Very simply put, helping others helps me. If I were a baker and I only made things for myself I would get bored and my cakes would become lifeless with no reason for flare or improvement. The Baker is inspired to enhance the skill they have to enrich everyone else’s lives through the things they create. We eat with our eyes first so the Baker puts colorful and decorative frosting and icing on the cake with flowers and pearls and other things with eye catching appeal. This brings us to the cake and makes our imagination soar “what could be the center filling and what kind of cake is this made of?”  When I write an article  I dress up my knowledge with things you may enjoy, a catchy phrase and a nice photo with a hint of what you may obtain.

When the cake is cut and served it is laid out on a nice plate and the inside becomes visible and now you see what you have been craving, the filling and the cake and the icing, you can see it all now. Most times cake is shared with others over a special occasion and we eat it with friends. When I write about mediumship and pshycic abilities I try to show you everything I can, how the skills blend together and create a perfect synergy. I want your soul to recognize that it saw the icing and wanted more so you have cut in and now can see what you are longing. I make the posts public and share because that is best way to expierence these gifts and learning is the celebration we are all attending. 

Next we take a bite of cake and are satisfied with the decadent treat. We share with others how amazing it is and thank the Baker who put it together for us. We smile and delight and eat our cake, we remeber the bakers name and we call them for our next celebration. The Baker delights in knowing how much you love what they have brought that they go back to the bakery and start writing the next recipe with better ingredients to make the next batch of happiness they will bring. When I write and people respond I am always happy to have helped and it keeps me striving to be a better medium and teacher. I would like everyone to be able to bake thier own pshycic cake some day and pass the better improved recipe to the ones they love. That’s how helping others helps me. 


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  1. Very nice analogy. I think that the desire to help others is a common one with mediums and psychics so I’m glad that you touched on that here. I believe that our truest gifts shine through when our intention is to only do good for others.

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