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Take a breath!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I think now is a good time. Recently I have been contacted by quiet a few people looking for help with just find a place to get started. If you have been reading along on this page I have done my best to really make it easy and no-nonsense. If you have been looking for a place to start to learn about your Psychic gifts, this is the place. All of the blog content is free and I am always willing to help if you contact me, just know that you should read first. Develop your questions, take a breath and then decide what is important for you to know. 

If you are naturally gifted and need help or if you are trying to wake up your gift then this is the place for both. I get lots if pleasure when people ask for help or email me and say that my writing has helped them, that dangerous “Ego” we all have to watch for eats it up. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels so to speak and know that you need a place to start please start here. If you have questions I haven’t covered please send me a message and I will do my best to cover the topic, if I don’t know the answer I will reach out to people who do. Remember that you are not alone, we all started this journey one way or another. I have not learned all I want or all I need to and probably never will. 

Let’s start at the beginning. BREATH! 

Close your eyes, inhale through your nose, hold it, exhale through your mouth. When you do that it is important to let your muscles relax and let that stress out with the breath. The human body is amazing, it needs certain things to operate correctly and one of those things is oxygen. Every bit of your body needs it, stress and anxiety lead to less oxygen getting to vital organs and that leads to spiritual blockage through mental stress and atrophy. Just think, when someone drowns they suffer from oxygen loss, they panic, anxiety kicks in and often it leads to a grave outcome. 

Right now you are out in the world and possibly drowning on dry land. If your body is not operating with some efficiency than your mind and spirit won’t either. So, let’s get that meditation mindset going. Both feet flat on the floor, hands on your lap so they are comfortable. Deep breaths in and out, slowly. Set the intention. 


As your body relaxes let your mind see choppy water on a lake ocean or pond, now with your mind calm that water until it is smooth and still like glass. When you have calmed the water and relaxed your body slowly open your eyes and remember that you are on dry land and the water you see is calm, life is calm and you can conquer anything. 

That’s the first step in anything you do when stress has got you, and funny enough it’s the first step in making yourself ready for Psychic development. 

Please remember to relax and breath and if you cannot find the peace you are looking for contact a medical professional and schedule an appointment to talk. Sometimes we all need some face to face contact with someone who can help us calm the water when we cannot do it ourselves. Remember that there is nothing wrong with that and it may be just what you need.

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Waves of Change

In our lives many of us are driven to do things we don’t quiet understand. We don’t know why feelings come over us, wash over us, bring us to the next step of our journey. Sometimes the feelings come on like tidal waves and reside like gentle lapping water in a small pond. The wave is strong enough to pick us up and shove us forward but can only carry us so far, the initial drive subsides and then we have to make a decision: Am I going to keep going? That is where I was not too long ago when I realised my life needed to change.

Have you ever come to that point? What was it? When did it happen? Did you act on it? Has your decision affected your life? What way did this life decision present itself?

If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have a few gifts, some that are stronger than others. Of course I love to write but my spelling and grammar could use some refinement. They will ever only be as good as I really want them to be. My psychic ability however comes so naturally that it is kind of just good on its own. Now, I am not the best, I am no Edgar Cayce but the gifts I possess are strong, so much so that I had no choice really but to embrace them. Doing so has opened so many doors for me that I would have never even noticed had I not ridden the wave in and continued to paddle once the wave left me.

I can equate connecting to Spirit to cooking, yeah let’s go with cooking and eating. So we all need to eat to live, we all have a soul or spirit inside of us. Now, do we all need to cook to eat? No, someone else can cook for us, my wife mostly cooks in our house. I could burn water and I have no natural ability to prepare food well enough for human consumption, beyond a cheese sandwich maybe. Now, do we all need to use our soul or spirit and recognize it everyday to live? Nope, it kind of can just sit there and reside inside you. It will do its job to keep you alive and moving on but it may not be as strong as it could be if you did some things to recognize it and nourish it. Just like no one wants to eat chicken I have cooked because I will over cook it rather than be afraid people would get raw chicken. You can eat my over cooked chicken to live but it isn’t going to be awesome. Now, let’s say I watch a few cooking shows, watch some YouTube videos and study some recipes to learn how to cook, will I get better at it? Absolutely! As long as I follow the directions of the more experienced people teaching and understand what I want in the end. I can have well cooked food prepared that is delicious and nourishing that I can share! Same thing goes for connecting to Spirit. You can, even if you don’t feel like you can, connect to Spirit if you follow the directions of the people handing you the advice and showing you the recipes.

How does this all tie together? Well, if I had continued to ignore Spirit coming to me and asking me to bring messages to the people around me I would have never started doing readings. I would have not met so many great people, including the team I investigate the Paranormal with. I would certainly have never started writing a blog and sure as heck would have not had the guts to start a web site. Something else by the way I have had no experience doing, I only could Google things and use Ebay. That was my internet experience. Here I am less than a year later publishing my own writing and everyday learning more about how to spread my message further to help more people. Are you going to follow my same path? No WAY! I wouldn’t want you to! You have to find how your particular gifts fit your life and learn how to utilize them to enhance the lives of the folks around you.

Am I still riding the wave? The initial push sure is gone, that is for sure, but, I have become emotionally invested in what I am doing,ZomboMeme 19042017140445 so every day I wake up and get a gentle push to keep going and keep moving forward. Sometimes I have so much going through my mind that I cannot get it all out, thank goodness for meditation. That is where I find the calmness and ask for the most important things to come forward. Today this message was inside and I felt by writing it that I could help some one out there. Remember to ride the wave and then use the momentum to keep going.

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Unlock your Throat Chakra!

Lets talk about that next Chakra, shall we? So far we have covered the Crown and Third Eye, next is the Throat Chakra or the “Vishuddha” Chakra. This from the top is the third and from the bottom (the more traditional way to count them) is the fifth Chakra. Of course I try to make everything here basic and easy to understand and try not to muddle it up with all of the things that confused me while learning these things. This Chakra, which I will refer to as the Throat Chakra is associated with a person’s ability to speak and communicate clearly, which also includes the ability to hear clearly.

communication is often a two way street and requires at least two people to make a conversation and convey information and I’d say that most of us are comfortable with speaking one on one with another person. Sometimes people have problems with that as well and have severe anxiety when it comes to any communication at all. I will alway state that I am not a Doctor and I know that there are medical reasons for many of things that are associated with these problems but what happened a long time ago when we didn’t have labels for these things and couldn’t diagnose the problem as a physical or psychological one? People would turn to the spiritual side and work on that to help find a cure or reason and work on it from there.

Obviously people who are physically injured or have other medical reasons for not being able to speak are kind of exempt from what we are going to discuss but it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t find some benefit from this, it is about communication and that doesn’t mean that it always has to be verbal. Afterall, I am communicating with you right now through a keyboard and computer screen. My Throat Chakra needs to be clear in order for me to say what I want and communicate my ideas clearly. I think that writers often have “writers block” because they have ideas in their head and have not formulated how to write down what they see in thier minds eye yet. They need to learn to clear themselves and energize thier Throat Chakras as much as a public speaker or performer or musician, even those of us who only communicate with each other in one on one conversations.

Let’s get down to it, you’ve heard the saying “Frog in your Throat.” Simply put, you want to speak and you cannot. I think this is different from when people say “Cat got your tongue” because that is when you have no words to communicate out of shock. I don’t maybe they are the same, you can pick either one. Anyway, when you can’t speak or feel anxiety there can actually be a full on physical effect of your throat closing up making it impossible for you to speak. I used to have that issue when I was younger, standing in front of class trying to give a presentation and I’d get sweaty and the words wouldn’t form even though I knew what I wanted to say. A wave of energy would wash over me from the people sitting in front of me, I’d get blurry vision and weak knees. Does that sound familiar? Probably, and it has to do with clearing out this Chakra.

Before we get to clearing it lets talk about the other reason it’s important to have our Throat Chakra, the psychic reason. It is very important to be able to communicate what you are seeing in your mind’s eye and hearing and feeling. Being able to receive information and not being able to communicate it would be the same as having a radio that didn’t have speakers to push the sound out. I like analogies so, you are going to have to bear with them. Moving on, if you have been practicing your psychic and mediumship abilities you may have trouble reciting what you see and hear if your Throat Chakra isn’t clear, also like I stated earlier it can affect your hearing as well. Again, it is important to be able to listen to what the information is telling you as well as the person who may be sitting in front of you waiting for a message.

CLEARING OUT YOUR THROAT CHAKRA! This is easier said than done, quiet honestly this is one that takes some serious practice and needs to be attacked from different angles quiet often until you crack it open. First things first, take a look at who you are, do you have a problem talking to others? Can you speak publicly and not have an issue? When do you experience a blockage? Every once in a while I meet someone important or famous and I seen to get blocked up. It could be for any amount of reasons but I’m not sure what does it, unfortunately I do not have the privilege of being in the situation all the time to be in contact with these people so I have a hard time working on it. I do however get to speak in front of groups pretty often and that is something that I had to work on, like I said earlier it would get the best of me every time. I had to decide that what I had to say was important enough for everyone to hear. So that is going to be your first step, make sure that you know your message is important. That is an affirmation and it is an intention. We have to set the intention every time we speak “My message is important and I am going to deliver it.”

Once you have said that enough you will no longer have to repeat it to yourself, it will play in your head automatically! That is your minds way of psychic yourself up and it is a powerful tool. After I had gotten past that part the funniest thing happened, I would speak super loud! I would speak as loud to twenty people in a small room as I would to one hundred in a large room. I think that may have been more embarrassing than not being able to speak at all. This is where breathing is going to be your friend, as usual, right? Like when you meditate or when you are looking to your Third Eye for information and need to calm down to receive and see the information. This is part of the clearing in order to speak clearly and control how you are communicating. You don’t want people to think you are yelling at them when you are trying to convey something while being serious.

Remember that once you unlock that Throat Chakra you are in charge of how fast the information comes out. You can speak calmly and slowly, you don’t have to speed speak or go super slow. Speak normally with confidence. That makes a huge difference. I see it pretty often that people will speak super fast as if their throats are going to shut off any second and they are going to have to spew out as much as they can before it happens. They don’t breath and don’t take time to convey who they are as a person as well as the message they have. Remember, what you have to say is important and so are you. Make sure your audience knows who you are and what your message is. I often use humor as a way to get things flowing, I am not overly funny but I know how to crack a good joke. That gets the energy flowing and helps me read the room so to speak. Don’t be afraid to be you! Depending on what it is you are speaking about maybe a good story pertaining to what you are going to speak about would be appropriate.

When I do readings I often sit with the client and talk to them briefly about their home, or something they have interest in and try to make a joke. I have a silly personality (when it is appropriate) and try to convey that so while I am doing the reading I can keep it light and have a way out of anything that would be heavy I can use a little humor to get the message across (when appropriate). So let’s go over the steps to help you clear out that Chakra and start communicating clearly.

1. Your message is important and so are you.

2. Know what your message is, write it down if you have to before you speak it.

3. BREATH! Maybe the most important thing to remember.

4. You are in control of the speed and volume of your speech. Take your time and say what you want to say. Communicate clearly!

5. Let your personality come through while you are speaking! Don’t be afraid to be you! Your message is important AND SO ARE YOU!

Follow those steps and remember them, and of course you can meditate on it. Ask your higher self, Guides and whomever helps you along in your journey to give you the tools you need to move forward in clearing your Throat Chakra. I believe that anyone who wants to be a good communicator can be if they practice and dig deep for the motivation.

I hope I didn’t lose you and I kept it grounded here for you to be able to understand what I am saying without it sounding “ladee-da” and super over spiritualized. I hope that anyone reading this can follow it and it helps them out. Communication in person is a dying interaction. We do so much of it over the phone and on computers that I think that we are all having a little more trouble understanding each other in person and aren’t making the connections that people did before all the technology. That brings me to the Chakra we will be covering next, the Heart Chakra and boy is it important! Stay tuned for that and if you have any questions please feel free to comment here, or on my Facebook Scotty The Nj Medium or on Twitter @scottynjmed or on Instagram Scotty The Nj Medium.

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My Journey, Your Journey

Sitting in the dark at 3am in the parking lot of one of the most haunted locations on the Eastern Seaboard, that is where I am typing this next installment. You may have heard of it, “The Spy House” is how it is affectionately known to the locals and is known by its proper name The Wilson-Seabrook home. Searching for it by the latter you will find a rich history of stories about paranormal pirates, widows and sea Captains, even a few children that have not moved on from this small paradise on the Jersey Shore. The rear of the Spy House overlooks the NY Harbor and has a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline, the twinkling lights from the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building can be seen towering over the rest of the giants that make up beautiful City that is New York.

Here in this quiet unassuming lot next to the house where my paranormal journey started is the perfect place to write to you about where my life is now. I first had come across a small boy named Mathew here at the Spy House, he showed me a closet with several toys in it while I was on a tour with my family, I was about 4 years old. My mom was surprised that I had found any toys in such an old home, turned museum. She asked where I got it and I told her that Mathew had shown me where they were. The curator of the museum heard our conversation and laughed, she knew that Mathew was a resident spirit and my mom was in for a shock. After several instances like this one in other not so haunted locations I was asked by my parents to tone it down, you know speaking to spirits, not everyone liked that I could do it. I didn’t know that it was creepy or scary, I just liked speaking to the people who I met.

Many years past with some hiccups along the way, I was happy that the occurences had dwindled to almost nothing and that I was able to live a life where the dead weren’t coming to me anymore, save the rare occasion of running into an Earthbound spirit. I noticed that during times of sickness like a severe cold or having the flu I would have more contact than I’d like with those who wanted to speak to me, and typically I shrugged them off. I also could not ignore them during times of stress in my life. They would usually have no trouble at all coming to speak to me, my defenses were weak and I was vulnerable. I had a heck of a bad time in life around 2008 to 2010 and that is when things came back with a fury, as if someone unkinked the hose and released all the water pressure that had been building up. GOOOOOSH! Spirits everywhere!

I did my best to try to ignore it but I was unable, fighting the current became tiresome and was leading to depression and truly affecting who I was. I decided that it was time to embrace who I was and made a decision that has ultimately led me here, so far. I wasn’t calling myself anything at all just yet though, no medium, no psychic no gifted, nothing. I had to go on a journey about harnessing and understanding who I was and what it was that I was doing. Speaking to the dead you know, saying it to other people out loud can make you sound a little crazy. I stuck to being very coy about what I was doing, who I was speaking to and what they were telling me, there were times I should have passed a message but didn’t and that still bothers me.

As I look back was selfish but I wasn’t aware then that when I spoke for the departed I would have God to run his love through the message and protect me from ridicule. I know this now, and I have learned because I have opened my heart to the fact that God does watch over me and does provide me with the gift to speak on behalf of those who can not communicate with loved ones any more. I am not special though, the longer I do this and more often I do it the more I realize that this gift is in each one of us, most just need to open up to it and let it flow. I have been in love and I have been angry and upset and all of the other emotions we feel during our time as human beings but there is a feeling that I only feel when I communicate for the deceased and that is Gods Love.

I don’t preach any religion here and I would never try to, nor will I ever tell you what is right or wrong for you. I have said before I am a Catholic and so I believe in God, but you believe in what you believe in. Make sure that it is something or someone who is filled with compassion and love and make sure that they want the best for you and your neighbors. This divine being and idea is what God is, and God grants us the light down the path to spread love and hope and help others to the light. As a medium I try to bring light to a path for others to follow, I cannot walk them down the path, just show them the way to it and give them some tools, which is what I do here. It is up to each of us to take the path we feel is right for us and use the tools we are handed to complete our journey.

I am not a great athlete or great at academics, I am however very naturally gifted in mediumship. I have a natural talent for what I do and I have found that it makes me happy to use my talent to help others. I have found myself on a path to do readings for others, teach how to develop this skill for others and be apart of paranormal investigations to help those conflicted with spirits in their homes. This is a snapshot of where I am today, and ten days from now or ten years from now the picture can and probably will be completely different. I welcome that because staying the same does not bring development, it’s the opposite of what we all want in life. I am sure that if you are here reading this that you feel the same and are looking to take the next step in developing yourself, and that can be in more than just your psychic skills. I would like to think that you want to develop in all areas of your life, whatever that may be.

I am at a point now that I am learning from others further along in their journey and development and am thirsty for more all of the time. I am not only learning through books and blogs and speaking with other Mediums but also through doing. I encourage doing as much as you can, it is all practice. I would say that this is one area that you should take small steps into a few directions to see where you are most comfortable. Are you good with doing Psychic readings and doing love life predictions, Mediumship speaking to the deceased or maybe you are better as a Medium investigating haunted areas. You won’t know what you are best at until you try, and that is the whole point of this site. I want you to get out there and try a little of everything.

I have Tarot cards I like to use every once in a while and rune stones I have tried a few times. I have a few pendulums that I use to speak to my inner self and I know I am comfortable with it because I tried it, and decided I like it. I know that I am pretty good on Paranormal Investigations because I do them, this also happens to come in handy when I am out and about in life because I know when I am speaking to an earthbound spirit versus someone who has crossed. I wouldn’t have known that unless I had been trying both types of Mediumship. I know that I am not very strong in the area of Love Life kind of things. I can see the people who I think belong together and describe them but I have no idea how to tell someone to go about meeting them or how to speak to them. Maybe some day I’ll figure it out.

Another avenue that you may want to try is healing through spiritual work. Doing energy healings for others may be your calling. I think later on another post I may go in-depth about this because it is very interesting to me and something I will be trying in the future. Some people just know that they should be doing it and some have to fall into it. I am going to push my way into it! I hope that it goes well but I won’t know until I get into it, and I am going to start with finding people who already practice it and I will read about it and watch many hours of video about it, just like I hope you are doing the same with all that you are pursing. Immerse yourself!

So that is where I am in this journey and there are many other ventures that I am getting into, including teaching classes about the paranormal and Mediumship, starting a business and continuing to build my family. All things I have never done but am getting into, I hope that if you have been reading my posts and following along that you can take some of what I say and put it into action. See you on the next one when we will both be further along in our journeys!


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Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I have been very busy! I have been writing a Paranormal Class that I will be teaching with my group as well as investigating with them and that is a task in of its self. I also have been keeping busy with doing readings and doing my best to practice what I preach, so meditations and making sure that I am practicing connecting with Spirit.

I’d like to go on a bit about validation, it is very important. It’s important to us on every level in just about everything we do. If you do a good job at work it’s nice when the boss says good job and when you are holding the house together and your spouse tells you they appreciate it you get a sense that what you are doing matters. When they tell you that you are doing good and give a specific reason or example it feels even better, it means they are really paying attention. Often times we don’t get that in life unfortunately, even when we go above and beyond it may go unnoticed. What happens when our hard work goes without notice? Well if you are like me then you stop trying so hard. That isn’t the right attitude but come on, why go the extra mile when no one is going to validate it for you? With a psychic reading it is very similar and it isn’t at all.

When I do a reading for someone I want it to be the best experience for them that they can have, I always do my best to concentrate and really dig when Spirit is giving me half answers and obscure references to work with. I have found that sometimes those obscure refrences are actually very detailed and very important and I am sure I have said this before that it is key for you to trust your instinct and say exactly what is on your mind. I recently did a reading and prior to going I really wanted to call ahead and tell the client to light candles, not something I normally would do, and I blew it! I didn’t call and at the end of the reading the gentleman picked up some home-made candles and said that he had hoped his deceased mother would have mentioned them because they were in her glass pudding cups. I couldn’t believe it! I told him about wanting to call and we both laughed about it, I of course am upset because that isn’t what I tell everyone else to do. Follow your instincts!

During the same reading I had a Spirit come to me, well many of them it was like a party with how many relatives were showing up to speak to their living family. Anyway, I got the name Anthony or Tony and I received and image of an old 50’s style refrigerator and on the side of it was a magnet that said either “Sal’s” or “Salvators Pizza.” No one at the table connected to the name but I wrote it down, I was listening to my gut. After the reading I received a call from a man who was at the table and he had just hung up the phone with his mother. Her Brother, Tony worked at a pizzeria in the Bronx called Sal’s and they had a refrigerator just like I described in thier family kitchen. So this man had an uncle that passed from a car accident many years ago and he came through to say hello!

In the same reading I was shown a drawing of a house where my client grew up and as I was looking at the drawing I could see a fire, and I asked about it. Sure enough there was a fire there and no one knew who started it. Then I got the name “Al” and asked about that, turns out that the person who purchased the home is named “Hal.” Why did I give you all of these examples? I gave them to you to show that in a reading you will get the validation if you put what you get out there and even when you don’t think you are going to get it you probably will!

I have learned that it is important to give out all of the information that you get because the reading is not for you, it is for the Spirit and the person in front of you. When you give everything that you can to the best of your ability then you will get a greater return on validation. When you get a greater return on validation you will become a better reader. If you get symbols that you don’t understand say what you see and let the person you are sitting with decide what that means, then for next time you have a better idea. For instance, when I see palm trees that means a warm climate place to me like California or Florida. I wouldn’t know that unless I had said it a few time and had someone validate it for me, now I know and can get a better reading done when I sit down. That is what you are looking to do and why validation is important doing this.

What happens if you come to a stale mate and are not getting anywhere? Well I have had this happen to me and it is ok to try to reset and refocus. If you aren’t receiving anything it is ok to say so and let the person you are doing the reading for know that. See if there is anyone else they would like to contact or try and give them a different kind of reading, the Universe may be telling you to that they need something else besides what you are trying to provide. What you do is up to you, just make sure that you are being honest and genuine.

Back to the validation, it is going to come and inspire you to be better at reading and it is going to move you forward faster every time you get it. I started with a reading that was so spot on that I could not believe that the client was lying to me to make me feel better. After that for a while the readings weren’t as clear, that was ok because it made me have try harder and develop my abilities. The validation from that reading however made me realize that I had this gift and that it was important to use it to help people.

A quick recap, what you see make sure you say. The worst thing that could happen is you are wrong. If validation isn’t immediate don’t worry it will come. The more you are validated the better you will become. The better you are the more confident you will be and the better all of your other endeavours will be. Don’t be afraid to be wrong! Make sure you are meditating and make sure that you are practicing! Don’t write anything off because anything is possible!



Voice Recorders and EVP



Hey there! Welcome to our second installment of Paranormal Corner, today I am writing about the Voice Recorder and capturing EVP’s. You have definitely seen recorders used if you watch any paranormal shows. It’s a small black or silver device that fits in your hand and simply records your voice during your investigation.

Lets start with the history of this and what it is used for. So, we start with the fact that years ago this little machine that fits in our hands used to be about 10 pounds and have to sit on a table with a separate microphone and two reels or spools of “tape” that recorded what was happening around it. The machine was expensive and so was the tape that you needed to recorded it, there was no enhancing what you recorded either, you got what you got unless you were an audio engineer. So imagine having to lug this machine around from room to room and having to set it up every time you were ready to record. I would say that you would have to be a dedicated investigator to do that, like Ed and Loraine Warran who you can look up and see lots of photos with them using that exact device.

Today the voice recording technology fits in your hand and can be run continuously for hours at a time without stopping. You can even take out your smart phone and use the application that it most likely came with to record during your investigations. I personally recommend against that if you can, mostly because cell phones send and receive information in such a way that it can give false results to other equipment around it, such as an EMF meter. In a pinch its ok though, if you are in a room and hearing a voice with no recorder break out that smart phone and start recording!

What kind of recorder is best for you? I would say that depends on how often you investigate and your budget. Our team uses a small array of different recorders and they all cost between forty and sixty dollars. Prior to me joining the team they had some expensive recorders, about two hundred dollars or so each and they got away from them due to difficult operation and the super sensitivity of the microphone being used. In paranormal investigations we use things that were intended for other purposes for capturing evidence of possible huntings. I would recommend that if you are a novice investigator get a less expensive recorder, they can be purchased online or in a store. I recommend they have quick shipping and lots of reviews for the products they sell. I will provide a link to the exact recorder that i prefer using.

When you start investigating it is important to use the right tool for the job! Of course we rely heavily on cameras because seeing is believing and evidence on video is almost irrefutable. Not every haunting though has claims of seeing apparitions or shadows or having objects move, sometimes people just experience hearing phenomenon. For that we would go into the situation with a voice recorder to try to capture an EVP, Electronic Voice phenomenon. EVP’s are believed to be a spirit communicating through speech that we can record on a digital or analog device. Going back to years ago an investigator would have to use the reel tapes and record and then rewind the tapes and go over it with headphones in complete silence. Now we have the luxury of digital, record, review and determine! Right on the spot!

That brings us to the next part of this little lesson. The different ways to implement our recorders. First and probably the most cumbersome way to use the recorders is to leave them in a room unattended and running throughout the investigation. This is not the best method, it leaves room for contamination and perhaps getting false evidence. If you have a small team and know that you will not have cross contamination this is an ok method. The second method is to have a recorder with you and activate it only while you are asking questions, this is called conducting an “EVP session.” This will cut down review time and also lets you immediately review it after asking several questions. This method is a great way to conduct this part of the investigation because you can hear potential answers to your questions and can help further your investigation along in real-time. Another way I recently heard someone suggest is to have a recorder for every room and label it with the date and room it is in. The recorder should stay in that room the entire investigation and it can be used and activated by anyone who is in that room. This is a good idea, it can help you keep organized after the investigation wraps up.

A little more advanced way to use the recorders for EVP sessions is to keep one rolling in the room you are in and have a second one that you can do immediate review on. This way you have twice as good a chance of capturing evidence and have a good back up if you capture something. Sometimes a voice is heard on one recorder and not another and I have even found that sometimes the voice at the same time has said two different things at the same time, this is a discussion for another time but I wanted to let you know that it is something that happens. Remember that if you only have one recorder that is ok, I understand that equipment is expensive and you need to build your inventory slowly.

We find that while using recorders, even the less expensive ones it is important to state out loud if you hear something because the recorder does pick it up. This goes for bodily functions as well, especially a hungry belly growling for a Big Mac. A rumble from your stomach can sound like an angry spirit on your recorder, even like people talking sometimes. Make sure that you say nice and loud for the recorder if your stomach rumbled. The next thing is that if you hear tapping, scraping or dragging you mention it. If you hear footsteps or anything that is not explainable around you say it out loud for the recorder, this will aid in your review in helping not wonder what you are hearing. The most important rule I find to follow is to make sure that you and your team do not whisper while talking, you do not want to hear your conversation in a whisper and think it is paranormal. This is important because many EVP’s are whispery and low, unless you get a really nice one.

This brings up classification of EVP recordings. It is pretty well accepted that their are three grades of EVP: Class A is completely audible and understandable and many times a direct response to something an investigator has asked or said. Class B a little scratchy and can be talking or an unexplained noise. Class c is an unexplained noise and generally is not that clear. Anything under C should be filed away and not forgotten. You may capture something better that sounds similar and it will be good to have something to compare it to.

Next is the review! After capturing your evidence it is important to do a slow a deliberate review. Make sure to use headphones, if you are reviewing on the spot it is ok to listen to the recording over the built-in speaker but this is usually not the best method as it sounds very scratchy. After capturing anything that you perceive as evidence you should mark the times you heard it at, write down what you think it is or what it is saying and then transfer the evidence to a computer for storage. After you have done that bring your evidence to someone else and give them the times of the evidence without telling them what you think you have heard. Let them come to a conclusion and tell you what they think they have heard and then compare notes.


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this little lesson and can put it to use on your next or first investigation! If you have any questions of course you can contact me here at or on Instagram at Scotty The NJ Medium and heck even over on Twitter @scottynjmed Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing my next lesson on night vision cameras!


Dreams and Premontions

What may the future hold, for any of us? With the turbulent times we live in it is tough to predict what’s going to happen day to day let alone a week from now or a year and especially years from now. Sometime though we get a glimpse into the future and it could be any time ahead of us, seconds, minutes, hours and sometimes even days. The notion can come in form of a day dream or night dream and it can be so vivid we believe that it has happened already and we have just recalled a memory. These sometimes are called premonitions. A look into the future of our own lives or other people’s lives. I myself have had many premonition dreams and have had gut feelings about my life that I have acted on. For example I was about fourteen and I had a dream about my parents being in a car accident where neither of them survived. I told my mom and had begged them not to be in the same car for at least a week. My mom knew that I had some sort of gift and she was able to convince my not so believing dad into the idea of separate cars for a bit. Nothing ever came of the dream and both of my parents are still alive and well, I’ll never know if they just avoided fate by listening to me or if it was never in the stars.

Think back now, think back to a time when you had a dream or a feeling and acted on it. What did you do? What was the outcome? Recently I was contacted by a gentleman I did a reading for who had a story for me. He told me that he had a dream that he was in a cemetery standing over a body wrapped in a sheet and on the forehead of the body was a name, Gregory. (Name changed for privacy) My client woke up and sent a text to his friend and co-worker, Gregory. He told Gregory about the dream, to which he was replied “ok.” Gregory was late to work that day by about 2 hours. He explained that he was up with his sick children and wife and had no sleep at all and had felt that if he drove he would fall asleep at the wheel. Gregory changed his mind and decided to get some rest before driving thanks to the text message. So a life could have been potentially saved due to someone listening to that premonition dream. Even at the risk of sounding crazy an adult man sent a message that could have been a lifesaving due to a dream and that is fantastic.

To add to that story and just to illustrate how we are all truly connected I will give you a little side story. As I have said before I am a paranormal investigator and help out anyone I can in any way that I can, sometimes I receive photos to analyze and they are sent from all over the United States. My partner Patrick forwarded me a photo of a man and woman in a cemetery standing over a headstone with a strange white mist in the background of the photo. I didn’t think much of the mist but did pick up on some details of the photo. Now this happened about two days prior to the story above, I saw the name Gregory, then I saw a car accident and felt pain in my upper right leg. I saw in the same person death linked to another health issue and also that someone was shot. I sent the info back to Patrick who got back in touch with the sender of the photo. She said she was visiting her brother who was in a motorcycle accident and broke his femur (upper leg) and found that he had a heart condition which he later passed from. He was buried next to their cousin who was shot to death. They did not connect Gregory to anyone. It wasn’t until two days later that I found out why, Gregory was in need of some guidance which he got.

There are many stories like this all around the world and the reason I decided to take some time out and write about it is because I wanted anyone who read this to be aware that it is important to pay attention to premonitions and dreams and always your intuition. I know you have heard to always go with your gut, this is just a little story to help you understand that doing just that can be a major factor in someone else life, not just your own. I’d not be doing anyone any favors if I didn’t say that you can’t always change the course of events about to unfold and that is ok.

I couldn’t say why we sometimes get information and cannot do anything with it, I once did a meditation and saw my sister’s car and it had bandages around the tires. I couldn’t get in touch with her so I called my mom and told her to tell my sister to watch out for a flat tire and my mom laughed, I was a day late. She had a flat tire the day before. So who knows why we get some things, even up to really major events. I had a dream of a terror attack in a city near a big river, I didn’t know where it was really or what I could do about it but a few days later Chattanooga TN had an attack happen. I felt bad but I didn’t know he whole story and could not have prevented it, I just knew it was going to happen in a certain setting. In another example I had a woman come to me and she told me she was “abuela.” She was in a white gown and had a mint green wrap around her shoulders. I went to work and spoke to someone who I thought the message was for, I asked him if he had a grandmother with a “Lu” type of name. He told me that he had a neighbor who was like a grandmother growing up and her name was Lucy. He also told me she was alive but on hospice care. A few days later he called me after her wake and told me there was a photo on a board where Lucy was with all her grandkids and the boarder of the photo was mint green.

We are all connected one way or another and we can change people’s lives when we listen to our instincts and pay attention to the signs and promotions. How can we train ourselves to be more aware of when to act? Start by acting on the small things and keep doing the meditations I have given you. Keep being peaceful and wanting a stronger and better connection with the living and with spirit. You can and will influence others once you have yourself better in tune.
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Third Eye Chakra

Hello again! Thanks for coming back! This next post is about the Third Eye Chakra and I’m going to do my best to keep it simple and informative. The third eye is one of the most mystic parts of our spiritual selves and it is one of the most useful, in my opinion. It is located right in the middle of our foreheads just above our eyeline. Did you read my post about the third eye yet? If you did that last bit is old news, if not go back and check it out! Lots of good info there I won’t be going back over, we need to move forward!

Have you ever used your imagination? Have you ever pictured a story playing out in your head like a movie? Have you ever looked at a room in front of you and pictured it as it was 20 years ago? If you have answered yes to any of that then it is very likely that you have activated your Third Eye Chakra! I always thought that everyone around me processed information like I did in my head and found out that it simply wasn’t true. Not everyone can see things as clearly as I could, when I thought of something I’d get a full detailed description like a photo someone placed into my head. If that sounds familiar than you are on the right track.

The Chakra that is your energy basis for the third eye is extremely potent. It is what gives you that other worldly view and provides insite through vivid photos in your mind. It is important to recognize it when training yourself to be more open to pshycic abilities and using it as a Medium. The more focused you become on the Third Eye the more powerful it becomes. Like any other part of your body it needs a work out and if you’ve read my previous post about this topic you hopefully have been practicing the techniques I explained, if not please go back and learn them!

Let’s talk about how this works and how you can apply it. For me, I will receive an image and let’s say it’s a lawnmower. If I am doing a reading and connecting to someone’s passed loved one I would explain I could see a lawnmower and hopefully the person in front of me will know what that means in relation to the spirit. If I am doing an investigation I will document that I see the lawnmower and hopefully it will mean something later. If I am carrying out day to day activities and a lawnmower pops into my head I would take note of it and ask myself why I am seeing it, later on it could mean something.

After learning to pay attention to the Third Eye you will unlock another world of information for yourself and others around you. If you see something in your mind write it down in a log book or journal. Pay attention if those images show up in your day to day life, these very well could be important messages for you or.someone that you love.

Beyond that, I can also make you aware that this is often the same method as to which spirits will show themselves. They will put an image of themselves in your head, in line with your Third Eye and make you see them. Don’t be afraid, write down what they look like, ask them to spell a name in front of you. Your ability to be comfortable with this Claire-ability will make you much more effective as a psychic and medium. Also, learning this and combining it your other gifts will help you paint a better picture and gain access to more information.

We will talk about the third eye more as I discuss other abilities. There are several visual based practices that rely on the Third Eye Chakra, such as Lucid Dream, Astral Projection and receiving Premonitions. Please go learn the techniques and meditations so that you can be prepared when we move on to the other fun activities we can perform using our Third Eye and it’s Chakra!

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