Are you a “Halloween starts September 1st person?”

I am and it’s time to get going. Funny as it may seem this year being what it is, a long “Friday the 13th” if you will I feel as though it pushed so many people to “wake up” and I’m not talking in the “Woke” type of way. I mean, Spiritually. I’ve had so many people reach out to me for readings and in the same time tell me about their own recent experiences with Spirit and even “ghosts.” That is awesome. I hope as you are reading this you are like “Hey, that’s me.” With that I think people are more in the mood for the Spirit of Halloween and spooky business.

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Why? Well two things, in my opinion of course. 1. They are waking up to the Spirit world around them and we are getting close to the “thinning of the viel” where Spirit is closer than ever going into the Holiday seasons. Holidays where we start speaking about Ghosts and death and its ok to say to a friend “I once had an experience” and maybe it was recently. That gets the dialog going and helps a person express what it happening around them without stigma. #2. We seriously need a distraction from all the things going in around us. I find myself questioning everyday if people can be as bad as the media is portraying us. I seem to only meet nice people, living and passed so I’m really trying to figure it out.

As we get closer to Halloween what types of activities are you looking forward to with all the restrictions we are still facing due to the pandemic?

I’m looking forward to having small gatherings, some paranormal ghost seeking and hopefully a haunted hay ride or two.

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