Sometimes we try and try to get what we want out of life and it just isn’t happening. Love, wealth, happiness, well being or a combination of all of these things. Are we guaranteed any of it? Unfortunately no. Nothing is a guarantee in life except as the old saying goes “death and taxes.” What do you want out of this life? Are you obtaining those things and what have you done to initiate the road to gain them?

For me lately all I have on my mind is a newer car. I have to admit I have a weird thing about getting bored with my transportation. I could wear jeans until they are see through but I like a nice car to drive around, nothing too fancy just an engine with some power and a nice radio. What am I doing to get it? Well I have a full time job and I do my readings but that’s just the financial part. I also have been looking around the net like a mad man, that’s usually how my real process starts, and that’s with anything. Scott, what does this have to do with developing my skills as a Medium, psychic or empath? Easy, how bad do you want it?

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That is the question you have to ask yourself. Is this a passing phase of life sparked by something you read or saw, or is it embedded so deeply in your mind that there is no choice but to get better? For me, this path was that. I had to develop my gifts (and still am) or I couldn’t sleep at night. I had to manifest it through strong prayer and thoughts and had to learn as much as I could to start, the kindling for the fire if you will. Now I really have a specific vehicle in mind and have been searching it, sending links to my wife (aka the boss) and dropping hints. Who have you been including in your journey forward? A loved one, a friend, someone like minded? I hope so because the more people that share in your dream the more likely it is to come to fruition.

This is something that is important and sparked the title of this blog and the content: just because it’s what you want does not mean it is exactly what you will get. The Universe, Spirit, whomever that is in charge of the bigger picture is going to decide what’s best for you and everyone you will come in contact with. What does that mean? No free will? No, of course not. You will be making the choice of avenue you will travel down. However, your goal may deviate due to what your actual strength is. I am a natural Medium and Psychic, not so much a healer. I want to learn to heal but right now I am only telling people they have an energy block or a pending health issue that needs to be checked. That’s a start.

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What I want and what I am doing are different. I started this blog to help teach, then I started demonstrating, and now I am bringing you on my adventures. Like learning about business and social media, bringing you parts of my family life and doing live videos of things that interest me. I never planned that, it wasn’t what I wanted to do but here we are.

Think about what you want and be mindful of the opportunities coming to you. I am set on a vehicle I want but right now may not be the time for it to come to me, maybe there is something better that will present itself and I will be happy that I waited. I’m optimistic that way. So far it has all been working itself out as long as I am putting the energy into it to move forward.

Don’t forget to have fun.

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