@KURTZSTAR “Do you believe everyone has psychic mediumship abilities? If so, how doe one cultivate and gain access to using these abilities? What types of behaviors or actions hinder ones ability to access or use these skills?”

Hey there! Thanks for such thoughtful and engaging questions! First off, yes I do believe everyone has these types of abilities. Can everyone use them in the same way? No, not really but that is ok. I like to think it is like any other skill that everyone has the ability to do, like throw a ball. Can I throw a ball? Yeah sure I can, can I throw it like a professional athlete? Heck no! Some of our skill level has to do with our natural gifts and much of it is our practice. So if you are a little good at something and practice and keep a good attitude you will get better, where as if you are naturally good at something and practice hard, you will excel at it. To gain access to your natural abilites and cultivate as much skill as you can you must practice and learn as much as you can. I myself had a very natural ability but no focus. I found a group of psychics and mediums on Facebook who kind of took me in and I practiced often, through doing readings online. Something I will offer in the future on my site. Practice makes perfect! After I had focus I decided it was time to branch out and start doing face to face readings, which was scary because I didn’t want to be wrong. I did it anyway, I took the plunge and took on the readings and did well. Of course there is a margin for error but the more of them I do the better I have gotten and of course I still have off times and can’t seem to get anything right. That is ok because I am learning to get better as I go. If I had to guess what behaviors would hinder getting better and being your best psychic self I’d say of course the obvious, no drugs or alcohol. Then the only things that you can do is add healthy behaviours. Meditation and prayers have been the best things that I have added for myself. You have to believe that you can access these skills for you to be able to! Wipe away the cloud of doubt and start practicing!

JULIEOSTWALD “Do lightbulbs often blow when you walk past? With all the spiritual energy?”

That’s a pretty funny question! No, I do not push-off enough energy to make lights blow out or any other type of electrical malfunctions in household items. During readings however I have had lights dim and tapping noises occur, but that is the work of Spirit not me.

BALTOTEXAN “How does one separate “coincidences” from real abilities that one may possess but isn’t fully aware said person possesses?”

That is a really great question and I am going to do my best to explain with my own life experience and knowledge. How do I separate coincidences from lets say predictions? OK so one time I had a dream that my sisters Jeep had band aids on the tires, I couldn’t get in touch with her so I told my mom when they spoke next to tell her that she should look out for a flat tire soon. My mom told me she had just gotten a call from my sister saying she was waiting for Triple A to come change her tire. Was it a coincidence? Yeah maybe, or it was a way of the Universe letting me know my abilities were working just fine. (I kind of wish I had the dream the day before though to give better warning.) Things that are supposed to happen are going to happen, so there are no coincidences. I wasn’t supposed to alert my sister and maybe that’s because it would have set into effect a set events that wasn’t supposed to take place, I could never know. So in respect to psychic abilites when messages are received they should be acted on but don’t be upset if they seem to lack in the grand scheme of things or come a little late. I also think this applies when people ask me about the person they are “meant” to be with. I spoke to a young woman and gave her a description of a young man who I saw in her future and said that it would require work and wouldn’t be an immediate love situation. She told me she knew exactly who I was talking about and that it wasn’t going to happen. Well, maybe not but that was the message that I had recieved and if it was like all my other messages then there was some truth to it. Now, for the mediumship part of this. If I am speaking to a person who is passed I very rarely get anything that could be considered a coincidense. They usually give a very specific memory or que me in on what to say or how to say it for the living person to know I am speaking to the person I say I am. If you are looking for more answers please subscribe to my blog and comment on my articles. I am more than happy to answer questions and help guide those who are looking to further themselves. Thanks for the great questions!

DAIPERLATO “Do you believe that at the right time people who have passed away and are trapped somewhere can be rescued?” * This user also asked me if I can “incorporate” but I have to ask what that means in context to this subject.

Thanks for a very good question! I do absolutely believe that souls can be “trapped.” that is where we get ghosts from. Earthbound spirits that have decided to stay here where they are comfortable and where they feel that they belong. Sometimes it is because they died unexpectedly or sometimes it is because they have business finish. Also, I have found that sometimes they don’t want to go because they are afraid. Now, can they be rescued? Sure they can but I think that they have to want to be rescued. We cannot force folks to go if they don’t want to, who are we to try? They have a reason for staying and if they are causing a haunting the best thing we can do is talk to them and try to get them to go, or at least do our best to calm them down and stop causing activity. I hope I answered your questions!

GOLDENHOLLYWOODLOVER “Is Theresa Caputo a fraud? How Come I have never gotten a message from any of my loved ones and/or friends…EVER? I don’t mean a penny on the floor.”

First I would not go speaking on if any celebrity medium is fraudulent even if I thought they were. I can say that in my honest opinion that as someone who also does this, that she is not at all being fake. I believe that she is extraordinary and is blessed with skills that are far beyond what most people can understand.

The next part of your question is my favorite question of all, I can guarantee that they have left you with clues and messages that you just haven’t picked up on. You should reflect on the people who you have lost and the things that you know they enjoyed. Next apply that to your everyday life. Think about the times a song has played or you passed a place that reminded you of them. Think of inside jokes you shared and the connections you shared, when you think of them during they day these are the signs that they have provided for you. People often are looking for a grandiose clue that has flare and will convince them beyond a doubt that the person they have lost has come and given them the best sign ever. This rarely happens, but lets take the little things and appreciate that from beyond our physical world those who have passed and who love us are giving us something. Also, don’t discount that penny thing. For some reason that is beyond me, spirits love change. I was on a paranormal investigation a few months ago in an apartment in NYC and I got the overwhelming feeling that there was a strong connection to collecting change. The tenant of the apartment told me that she had in fact in her life never collected change until she moved into this apartment and the container was under the kitchen sink. I surmised that the spirit was influencing her to pick up this habit. So please keep an eye out, when you think of the people who have passed write it down and what triggered the memory. Your loved ones are all around!

Thanks everyone for the questions! Please feel free to comment below and subscribe to the blog. You will be alerted via email when I post that way if you miss it on social media at least you are still getting to read along. Please spread the word about this place and let me know what other things you have questions about, if I don’t know then I have to find out and that is part of this whole thing, learning and growing. Thanks again!




  1. Thank you, Scotty…I must have been led to finally find the answers….From the spirit world
    The reason I asked about Theresa is that a lot of people have complained about her and someone on YouTube has been trying to discredit her for years. He claims she is a cold reader and her staff helps her with info…
    I don’t get pennies but when I ask a dear, departed loved one for help with something I think that a sign would be more obvious..Like a question about where I should move, which city or state…. Guidance…I guess.
    Thank you for your patience with me and for answering my questions…Shall be following you now that I am aware of who you are !

  2. Nice of you to take time to help people grow in spiritual development and to answer questions…I am impressed !

    1. It is no problem, I had lots of help on my way to where I am and still have a great support system so I am trying to give back. Thanks for following along. Please feel free to ask questions any time.

  3. Thank you Scotty! I personally wish to cultivate my natural abilities, but I feel as though my bad habits hinder where I’d like to be holistically as a person. People such as yourself inspire me and I’m thankful for your presence in my life!

    1. I can speak honestly as I am the author and someone who uses my abilities often, bad habits are a small hurdle. I like to have a few adult beverages when I can and love many other things in life, nothing can hinder you if you let them. Please stay tuned and we will talk more.

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