Every Friday since October 30th, 2017 I have been doing live Facebook Ouija Sessions. They range from entertaining to just kind of nonsense. I am a kind of skeptic on the workings of the board, although last night sure did open my eyes. Someone came through, for a viewer…a ghost. An angry upset ghost.

My first session, about the first 30 minutes were tame. I spoke to a nice spirit who liked the Yankees and had joked about needing help finding his pants. He stated that he lived in a neighboring town and was just here to hang out. After I said goodbye to him, Steve I think he told me his name was, he departed and I put away my newer board to switch to the older one.

I started using the older board and without hesitation a Spirit came right on through. Now, I could tell you the rest of the incident but it was all recorded and I have the video right here. If you want to skip to the more intense part skip to around the 40 minute mark.

I went from Ouija Board User to Medium Mode really quick and it was intense. Follow the link.


These are my hand written notes from this session.

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