Lets talk about that next Chakra, shall we? So far we have covered the Crown and Third Eye, next is the Throat Chakra or the “Vishuddha” Chakra. This from the top is the third and from the bottom (the more traditional way to count them) is the fifth Chakra. Of course I try to make everything here basic and easy to understand and try not to muddle it up with all of the things that confused me while learning these things. This Chakra, which I will refer to as the Throat Chakra is associated with a person’s ability to speak and communicate clearly, which also includes the ability to hear clearly.

communication is often a two way street and requires at least two people to make a conversation and convey information and I’d say that most of us are comfortable with speaking one on one with another person. Sometimes people have problems with that as well and have severe anxiety when it comes to any communication at all. I will alway state that I am not a Doctor and I know that there are medical reasons for many of things that are associated with these problems but what happened a long time ago when we didn’t have labels for these things and couldn’t diagnose the problem as a physical or psychological one? People would turn to the spiritual side and work on that to help find a cure or reason and work on it from there.

Obviously people who are physically injured or have other medical reasons for not being able to speak are kind of exempt from what we are going to discuss but it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t find some benefit from this, it is about communication and that doesn’t mean that it always has to be verbal. Afterall, I am communicating with you right now through a keyboard and computer screen. My Throat Chakra needs to be clear in order for me to say what I want and communicate my ideas clearly. I think that writers often have “writers block” because they have ideas in their head and have not formulated how to write down what they see in thier minds eye yet. They need to learn to clear themselves and energize thier Throat Chakras as much as a public speaker or performer or musician, even those of us who only communicate with each other in one on one conversations.

Let’s get down to it, you’ve heard the saying “Frog in your Throat.” Simply put, you want to speak and you cannot. I think this is different from when people say “Cat got your tongue” because that is when you have no words to communicate out of shock. I don’t maybe they are the same, you can pick either one. Anyway, when you can’t speak or feel anxiety there can actually be a full on physical effect of your throat closing up making it impossible for you to speak. I used to have that issue when I was younger, standing in front of class trying to give a presentation and I’d get sweaty and the words wouldn’t form even though I knew what I wanted to say. A wave of energy would wash over me from the people sitting in front of me, I’d get blurry vision and weak knees. Does that sound familiar? Probably, and it has to do with clearing out this Chakra.

Before we get to clearing it lets talk about the other reason it’s important to have our Throat Chakra, the psychic reason. It is very important to be able to communicate what you are seeing in your mind’s eye and hearing and feeling. Being able to receive information and not being able to communicate it would be the same as having a radio that didn’t have speakers to push the sound out. I like analogies so, you are going to have to bear with them. Moving on, if you have been practicing your psychic and mediumship abilities you may have trouble reciting what you see and hear if your Throat Chakra isn’t clear, also like I stated earlier it can affect your hearing as well. Again, it is important to be able to listen to what the information is telling you as well as the person who may be sitting in front of you waiting for a message.

CLEARING OUT YOUR THROAT CHAKRA! This is easier said than done, quiet honestly this is one that takes some serious practice and needs to be attacked from different angles quiet often until you crack it open. First things first, take a look at who you are, do you have a problem talking to others? Can you speak publicly and not have an issue? When do you experience a blockage? Every once in a while I meet someone important or famous and I seen to get blocked up. It could be for any amount of reasons but I’m not sure what does it, unfortunately I do not have the privilege of being in the situation all the time to be in contact with these people so I have a hard time working on it. I do however get to speak in front of groups pretty often and that is something that I had to work on, like I said earlier it would get the best of me every time. I had to decide that what I had to say was important enough for everyone to hear. So that is going to be your first step, make sure that you know your message is important. That is an affirmation and it is an intention. We have to set the intention every time we speak “My message is important and I am going to deliver it.”

Once you have said that enough you will no longer have to repeat it to yourself, it will play in your head automatically! That is your minds way of psychic┬áyourself up and it is a powerful tool. After I had gotten past that part the funniest thing happened, I would speak super loud! I would speak as loud to twenty people in a small room as I would to one hundred in a large room. I think that may have been more embarrassing than not being able to speak at all. This is where breathing is going to be your friend, as usual, right? Like when you meditate or when you are looking to your Third Eye for information and need to calm down to receive and see the information. This is part of the clearing in order to speak clearly and control how you are communicating. You don’t want people to think you are yelling at them when you are trying to convey something while being serious.

Remember that once you unlock that Throat Chakra you are in charge of how fast the information comes out. You can speak calmly and slowly, you don’t have to speed speak or go super slow. Speak normally with confidence. That makes a huge difference. I see it pretty often that people will speak super fast as if their throats are going to shut off any second and they are going to have to spew out as much as they can before it happens. They don’t breath and don’t take time to convey who they are as a person as well as the message they have. Remember, what you have to say is important and so are you. Make sure your audience knows who you are and what your message is. I often use humor as a way to get things flowing, I am not overly funny but I know how to crack a good joke. That gets the energy flowing and helps me read the room so to speak. Don’t be afraid to be you! Depending on what it is you are speaking about maybe a good story pertaining to what you are going to speak about would be appropriate.

When I do readings I often sit with the client and talk to them briefly about their home, or something they have interest in and try to make a joke. I have a silly personality (when it is appropriate) and try to convey that so while I am doing the reading I can keep it light and have a way out of anything that would be heavy I can use a little humor to get the message across (when appropriate). So let’s go over the steps to help you clear out that Chakra and start communicating clearly.

1. Your message is important and so are you.

2. Know what your message is, write it down if you have to before you speak it.

3. BREATH! Maybe the most important thing to remember.

4. You are in control of the speed and volume of your speech. Take your time and say what you want to say. Communicate clearly!

5. Let your personality come through while you are speaking! Don’t be afraid to be you! Your message is important AND SO ARE YOU!

Follow those steps and remember them, and of course you can meditate on it. Ask your higher self, Guides and whomever helps you along in your journey to give you the tools you need to move forward in clearing your Throat Chakra. I believe that anyone who wants to be a good communicator can be if they practice and dig deep for the motivation.

I hope I didn’t lose you and I kept it grounded here for you to be able to understand what I am saying without it sounding “ladee-da” and super over spiritualized. I hope that anyone reading this can follow it and it helps them out. Communication in person is a dying interaction. We do so much of it over the phone and on computers that I think that we are all having a little more trouble understanding each other in person and aren’t making the connections that people did before all the technology. That brings me to the Chakra we will be covering next, the Heart Chakra and boy is it important! Stay tuned for that and if you have any questions please feel free to comment here, or on my Facebook Scotty The Nj Medium or on Twitter @scottynjmed or on Instagram Scotty The Nj Medium.

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