“Hello, is there anyone who would like to communicate with us?”

*blip of green lights to red* on the small grey or black device

“Can you do that again?”

*green to red lights go off again.*

More than likely you have seen this play out on one of the many paranormal shows on television and you have heard the Investigator on the screen say that “There is no reason for the EMF readings to be spiking like that.” Most times when you are watching these programs there is a professional investigator using this tool and there is truly something happening that is unexplainable.

Lets go with the practical application and not make it boring, I’ll try anyway. So EMF can come from sources in homes and buildings that we live in and occupy. They are common around wires and appliances, some are stronger than others. Here is the definition found at Wikipedia.com

An electromagnetic field (also EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction.

What’s the big deal about a field we can’t even see? Well it’s been determined that areas of high EMF can cause some varying health issues such as rashes, head aches and up to the cause for paranoia. Being around these conditions for too long can lead to some unwanted health issues, so a device used to find the leaks was designed. This is a link to a list of effects of EMF on the human body. https://www.nap.edu/read/2046/chapter/8

Interestingly enough there are some similarities to “natural” occurring EMF coming from devices and wiring and “hauntings.” People feel that they are being watched, sometimes develop rashes and can become sick and nauseated. So, how could you decide which is which? Are you being haunted or do you have some unshielded EMF occuring in the place that you are spending time in and feeling the most frightened in?

Well, to play Devils advocate it could be both, but lets leave it for now at being one or the other and how to use this little tool to help make a determination. How would an electrician use this EMF meter? Well I asked one and this is what he told me.

“After determining that there was a possible EMF leak or overexposure causing an issue in a specific area, I would use the meter to scan a broad location and then move inward toward the place with the highest readings which is indicated by the lights, from green to red. I would determine the worst affected area and then use some a more sensitive piece equipment to really isolate the issue.”

So that’s pretty cut and dry and helpful to know as a paranormal investigator because it is something that you will have to do to some extent in order to rule out an electrical issue while doing an investigation. Of course it doesn’t have to be that detailed unless it is determined that you have a serious EMF problem at which time it would be important to call a professional for help. This is also good because if you are investigating your own home or building you could have found your issue and do not in fact have a spirit, and if you are doing to help out someone then you have helped them find an issue that when corrected can help them return to a normal life. Great Job!

If you are reading this and need a little guidance in using this tool , I can break it down for you. Very easy, please do not think I am trying to be condescending or anything like that. Simply turn on the device that you have, the few that I own have a flush button on the top where your thumb lays. Some have sound some don’t, they all have lights and operate off of the same principles. Here is what i recommend you do, go to the kitchen or area that has some large appliances, turn the EMF meter on and walk up to different appliances. Slowly swipe the meter around the perimeter of the appliance of choice (refrigerators work well) you don’t have touch the item , just swipe around it. See what the lights do, after the first item go to another, see how the lights react. Check wall switches with them flicked on and off, look for wires inside walls by walking with the meter along the walls. Go into empty rooms and start at the center with the meter about 8 inches to a foot from you, walk around a little and see if you can find a high EMF spike, what is it located around? This is the beginning of using it for spirit contact in possible haunted locations.

Moving on to the aforementioned, haunted locations. So by now you have walked around with you meter and checked all your rooms, nothing is giving off a high reading, or it is and you have documented that the item is a hot spot of EMF. You have removed that item as to not taint your evidence, or at the very least know not to go near it while operating your EMF detection device. This is very important because you do not want any false positive results, as the owner of the property or as an investigator. Here is what I like to do, I take the device after doing a sweep like we talked about and place it on a flat surface. After I determine that there is no interference and that the lights are fully off I begin to ask questions of the possible spirits around me.

I like to start off with giving some direction to the entity. “Light the device up for yes, leave it alone for no.” Then ask “Do you under stand?” Do not be frustrated if this doesn’t work immediately, ask YES and NO questions. Write the questions down you are going to ask before hand, leave a space after the question to write the answers. If you find that you are having inactivity it is ok to move to another location to ask questions, also if you are not getting a reaction change your line of questioning. You are acting as an investigator and it is important to exhaust all avenues of query before stopping.

I have also used an EMF detector to find objects that were giving off readings. I recently swept an entire basement with no readings until I got to a pile of belongings on a shelving rack. The meter spiked very high in the area so I started removing items one by one until I came to a metal baking pan, it was for some reason or another charged with EMF. We removed it from the basement for further review at another time. I cannot at this time say whether it was adding to a the paranormal activity at the location but it is great that we used this tool to find an anomaly. Later on in the investigation which is ongoing we could find a connection, that is part of being an investigator, check and double-check every lead!

After you are done with your questions, whether you have gotten the answers you want or not it is very important to say “Thank you” and let them know your session is over. This ensures that they break connection with you and that you are sure no one will come with you from the location, if you don’t reside there. That will be another topic on another day.

I hope that I have answered some questions you may have about the EMF detector and how to use it, if you don’t have one and are going to purchase one I recommend the one below from Amazon.com and it is greatly appreciated if you use this link because it helps me out. Thanks so much! I will be doing Electronic Voice Phenomenon next at Scotty the NJ Mediums Paranormal Corner.



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