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The room is dimly lit, there are candles lit in the background. The crystal ball is on a small circle table in front of you. A Psychic sits accross from you and pulls out a deck of cards. You can smell the incense burning and are getting anxious. What is the reading going reveal? The cards are laid out in a way that is foriegn to you, each facedown and unknown. The only card you can remember is from movies, the “Death Card” and you pray you don’t get it. That would mean certainly that you were going to leave here and be stricken down immediatly. The story unfolds in front of you. The cards have amazing pictures that weave the fabric of the past, present and future. The reader looks into your eyes and gives guidence based on the cards spread before you. Each card turned over one by one and anylized while you hope for nothing but the truth and all good news…

OK, That was dramatic! Let’s take a second to relax. It’s not that serious. Really, it’s not. I like to call my cards my “psychic flash cards.” Honestly they are more of a physical guide on the table than anything. I use mine sometimes to illustrate a point I am making. Like “see here, the 9 of swords. I can tell something is bothering you and this proves it.” I didn’t start reading cards immediatly though, it took a while for me to figure it into my skillset. They were an intimidating tool that only professional Psychics used. At least that is what I thought. So, I was just a Medium. Speaking to Spirit and passisng messages. Every once in a while do some psychic reading and future casting. One day that changed.

I woke up on like a Tuesday and was like “I should be reading tarot.” I went on Amazon (cause thats how I roll) and looked up tarot cards. I went through a bunch of listings until I found one set that caught my eye. It was inexpensive, came with a booklet and a box but most importantly it came in two days with my Prime membership! Done and done. So I clicked the buy it now button and two days later there they were. In my hands and ready to go. They were ready to go, not me. I opened the box and read the book. I shuffled the cards and placed them down like the book showed. “These things don’t make any sense! What am I suppossed to be getting out of this?” With that, I placed the cards back in the red box they came in and then put it all in my junk drawer. They sat there for about two years. Then one morning, let’s say it was a Friday, we all like Fridays. I woke up and was like “Where are those cards?” I found them, by now they had made thier way down to the bottom of the drawer under my cell phone wires, memory cards and various other junk in the ol’ junk drawer. I pulled them out, reread the booklet like twenty times and then started pulling cards.

Now, on this day, for one reason or another they were making so much more sense. I decided that I would work them into the ends of my Mediumship sessions if a client was interested and guess what. Most people were very interested. What I found to be amazing was that the feedback from my clients was really positive. People were telling me how accurate I was and that they were enjoying the guidance I was providing with the cards. I realised that the cards were often mirroring things that I had already discussed with the client and thought that was pretty amazing. What was I going to do next that challanged if I was “that good?” I know! Facebok live video readings for complete strangers!

So that is what I did. I went on Facebook live and started doing one card draw readings for people watching the feed. I was byond suprised when people were responding lie and telling me how accurate I was giving readings based on one card and the question they had asked. I was sold. I started offering tarot readings as a stand alone service in my list of types of readings. I also had to make sure that I kept it as far as I could from the scene I described as I opened this article.

With that, I encourage you to learn how to read tarot cards. It may take a while to be comfortable with them but chances are that if you read this and clicked on the page that you are interested in learning and woud do a fantastic job. You could read for yourself, family or even strangers. That is all up to you. Trust me when I say though, once people find out you have them and can read them you will become very popular at parties and gatherings. Who doesn’t want to be the fun person with the answers at the party?

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think.
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