Heart Chakra…right in the feels as they say. There is so
much that we could cover when talking about this very sensitive area of our
energetic spirit body but we will keep it short and simple. The Heart Chakra
can be very open or very closed and either way can be an issue for us, for
developing psychics, mediums and alike. Being too open or closed can also
affect our personal lives and relationships aside from what we usually discuss

So let’s begin, how can we identify our openness or lack thereof
in our Heart Chakra. I find that we can look inward first to see where we are
with this specific energy. I want you to meditate and see where you feel your
energy. Is it in your head, heart or stomach? I often find that I am in my
head, I am a very visual Psychic Medium so I prefer to see what I am interpreting.
Perhaps you like to feel it because visions are too powerful or uncomfortable
for you, or you read from your stomach area, a gut feeling or just knowing.
When I find that I am too much in my head and in my Third Eye I have to
envision pushing the energy down to my heart, this is something for me that
takes practice. Lots of practice. It’s important to be able to utilize this
energy even if your other abilities are very strong.  Many times a reading can seem cold if you don’t
emotionally connect with your client, that isn’t who you want to be. For
instance, have you ever been to the Doctor and they were very cold with no
bedside manor? It’s the same thing. I didn’t realize that until another Medium
pointed it out to me and of course I ran with it.

So when you do readings, which I think by now if you have
been practicing you should be at least have done a few, have you thought about
focusing on your heart energy and seeing what happened? It can be a real eye
opening so to speak. I find that when I open that part of myself for a reading
that the connection becomes so much stronger between the Spirit and my client.
That being said I don’t always open like that, sometimes though it is required
to make the full connection and get the message across. I let the Spirit or my
Higher Self show me a heart in order to direct me to open up that way. I would
like for you to decide what your symbol will be when you do readings so that you
can be guided in the correct direction.

Now let’s talk about being too open. This to me is more of
an issue than being closed up. Folks who are widely open in the heart often
find themselves hurt or misguided by others because they allow themselves to be
manipulated. THIS DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE! I have found from speaking to many people
with “big hearts” that they have been in many bad relationships or find
themselves pleasing everyone but themselves. This is no good because it takes from
your purpose.  This does not mean the
great people out there who dedicate their lives to service or volunteering.
They have found the reason for their big heart and are acting on it, which of
this is something you do then please keep doing it! Being kind is one of the
most amazing gifts we can give to each other.

If you find that you are too open then you need to focus on
moving that energy upward or downward away from your heart. Don’t close up all
together because that will also make you sick and not serve a purpose. During
meditation and readings if you find that you are becoming too attached to a
thought or feeling move the energy away until you become comfortable again.
This will benefit your client and you and the Spirit who you are communicating

We all as human need love and need  to give love, it is one of the biggest themes
throughout our lives and it is so important to keep a balance between enough
and too much. Remember that because once you have control of that aspect of
your energy other opportunities will become clear to you in your life. I’m very
visual so even as I typed that I imagined having blurry vision and putting on a
pair of glasses and having everything come into focus.

Your Heart Chakra Meditation.

Find your comfortable space and get into meditation mode.
When you are set and in your space imagine a bright green energy above your
crown. Have the energy pass through your crown past your Third Eye and past
your Throat Chakra. Have it settle into your heart. See the bright green color
shimmer and shine brightly, see the edges of it, into the center. Notice the
color variations and how they swirl and move about. Now as you are seeing this
energy I want you to put a dimmer switch next to it. Use the switch to turn the
brightness up and down on the energy. Get it to the point where you are comfortable
and can focus on it. Be aware now that the dimmer is always there and can be
used anytime to turn that energy up or down depending on your needs. It’s that easy!

The next time you need a little more heart in a reading use
the dimmer to turn up the brightness and then use it to turn it down when you
are done. You have the ability to control your Heart Chakra from now on, if you
start to feel too attached to something or someone turn it down, if you start
to feel disdain for something that you really shouldn’t then turn it up.

I hope this very brief insight into the Heart Chakra helps
you along and has you asking more questions and trying to find more answers while
on your path. Remember if you would like to ask anything please feel free to
message me on facebook @scottythenjmedium. I usually answer within a few hours
and am always happy to help! Have a great day and remember to be kind to each


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