About Meditation

Written by Tami Knighten


Some quick questions-
1. Have you tried meditation before?

2. If so, what kind did you do and how often did you do it?

As we all know there are so many outside influences in life, that are totally outside of our control. Meditation is a way to transform your mental state in a positive way.

Other proven benefits of meditation are to help with anxiety, stress, and it can increase a sense of happiness, or well being. And the great thing is, meditation provides a direct link to divine energies. For me it doesn’t get better than that. In my book, that’s enough said.

Truth be told. As with many things meditation does take practice, so hang in there. Once you get it down you will be on your way to seeing all the amazing benefits.


I’m going to tell you a couple meditations I personally like to use. I like to go to YouTube, but I know there are some great apps out there also.

Spiritual Zen Subliminal Brainwave Entertainment:

Lokosmotivos Meditation Music:

Stay tuned and I will be writing more on meditation techniques.

Love, and light

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One thought on “About Meditation

  1. Beautiful website Tami, I so needed this, meditation music to the soul, I seriously have chills all through my arms!!!! like this was meant for me to hear and use as a wonderful tool, source! Tami I love it thank you so much !!!xo


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