Here we are approaching mid-October and I am behind as per
the usual lately. Thank you to everyone who has been coming here and reading
all my other blogs, that is much appreciated. To all the new folks, welcome! We
are coming close to the time of year where the “veil” between our world and the
spirit world is the thinnest. That means for all of us who are sensitive and
even those who aren’t spirit communication is the easiest right now.
 For all of those who have been following along
I hope that you have been practicing and those who are just joining us make
sure to go back and learn the basics to communicating with the spirits and how
to protect yourselves.

So much has been happening lately for me that I have had a
hard time to get here and write it all down, I have been to the Hinsdale House
in NY and the Rolling Hills Asylum that is located in NY as well.  My team ( had a great
time and collected some pretty cool evidence. We brought two guests who have
never been on an investigation and they did really well. If you want to go on a
“ghost hunt” I would advise that you find a local reputable team and ask if you
can tag along. Most teams would probably say yes, if for nothing else because
they would like a hand carrying in equipment.

Since my last entry I have gotten a second “Light Language
Activation” session under my belt. ( The session went
really well, I really liked that we did a barter deal, I traded a reading for
her talent. If you have a talent you should reach out to other light workers
who have a different talent and see if they would be interested in doing a
trade, chance are that they would want to. I find that others can do for me
things I cannot do for myself and it usually costs a few dollars so when people
are willing to trade it’s a win win.

During my second session of light language I was able to
tune better into my own ability to pick up on characteristics of an object
without seeing them, such as color and energy imprint. During my session a
photo of Mary (Jesus’s Mother) was placed on my heart and I was seeing images
of a manger scene and a crucifix. A red orange crystal was placed into my right
hand and I saw an orange red color with my eyes closed. When the session was
over I opened my eyes and told Kate some of what I saw in my minds eye and she
revealed to me the objects that she placed around me and on me. To me that was clear
indicator that I was making leaps in the right direction with my own gifts.

Since the light language activation I have had a higher
volume of readings scheduled and have been enjoying them more. Even though I am
confident in my abilities it still can be nerve racking before doing a reading
for someone, I never know if the person they want to come through is going to.
It’s a silly fear because I have yet to have a spirit not show up. This really
all goes back to opening up and getting over fear. Once that hurdle is cleared
opportunities start to appear, for me at least that has been the case. I am
going to be doing a 5 hour marathon of readings at the end of the month, I am
crazy nervous! Again I know I don’t need to be but it is natural I suppose.

On top of that I have also been asked to be interviewed for
a book, that is something that I never even though of. Someone thinks enough of
me to ask me questions and interview me for something they are hard at work on.
That to me amazing, I really appreciate that and I can’t wait to see what
opportunities come from that. Hopefully I get to talk about this site and also
all my paranormal adventures growing up to the present. I have more to share
here of course and a rather big one that is shaping up right now. It’s a story
that has taken two years to come to the point I am at now and will be writing
about it as soon as I know where I end up in the whole thing. To give you a
hint it is about a 115 year old house that has some crazy family history and
paranormal stories to go with them.

I always want anyone who is reading what I write to remember
that everything starts with you, you are the spark that gets it all started. If
you are a developing Light Worker it is important to remember that none of this
is scary or frightening. What is scary? Not following the path that is in front
of you, going against the grain of what you feel inside and ignoring what you
were sent here to do. As I take steps forward I am learning myself from doing,
I am not sure what the end game is for me yet but I can say for sure that I am
learning so much heading in that direction and that’s where you should be going
as well. There will be times things are slow and these are time to read about
new things. Find things that interest you. For light workers the material is
endless, look up astral projection, past lives, near death experiences, past
lives, visitation dreams, akashic records, spirit guides, aura readings, tarot
readings, palm reading. When you read those things see what is associated with
those and read about that topic as well! You have no idea where the road will
take you until you start reading the road signs that speak to you!

Stay tune for opening your Heart Chakra, that is what is upnext! As always thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to email me withany topics you would like me to write about and any questions you have. Visit meon facebook @scottythenjmedium and Instagram the same feed and NEW follow meday to day on Snapchat! Scottynjmedium! Thanks everyone!


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