It’s almost Halloween and things have been getting spooky
around the NJ Medium Headquarters. I have increased my readings and people seem
to have been reaching out more for all kind of paranormal services. Of course I
figured that it would be that way around this time of year, the veil has
thinned and this year seems to be the biggest pull in a while that I can
remember. It seems that not only the spirits are getting stronger but each and
every one of you. Is there a big awakening happening? I would love to think so
and I hope that’s the case, there is no but. I really am on board for everyone
gaining spiritual insight and finding a path that speaks to them.

Almost since the beginning of doing readings for people I
try to impart words of wisdom, not that I am some guru but I have a lifetime of
experience that I like to tap into in order to help others on their journey.
One of the things that I am not, at least right at this point in my life is a “spiritual
healer.” What is that anyway? Well I think it is someone who as a great insight
into the spirt and can recognize the issues that reside inside and they have
the tools to help heal the spirit by way of using their own energy. For an
example, you go to the Doctor with an issue and they diagnose it using training
and experience and then prescribe a medicine to help remedy the issue. I don’t
really do that. I prefer to act as a guide to helping people heal themselves.
Sometimes they cannot do it for themselves and need an outside source to do it
for them. I am always willing to send them to the proper person that can do
that for them of course.

I think that it is very important for people who are waking
up to their own energy to realize when something is wrong, try to find the
answer for themselves and then try to fix the issue. This leads to a stronger understanding
of who they are as a person and I think it helps them recognize the same issues
in others. It’s a tool for the tool belt. Of course it’s always good to ask for
help and find someone to help you out when the issue is greater than you can

When you begin to reach out for help or guidance you will
find that people will actually find you, we attract those around us who are
like us. That is one of the laws of attraction. (Something I will cover
sometime in the future) It’s good to bring likeminded people into our circle,
they support us and we support them. You may be surprised that someone with a
special gift is not as talented as you are in your particular skill. That is
the way it works, which is good because if we were all good at everything we do
than we wouldn’t need each other. BORING! 
So as you move along, read along here and practice don’t forget to offer
your opinions and views into the conversation. You have no idea if someone out
there is looking for the experience that you have and your advice or guidance
could help heal a soul.

When you are done reading this take a moment and decide on
one thing that you are going to work on for yourself. After you decide what
that is look up the topic, read about it, watch a video or two and then decide
if you can fix the issue yourself. If you aren’t sure give it a try anyway, get
to the bottom of the issue at hand and explore ways of bringing peace to it. If
you have tried several methods to try and fix your individual issue then it is
time to reach out for help. Don’t be afraid. Now this isn’t just for psychic
development or spiritual, you can apply this to just about any situation in
life. Of course if you are experiencing an emergency reach out to the
authorities immediately, for everything else, give self-healing a try and go
from there.

Good luck to everyone out there and have a safe and happy Halloween.
Good luck reaching out to your lost loved ones, healing yourselves and making a
positive impact on other people’s lives.


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