With 2020 coming to a close soon I felt like it was a good idea to leave it on a positive note. For a while I posted nothing, was keeping to myself and about lost my drive to do anything. Something happened though, not long ago. I felt a spark. My creative Soul came back to life and I’ve been on a roll since. I got my mojo back, so to speak.

I decided to get my YouTube channel kickstarted, post more here and push my Facebook and Instagram harder than I had before. With that new energy came new opportunity. Folks started to ask me to be on the radio and on their podcasts, which I of course said yes to!

That got me to think that it was time to try my podcasting skill again. So I decided to use an app called “Anchor” and get it going. Right now I have the first episode live and ready for you to listen to and in order to give you more listenable and watchable content I’ll leave links below for all the newest Audio and Video projects. You’ll hear cool ghost stories, learn about your Psychic and Mediumship abilities and really get to know me more along the way as I talk about how I arrived here.

Come join me!

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