Three words that mean so much to so many and yet we have trouble bringing them into our lives. At some point or another we have looked to the sky and asked that our Faith be strengthened by some┬ádevine miracle and have felt perhaps ignored by the Universe or Big Guy in the sky. I don’t think it matters Who or What you may believe in during times of crisis, when you are looking for Faith just about anything would do as long as it brought relief. As a Christian writing this I feel a bit guilty not saying to you reading this to look for God and he will give you what you need. I won’t ever tell anyone that, although that is what the Christian Bible and many versions of it preach “Spread the Good Word.” If you have been reading my blog you know that I do believe in spreading knowledge and kind words. I do not ever tell someone where they can find happiness or Faith because I even sometimes lack those things. This subject has been beaten to death by a million people over a million years right? Yeah but ya know what, what’s another person adding to it?

I have found Faith in some obvious places and in some hard to find places and in some places where I am not sure Faith was even supposed to exist. As a young man I had been a bit of a fighter, not like getting in the ring to fight either. I was just hard-headed and full of energy. I felt that whatever emotion or though I had at the time would be apart of me forever. Thank goodness that looking back I do not subscribe to that anymore. I sure have changed, mostly for the better I think. So I would get into fight with people and I would feel emotions so deeply that afterwords I would be in a funk or depressed afterwords. Even though at the moment of the altercation I was just acting on that “in the moment” type of thinking. I can also say that I did not go looking for trouble or go looking to have fights, they kind of just found me. That may be why I felt badly after they happened. I was never seriously injured and I never hurt anyone that was life changing. I think that I felt less bad about physically hurting people than I did about the emotional damage I may have done. What does this have to do with having Faith?

Well for a while I wandered around being depressed and getting into fights and just not being productive. I had a steady job, paid taxes and had great friends and family but I felt so lost and without purpose for so long that I had lost faith thinking my life wasn’t going to amount to anything. I worked several jobs from the time I was fourteen to twenty-four. Nothing amazing, just jobs. I wasn’t practicing my mediumship and I really wasn’t going to church, so I had no reason to have faith in anything. I got a call one day that changed my life.

A United States Marine Recruiter called me, he told me he was going through old numbers from a while back in folders and found mine. I can assure you as you are breathing and reading this that I did not put my name on any such list and later on the man on the phone could not “find the card” he found my name and number on. Well I was standing in my parents driveway at home, it was early summer and I had just hung up with the recruiter after telling him I was not interested at all in being in the Military let alone the Marines. For weeks and I mean WEEKS after I could not sleep I could not concentrate on anything. When I closed my eyes all I could see was Marines, dress blues, camouflage and Drill Instructors. (No doubt in my mind now that Spirit was force feeding me what I needed to do.) I called that recruiter back after about 2 or 3 weeks and went to him for an interview. A few months later I was off to Parris Island, South Carolina.

Faith interjected itself into my life during one of the most awful three months of my life. I was not prepared mentally or really physically for the training I was about to endure. I was twenty-four and barely in good enough shape to make it in the dead heat of summer of South Carolina. I was trapped with the meanest most vile creatures I had ever encountered, United States Marine Drill Instructors. I am laughing thinking about it now, but then, during those three months I needed help. I found it, every Sunday at Church on Parris Island. I was going to Church every week now and it was giving to me the Faith I needed that I was going to make it through this and that I wasn’t going to give up or fail. Faith brought me through one of the toughest times in my life. What did it mean to me, having Faith? Well it meant that I was putting in the physical work and something much bigger than myself was putting the spiritual work and guiding me to the end. I did make it, I graduated September 2nd 2005. Faith was in my heart and in my soul and it stayed there and lives in me. When Hope and Light aren’t with me I have Faith.

Hope, something we hold onto in the worst times in our lives. The hope that we can pay the bills this month, that we start feeling better, that our family reconciles. I could give a million examples I’m sure, but just take a moment and reflect on your life. What do you hope for, what are your hopes for the future and how do you plan on helping bring this hope to light? Yes, Hope and Light belong together. Hope is something you sure can’t touch but it is a feeling like no other. We dig for it when we need it, we offer it to others when they need it and we hope others bring it to us when we need it. I have found that hope is amazing as long as you do your part to bring hope alive, illuminate it. I hope someone reads this, you couldn’t if I saved it and left it on this old laptop right? No, I need to bring it to light by publishing it and letting you know it is here. I can even point you in the right direction as to where you can find it.

So what are you doing to bring your hopes to light? Are you working hard? Are you praying? Have you asked for help? That right there is my big one, ask for help. Help brings Hope to Light. I couldn’t do what I do writing this and publishing it if I didn’t ask a friend to help me. I hoped to write a blog and have people read my ideas and maybe bring together a community. I had to ask someone for help and they responded by showing me the way, to the light so to speak. Here I am writing to you and my hope is realized. What if you have no one to ask for help? Well hope is not lost, it rarely is. We have to take responsiblity many times for our own hopes. If I didn’t have a friend to ask I would pave my own road.

Look for options, always look for a way to the Light. Even things that seem impossible are achievable to some level. I wanted to be a Marine after the Hope was put into me that it was a possibility. The problem for me is I was about forty pounds over weight to even leave to go to training. I was in uncharted territory, I had to get physically fit to achieve my goal. I had no training at all and no one had ever taught me how eat to be fit. I didn’t have any friends that could offer help because they were fit and were not behind the curve, I had to set out and find my own way. I had Faith remember, it was sparked and it fueled Hope. Hope was alive and I had to take matters into my own hands to get where I wanted to go. Obviously you know that I did bring my Hope to Light.

Do not be afraid of change, do not be afraid to have Hope. Find Faith in the things you need to, have Faith fuel your Hopes and bring those Hopes to the Light. That formula will work in any situation you apply it to. I can promise you that, whole heartedly I can say that you will find the success that you are looking for. The Universe recognizes when you are moving forward in a positive direction and will send the guidance you are looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this, I really enjoyed writing it. Aside from psychic guidance I am going to post more things like this for sure. I hope that you come back, follow me, leave some feedback and please hit the little star like button. It lets me know I am moving in the right direction. Thanks so much for reading and stopping by.



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