Happy New Year 2022

There are many places I never thought I’d be in my life, one of those places, a cold, dark and haunted basement at the start of 2022. Ringing in the New Year was a blast to do at the Haunted Shanley Hotel in Napanock, NY. (Thehauntedshanleyhotel.com) There were champagne toasts, spirits and of course many happy people celebrating together, many strangers and newly met acquaintances. I think that’s what the New Year should always be about, the “New” and the renew. We remember the friends and family we lost in the past, but we also look onward, onward to an unknown horizon. The horizon is always seemingly changing and further away than it was last year until we meet it, when we do, we have celebrated our last New Year. We ultimately were called home. Then others remember us and we watch from the other side of that beautiful horizon hoping those we left behind will remember us and make the best of their journey, their chase, their life into the horizon.
May God bless you this year, each and every person reading this, and even those who don’t get the chance to see it. The world needs us to look left, look right and place a helping hand out to each other to lend help, health and happiness. We are what we make this trip to the horizon, make the best of this time and your neighbors time with kindness. Offer indifference if those around you don’t line up with your path, be a flowing river with no shape and no ill will. Be a strong current to those who need the guidance and most importantly never be the stone. Be no one else’s weight on the journey towards the horizon. Happy and Safe Travels my fellow travelers.

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