Hey everyone!

Nice to see you there. I know I started this blog to teach and that’s still going to be very important, however in order to teach I also have to learn. I’m learning by the truck load at this point. I’m learning social media and small business growth plus managing family and 9 to 5 plus readings! Wooooooweee!

I am growing a small business I never fully intended on starting and it’s a learning curve. I have visited lots of blogs about social media and YouTube and reaching out to people. I had already done half of what was suggested by the time I found those teachers so I knew I was doing the right thing, following my intuition.

I guess it’s a good point to make, follow that “gut” instinct and you won’t go wrong. As usual make sure you are doing no harm and bringing a good of some sort to someone’s life through your journey. I hope to bring some lessons to YouTube that I have written about here and go beyond that.

Right now I use Facebook and Instagram primarily to reach out but that even has limits if it’s not apart of a well rounded outreach program. So, here we are. I’m reaching out.

Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe. You’ll be notified when I post new content and of course that’s free, just the way I like stuff. Haha

Follow the link to YouTube.

If you want to join my live vlogcasts on Facebook they happen Tuesday’s and Fridays at 9pm EST. I hope to see you there. Thank you as always for the support and don’t forget to put your email in the pop up, I offer discount codes on readings. See you soon!


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