Like most things in life we have to experience something in order to understand it and once we do experience “it” then we gain perspective.

Take a moment and think back on your life and all of the times you have gained experience. Was is a traumatic event? Did you have the time of your life? Did you just learn how to set the clock on the oven? Let’s go with setting time. Once you learned something like that you probably went into friends homes in casual settings and noticed clocks not being set. The bright digital flash of the 12:00 calling to you. Did you offer to set the clock for your friend? Maybe you just did it for them when they left the room and it made you feel better. Now, with that example did you gain anything by helping your friend? No, not immediately but maybe tomorrow when they make coffee they will see they are running a few minutes behind and thanks to you they are able to adjust and get their day back on course. Good job. You used your experience to help your friend be on time. Take a step back now, look at the situation. What did you do by setting a simple clock for a friend? Set them on course for getting to work on time? Making an important appointment? Getting the kids out the door for the bus? These may seem like small things but they aren’t. Perspective is important. As you step back and look at it all, you have affected your friends life in a positive way and you really didn’t gain a thing. Well unless you like helping friends even if it is in such a simple manor.

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How does this relate to spirit work? Well I can tell you that every experience I have had in my life helps me relate to Spirit when they come through. I often tell people that at 36 years old I have lived several lifetimes. Scott, we all have it’s called being a human being. That’s true. However I would ask “What are you doing with your experience and perspective?”

When a spirit shows me addiction I understand, when they show me war, I understand, when they show me divorce I understand. When they show me holding their child as the best day they ever had, I understand. I use all of my lifetime so far to understand the experiences being conveyed to me to relay to the people I’m reading for. If I didn’t tap into my own life to understand others I would not be as effective as I am as a Medium.

My perspective is also very important. I have learned to not judge. Now, I’m a human being so of course when something seems strange to me I snap to a judgement but I don’t stay there. I have learned to back that judgment off because if I don’t then I will not see the big picture and do what I am supposed to do. Relay messages from Spirit to the living.

Spirit work is my flashing clock. I learned it, I use it whenever I can and I don’t always tell people it’s being done. I enjoy what I do and I am always doing my best to have positive impacts on people’s lives. I am at the point where people ask me for my help and also they ask me to help them set their clock, so to speak.

Take a few minutes after reading this and reflect on your life a bit. Who have you helped? What experience do you have that you can help influence others and what perspective will you gain from it?

As always thanks for reading and I hope I brought some value to your life through a few paragraphs.


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