energy you need. After you have set that intention I want you to imagine that you are a magnet and all the good and pure energy is attracted to you, to your spirit copy next to you. Spend as much time as you need in this state, pull in as much energy as you like and make sure you let your intuition do the work. It will guide you as to where you should let the energy come from. Maybe your mind will wander to a mountain top, or to the Sun and space. Maybe it will travel to where your children are or just your back yard. No matter where that place is make sure that you let it happen. Your intuition will be right and it will guide you to exactly what energy you need.

Once you feel you have reached your maximum energy level go ahead and gently bring yourself out of your meditation. This is a little different from other energy recharges because you set your intention to raise your psychic energy. Now when is the best time to do this? I like to do it a few times a week but especially before I do a reading or before I do a Paranormal Investigation. It helps me be as strong and confident as I need to be for the situation and ensures I won’t get tired too quickly or expose myself to danger, especially during an investigation. If you are interested in Reiki we will cover that in another article down the road and it is very important to be energized to practice it, I can not wait to talk about it!

Now, I mentioned Astral Projection and that is a long sought after skill by many people. I have done it several times and have even demonstrated it within my Paranormal Teams presence. Do you want to learn how to Astral Project? YES! It is an amazing skill but it requires good meditation technique and lots of good Psychic Energy built up to perform it. Don’t be deterred if it sounds too difficult because I am going to do several articles to get us ready and I will get you on your way! Now get to practicing your new skill and remember to never doubt that what you are doing is working! Bring up your Psychic Energy level TODAY!

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  1. excellent meditation exercise! I will try this today and remember to keep it a part of my psychic ritual.

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