Lucy Visited

By Scotty

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Recently I had to help my Mom put her Yorkie Lucy to sleep. Lucy had a shunt in her liver and Mom had the Vet operate on Lucy to try and save her life. Unfortunately Lucy was unable to recover from the surgery and never left Vets office.

We had to take a long drive to see Lucy with full knowledge that we had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. When we arrived we found little Lucy on a table wrapped in a warm blanket and hooked to monitors. The Vet told us that Lucy was having seizures and she would not be able to live without suffering if we didn’t put her to sleep. My Mom made a tough choice and told the Vet to let Lucy go. I watched as the Lucy stopped breathing and when she did I saw a her Spirit shoot from the top of her head and up and away. I knew she had passed.

My Mom was obviously sad for weeks and asked me if I had seen her little Lucy. I hadn’t since that night. A few weeks ago my Mom came home and and my Dad had some strange news for her.

My Dad told Mom she had heard Lucy’s tags jingling down the hallway. This is mostly strange because my Dad doesn’t subscribe to ghosts and Spirits, go figure right. Mom shared with Dad that she had been hearing the same and Lucy’s bowls move in the kitchen. My Mom told me she spoke out loud to Lucy that day and told her to go be at peace and rest. That was the last time anyone heard Lucy in the house. We all know she went over the Rainbow Bridge for sure now. I hope she’s being just as sweet there as she was here.


In Loving Memory


  1. I am Mitchell Blakeney, facebook, sent me a message to verify my account, they sent me a code to my phone and my email site. but for some reason when I typed the code back to them they or something would not accept the code, they or it would not confirm it, so after I tired about 50 times and could not get back to my because they would not let me use my real name, I guess I still have my first page. I had to make a new facebook account, so I used Mitch Blake on my new page, even though my email address stayed the same. that is why the names are different. About spirit cat’s, around dec,2012 I was laying on my bed, after a jog on the beach I felt a movement on the edge of my bed, it’s just a mattress on the floor, I looked up to the left of my mattress and did not see anything there, I thought it was one of my many cat’s I have 8 cat’s in my home, and 10 more outside around the house and yard. I collect stray’s, and feed 12 or so more around downtown. needless to say I am a cat person. After that happened I started to hear movement in my room when there was no cat’s in my room, then out of thin air they, it seemed like I could count around 6-7 cat’s on my bed whenever I laid down night or day then I realized it was my past pet’s coming to see me and some of them get in my body and go with me to church or my shed as long as I have enough room for them on my chair. I have lot’s of spirit’s (human) also around me. just wanted to tell you.

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