Has a Psychic or Medium ever done something to shape your life? 

I have had a fewexpierences where a Psychic has helped me out and changed things for me. Mostly as a Guide or teacher, since I possess a gift that they have I really don’t ask too much of them but guidance when I hit a road block. I had a horrible time sleeping and couldn’t get over it, Spirit was constantly in my dreams and I wouldn’t get good rest. I spoke to a Psychic and she told me to cover my mirrors while I slept. I took her advice and I am sleeping much better now. So, she changed my life for the better. 

What story do you have? I would love to hear anything at all, good, bad or indifferent. This is something that I have always wondered and never asked. Thanks for stopping by and sharing! 



2 thoughts on “Has a Psychic or Medium ever done something to shape your life? 

  1. I don’t have any stories. =( For some reason, I love the paranormal, but the paranormal doesn’t like me. Most of the time, I never see or feel anything, so I’ve never needed to see a spirit medium. The only thing I ever see is demons in my dreams. And even then, I get rid of them by saying a pray.

    It’s strange :/


  2. I went to see a psychic medium out of curiousity. I was in college and in a new relationship. She asked me to give her two topics I wanted to know about my future. I told her I wanted to know where my relationship was going and my career/education. These were pretty vague and cliche. I felt she could have said almost anything and it could be true. I’ve never forgotten what she said because ultimately it came true. She said the relationship I was currently in would not last. However, I was going to find someone and be with them for a long time. She was right. The relationship lasted 6 years and my current relationship is going 12 years strong with someone I’ve known for 20 years. Regarding my career, she told me I’d do well in a career but I would eventually switch careers later in life. I was surgical technician for 15 years after I graduated college. I went back to school and took an entry level management position in health care administration. I’m now working with the federal government as a health policy analyst. Coincidence? I’m not certain.


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