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Hey there, I hope you have read the topic line and used your intuition to determine what this next article is about. Yup that’s right! We are going to go over some basics of psychic abilities and cut the things that I feel are kind of nonsense. I am not even going to mention what I feel those are because the people who subscribe to them are amazing, but we just want to get into it without the frills and such. With that, much love to all of you who have taught me and still continue to guide me on my path.

The first thing I learned that was super important in regards to developing as a psychic was that it takes practice.  Wait a minute, what do you mean practice? I can’t just wake up and use my psychic abilities? Well I have good news, yes you can! It just takes practice and patients to develop into the best you can be. I major league pitcher doesn’t just wake up and throw 6 different kinds of pitches with accuracy without practice. How do we practice you may ask? The answer to that isn’t as mystic as you may think, I have several steps that are easy and require almost no effort. First off you need to meditate, second you have to breathe and third you have to focus. Want to know more? Of course you do! Keep reading!

Meditation to some of us is a crazy idea of sitting in a pose at the top of a mountain chanting or sitting in some dull colored room with incense burning cross legged in a robe.  Meditation could be either of those but who the heck has time for that? I certainly don’t, with family and a full time job and doing all the other things in life I enjoy I can’t go do those things so I figured a way to meditate that everyone can do. First things first, what is meditation and how does it relate to being psychic? Well for me meditation is an inward look at myself where I reflect and travel through my thoughts to a quiet place in my mind and set the intention on furthering my psychic abilities. Scott, you are losing me again, inward looking and reflecting and intentions? This is an easy concept to explain. An inward look at yourself is simple, who are you as a person? You probably already know who you are and this is just reaffirmation to it. Wonderful, now the reflection part, with the ease of your mind and your eyes closed look at your day and what you have accomplished, this is a great thing to do during meditation because it helps close your thoughts. Later on you can do this to look at events in your life and eventually your whole life, we will get there on a later date though. Once you have reflected and quieted down your mind and put your day to rest for now you can focus and that comes in the way of setting an intention.

This gets its own spot because it’s the most important part of the mediation. Setting an intention is the point of the whole exercise, its why we have done the inward look and the reflecting. When you sit down to meditate it is important to know what the goal is at the end, why have you decided to meditate. For me I meditate before I do readings or before I go to a location that has paranormal activity or pretty much before any bigger than usual psychic event that I am going to participate in. My intentions when I meditate are usually something like “I am going to better my intuition as to help someone in need.” Then during my meditation I repeat that to myself and this keeps me focused on being the best I can be.  Your intention can be anything you want it to be, to do better on tests or to be more helpful or to develop your intuition further, literally anything you want it to be. So far so good, I know you are still there and eager to learn more.

The next two parts of breathing and focusing are probably the easiest for everyone because they are things that we have been doing our entire lives. The breathing is super important to developing; I have heard it referred to by amazing psychics as the “key” to the ability. Is there a proper way to breath to activate your psychic abilities? Of course there is, that’s why I am going to tell you. First while you are still lift your arms above your head, seriously do it. While your hands are up take a super deep breath in through your nose and feel it go into your belly, then exhale. You will feel a super calm come over you and that’s when you know it is working. Do this a few times until you feel super relaxed and when you get good enough to know what that feels like you can stop lifting your hands up over your head. The next part is the focus, a movie looks awful on the screen when it’s out of focus and that’s how I want you to think of your abilities, out of focus. How do you fix it and focus? This to me is the easiest part and the most fun because this is a big part of the pay off.

When you are practicing using your abilities I want you to imagine a big movie screen in your mind. See it? There are curtains on the side and its big and silver and you cannot wait to see what is going to appear in front of you. Let’s use the setup of naming something that has happened in the day of the life of a house mate or someone you are with often. Don’t tell them that they are a practice subject just yet, I want you to focus on them and picture that movie screen in your mind and make sure it is blank. Let information flow and project up onto that screen, what do you see? When you see an image or words I want you to either write it down or remember it that way later you can ask them about the information you have received. I can guarantee that you will get some aspects correct and knock the person you are talking to through a loop and get them interested in how you knew what you knew. The more you practice this the better you will get and the more confident you will become. In the weeks to come I will talk much more about how to do all of these things and offer more techniques that apply to you and your everyday life. Until then remember to meditate with intentions, breath and focus!


Let’s get Psychic


Hello there and welcome to the first blog post of an exciting adventure! If you are reading this then you have stumbled upon what I hope will be one of the most relatable and most useful guides to developing and using your natural psychic abilities. Well, are you psychic? Yes, the answer is yes! We all are, but maybe we don’t all call it that or want to say it that way because that would mean we are one of “those weird” people at the mall doing crystal ball readings and wearing flowing robes. I find it so laughable because that’s the way I used to think of psychics and mediums, if you are a person of a certain age you may recall a movie called “Ghost” where Whoopie Goldberg spoke to the other side. I mean that was extreme but that’s the general idea I feel we all have of psychics. Truly this couldn’t be any further from the truth. We all have a gift, or as I have found we all have “intuition.” Now, that’s just a great word for saying “we know things.”

Well Scotty, what do we “know?” Great question and I am super glad you asked. When we are going through the motions of everyday life we get hunches and feelings and our guts get tied into knots. The really strong feelings are the ones we tend to hold onto and use, unfortunately they are usually the big emotions and feelings. We feel anger and sadness and happiness and they result in our ups and downs, day to day. Well that is not news is it? Nope, not one bit and you already knew that. What you don’t know is that there are little things you pick up, little vibrations in your life that you do pick up on and either ignore or act on. I will use an easy example that most of us can relate to: On your way to work or school or any other place you travel to frequently a small idea pops into your brain, your train of thought for a millisecond is thrown off and inner dialogue happens “Left or right, I usually go left because its faster but today right seems like a better idea. Why do I even think that? Whatever…” and the choice is made. If you listened to that little voice, your intuition and went right you avoided a major delay which you didn’t know about because it wasn’t broadcast or talked about, you just knew.

That’s the smallest example of “knowing” and some other big ones that you may know probably come from friends and family that start with  stories of a passed loved one or relative when talking about them. “ I just knew I had to get home because he had passed, no one believed me but I just had this overwhelming feeling.” I know that you have heard this similar scenario or have lived it yourself, that’s the vibration of the universe tapping into your own energy and giving you a hint. Whoa Scott, slow down, you had me this whole time but now you are talking like one of those flowing robe crystal ball gazers. Ok, I got it and I understand. Vibrations and tapping into energy? Come on! Let me explain something very basic as I understand it, I am not a Doctor and have no medical training but I know that it is a fact that our bodies and brains run off of an electrical current. Its science and you can look it up, go ahead and google it. Welcome back, lets continue. So we have this electrical system that runs through our bodies and it helps carry information from our extremities to our brains for analysis. We touch things that are hot and our brains relay the information to drop it before we get burned. Easy stuff right? Yeah super easy and we know its there because we have all experienced that or something similar.

My pitch to you is to come along on this next part, our intuition and feelings are influenced in the same way but by energy or vibrations that we cannot see. We just feel it. Have you ever seen love or sadness, no you’ve seen the effects. Those are truly  powerful expressions of psychic abilities and the easiest for me to explain. I know you are still with me, so let’s go. A subtle version of this is when we meet someone for the first time or perhaps when we are around a person we spend time with often and know what mood they are in.  With a new person your intuition may be telling you to stay on guard with them or that they are keeping to themselves and not expressing fully who they are to you. Maybe you got the “creepy” feeling upon meeting them and later find you were right. When you are with someone who you spend time with and have a relationship with you may pick up on the mood they are in before you even see them, or you do see them and know immediately that they are happy or sad.  That’s it! That is the basic of being psychic, and if that’s where you are and want to develop further than you are in the right spot and I can’t wait to get started!

Here at I am going to be offering a vast amount of free information and great tools to help you develop your skills from basic to advanced! We can bring this as far as you want to go. I will offer a weekly blog with my life and how I use my own abilities day to day and how it has made my life better than it ever was when I was ignoring it. Also there will be a podcast featuring myself and guests, talking about all things psychic and paranormal, with book reviews and product reviews on everything I use as a psychic medium. There will be a forum starting where we can all get together and practice with no judgment and share experiences plus a great Facebook page that is linked so that we can all get together day to day and see what everyone is up to. All in all I want this to be a great learning tool and safe place for all of us, myself included because I still have lots of learning to do and look forward to connecting to you all!