Your potential is not limited! Not in your psychic development, personal life, health or strength! Once you put your mind to achieving any goal you will win!

When I started reaching out and using my gift as a Medium it was over the internet, then it moved to in person meetings, then gallery readings. I keep looking for the next biggest thing, mostly because I love to challenge myself and see how far I can bring myself as a Medium. When people come to me for help in developing their own abilities I get really excited! How far we can bring you though, is up to you.

I have met and helped folks with much greater gifts and potential than my own but they limited themselves and backed off when what I was explaining became too scary or felt overwhelming. Sometimes it wasn’t even about the Psychic part of the journey, it was about marketing themselves. That’s when you have to say “I’m confident that I am good at this and can make a difference in other peoples lives for the better.” That’s a scary spot for anyone.

Are you at that moment? Are you scared to say to others “I am here to help and I am the real deal.” If so I want this to be a part of the pep talk that gets you out there. Even if your gift is not like mine, maybe you are a healer or a Guide on Earth. Maybe you are a gifted tarot reader or even a witch. Whatever the case maybe you have to know that your confidence in yourself will be what others can feel when you extend yourself to them.

Having faith in yourself that when the time comes you can perform doesn’t start as a large jump into the deep end. Start small, like a child learning to ride a bike. The training wheels will keep you up and then eventually you can go without them. Learn your craft in a small arena first then once you have built consistency move to the next step.

Work Hard

Enjoy the process

Share your success!

I would love to hear some stories of how you have already done that, or if you have specific questions on how to do more I would love to answer that as well.

This page is created and maintained for free as a development page for spiritual purposes and personal. Let’s all get better together!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you are doing! Here is to an amazing 2020!

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