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Guarding Against Attacks! Part 2

Welcome back everyone! Glad you hung in there for the last part of this series where we talk about guarding ourselves against attacks from the Spirit world. We have talked about physical and Spiritual attacks now lets move onto the emotional and psychic attacks. These to me are the hardest to defend against and also the ones that have affected me the most growing up and kind of not knowing any better. Like I said before, I didn’t have anyone to guide me or give me advice and there was no Internet to look to so I just had to wing it and use the resources that were available. I’d like to think that you have found this early on and it is the resource you have been looking for. I took a while to write this because I was waiting for something and I wasn’t sure what it was, I have had lots of examples of how these attacks have affected my life and how they influenced me but I didn’t have any good examples of anyone else. Well recently on my Instagram someone sent me a message and told me a story, the person will not be named but I’m going to tell the story and explain how they fit our topic today.

So this person was admittedly a bit sensitive to the spirit world and has pretty good knowledge of the things they are dealing with but still had questions and needed some answers as to why things were happening to them. They said that they went to a house in the woods that was abandoned and walked around it for a bit. As they did they began to have images implanted into their head and felt that the house or something in the house was calling to them. The person also said that they felt warm and good like a loving feeling coming from the house and they felt invited. Then they explained that they felt tired after the experience and that since they had left all they wanted to do was go back, and that they could not understand the obsession. Although they were tired after the first visit they went back but this time the energy was off and felt bad to them. This is where we are going to break this down and I will explain some things about experiences like this one and others like it.

When this person went to the house they did not intend to have something call to them, and they certainly did not think they would have a psychic experience. Did they have a psychic expierience? They sure did. Some energy put images into the person’s head, what they were I am not sure of but that isn’t the point right now, the point is that there was no permission given for this to happen. I would equate this to the person at the perfume desk spraying you with the latest stinky perfume without you saying ok first. You didn’t ask for it and now it is going to be stuck on you all day. As a psychic I would call this an imprint. The energy there made an imprint on the living person to get attention. After that the person felt a good warm feeling, well we all like feeling loved right? Sure, it is really nice to feel that way and have that warm fuzzy feeling. Well I doubt we would like it much of a stranger gave us a big hug and told us that it was out of love. We would know that something is up and we would most likely do something to remove ourselves from the situation. Now what about the next part, our friend has left the area and cannot shake the feeling of being drawn back even though they left tired from house. (Did you read about cutting cords yet in my earlier blog?) So the imprint is so strong that we want to go back and we do, well this time we should know that we need to be protected because whatever is there has already done a number on us. So the person shows back up and the energy there has changed and everything feels off. There is no longer a loving feeling, now it is more fear based and perhaps adding to some feelings of depression. The entity has had you come back and is just taking from your life force to strengthen itself and that sounds like something from a horror movie! What are we going to do?

First things first! Recognize a psychic attack! Ok this isn’t just for mediums or ghost hunters, this is for everyone. If you are not diagnosed with a mental disorder and have lived a life free of major mental illnesses then it is ok to keep reading and just understand that these things happen to everyone. In the world there are energies, some are imprints on places people or things, some are intelligent energies and they know exactly what they are doing. Sounds a bit sinister and sometimes it can be but it isn’t always. In the case of our friend we do not know where this house is geographically located and we do not know the history. We just know it is an old house in the woods and no one lives there. Lots of times we know everything about our surroundings and that makes it easier to identify what is happening to us. I would say that if you are ever out, or investigating and have not given an entity or energy the permission to access you mind and they have that you leave. It is important to remove yourself from harm. Once they have access to your mind they have accessed your Chakra system and will manipulate you the way you feel in order to meet the goal they have set out to reach. This means that if you are seeing a vision of a child in your mind and you know it is no one you know you should remove yourself from the space. Practice cutting your energy cord at that moment to disconnect from the energy you have come in contact with. The next step from images in your mind is to invoke feelings about them which is a manipulation of your Heart Chakra. This is one of the most powerful spiritual centers of our bodies. Next will come your Base Chakra rooting you to the location, leaving you feeling that you want to come back.

Scott! That is so much and sounds like you are trying to scare me! I assure you that I don’t want to scare you, just educate you and give you good examples of how these things work with a recent example of someone just like you. So what should you do to protect yourself from these attacks, is there anything you can do against a psychic attack? Heck Yeah! First you have to recognize it like I said above. Remove yourself as quickly as you can from it and then cut your energy cord. This really goes back to a good meditation technique that you should be practicing. Once you have done that you should consider not going back to the area without someone with more experience than you to navigate the area. You see that there is a very big connection with a psychic attack and emotion attack. They go hand in hand, if not handled correctly you could end up going down a bad path spiritually and emotionally.

Quickly here is the worst psychic attack I have faced: I was about 20 years old and doing labor as an electricians assistant. It was a hot day in the summer and we had been working in a laundromat doing wiring. The boss asked me to go to the basement to check the wires under the machines to make sure they were ok and didn’t need service. I didn’t give it a second thought, I went down the steps and started checking the wires. I was down in the basement for about five minutes and then it hit me, the most violent disgusting images I had ever seen in my life were flashing before my eyes. Making me sick and disoriented I stumbled to the steps and made my way out of the basement. I told the boss that I would not go back down because I felt sick, I did not disclose the rest of what had happened. This was a sharp and very intentional attack against me and I had no idea what it was until years later, now I know. That entity did not want me in its space and pushed me right out. Has anything like that every happened to you?

What is the emotional toll after an attack? Well often times people feel grief and sadness and can often be led to feel depressed. It can leed to shortness of temper and a very dark outlook on life. Sounds familiar right? Kind of like being on drugs or being an alcoholic. The symptoms sometimes appear to be the same and with good reason. That energy has imprinted on you and has made you feel as though it needs to be apart of your life so that you feel whole. Meanwhile this is the ploy to keep you coming back and feeding it. I find this to be common with Paranormal Investigators. I have even heard them say things like “I can’t wait to go back, I can’t get enough of that place.” Yeah you can, please realize it. Places are haunted for a reason, something has decided that it is going to be in a place for a reason, think of it like a fisherman knowing the sweet spot in the lake. Same thing, they know where to be to feed and fuel their own energy through you. Again this is for education like all my posts, I am not trying to scare you.

This post is closer to home for me so I have tried to make it a little longer and more in detail. I would also like to say that you can find protection in medallions and in crystals. I will go more into that at another time. I just wanted to get this part of the series done and out there because people do need it and I want to help as many of you as I can. Thanks very much for reading and I promise there will be more. As I become more educated in this subject and as I hear more stories I will post them. The more we know the better we can help each other. Please go give my Facebook a like Scotty The NJ medium, twitter @scottynjmedium and Instagram scottythenjmedium

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you! Questions and comments are welcome always!



Taking the mystery out of Chakras. The Crown Chakra

So I am sure that if you have done any browsing and reading you have come across the word “chakra” and maybe have had a few questions and not too many really clear answers. Well I am going to do my best to give you clear answers and make it as simple as I can so that you learn to utilize your Chakras. So I plan on doing one at a time and I will describe the location, the color associated with it and what each Chakra is intended for. I will end the series with how important they are to use together and when it is a good time to activate them plus some exercises along the way to get them going! Ready?

We are going from top to bottom and that means we are going to start with the Crown Chakra, can you guess where that is? If you guessed on top of your head then we are to a good start. I will start by telling you how I came to even get involved with Chakras and how I was using them and not understanding what they were. When I would get a message from Spirit i would get a substantial amount of pressure on top of my head, so much that I would feel like I was wearing a ball cap or had sunglasses pressed down on top of my head. I had no idea that this was a Chakra at work, it wasn’t until much later that I realized what it was and that was due to lots of research and reading and watching endless youtube videos. Now, do you ever feel that? If you don’t that’s ok because I am going to give you a simple tip to help you focus on it. Then we can talk about how important it is to use and what it does. Ready for you first excercise?

YES YOU ARE! This ones easy, find a ball cap or a  sweat band or anything else you can put on top of your head that we can adjust to be a little tighter than it is comfortable. (Make sure the placement isn’t down low over your forehead, it should be higher than midway of your forehead.) If you can’t run get one right now that is ok, you can do it later. When you put the hat on I want you to adjust it just one click tighter than you usually wear it, once you’ve done that we can start on the focus and intention. Let’s get our focus on! Ok, so you have something on your head and it should be a little tight, not cut off circulation tight. Once that is done I want you to take a few breaths and close your eyes. Once you have done that go ahead and go through your relaxing method, whatever it is that you do before a meditation to release the tension you hold in your body, if you don’t have one and you have started here please go back and read my post about the The Third eye and learn that meditation. Once you have become relaxed you should really be paying attention to the pressure on your head, it is probably hard to focus with that pressure up there right? Yup it is! Now ask yourself, is that a familiar feeling that pressure or is it new? If it’s familiar and you don’t have any medical issues then you have been feeling pressure on your Crown Chakra for a while, and if it is new then you now know what it feels like! Yes! This is what it feels like to have pressure on your Crown Chakra, it can get to the point of having headaches or even neck aches because you are backed up, so to speak.

Now, this is not going to be something that happens over night if you haven’t felt it before. I promise though you will begin to feel it if you practice. The point is to wear the hat and become comfortable getting to know the feeling and understanding that your Crown Chakra is very powerful. I would say to do this at least once a day, maybe while you are watching TV or scrolling through your Instagram on the couch. Just put on the hat and remember what that feels like, this way when you start to feel it and you aren’t wearing the hat you know that your Crown is opening to new information! Seriously, it is going to feel strange when you feel the pressure and start feeling the top of your head to see if you put a hat on or left glasses there and forgot. Now another good indication that you have been activating your Crown Chakra is that you get a tingle on the top of your scalp, it is a tickle but it is absolutely an indication that your hard work is paying off. Please do not be frustrated if this takes a little while, we are here to learn and practice!

All right so we have the first part down, you have learned to focus on the Crown Chakra. Now you may be asking yourself “What does this Chakra do?” and you would be right to ask because you’ve worked hard to start feeling it! The list of what the Crown Chakra does goes on and on, we are going to talk about a few of them and keep it simple then we will talk about setting intentions and making it work for you! What does it do? Well let’s start with the color associated with it, and that color is violet or purple. There is a meaning behind the color and I suggest you go look it up, I don’t want to go into it here because there is so much and it will take away from what we are doing, ok. This Chakra is obviously located on the top of your head and that is why we did the hat thing and focused up there. Now when you are trying to take in new things your Crown Chakra is like the open top part of a bucket, it is where all the spiritual knowledge goes. It pores in the top and then gets filtered down to all the other Chakras along the path. It is the first stop for the information you receive from the Universe or Spirit and even when you meet someone, and let me be clear this is not a physical act that the brain is completing. This is part of your Spirit Body doing what it was intended to do, take in information from the Universe and help you navigate life. Your Crown is also the spot that Light is taken in, whether you know it or not this is where your Spiritual energy is taken in from. That is why when we do meditations we imagine the light flowing from the top to the bottom, not because of gravity or any other reason. Plain and simple, the Crown is the starting point! Some time in the future we may go into other things that the Crown is for but lets just leave it with these two things and set some intentions to get them going!

The first intention we can set is one that you have already been doing if you have been doing meditations, letting the energy flow in and down to cleanse yourself and help relax your body. So this intention is fairly simple and even if you aren’t set to meditate and need a pick me up I want you to try this: Close your eyes (don’t do this if you are driving or doing something else of that nature!) and look up. Focus on the pressure that you have felt with the hat, when you remember what that feels like go ahead and relax your eyes. Take a deep breath and think of the golden ball of light over your head, have it turn into liquid and pour right over your head. Say this either out loud or in your head “The light is energy and it renews me.” That easy! After you practice it a few times and get used to it you will be doing it all day and not even realizing it! That is the first intention, renewing your energy and that is because you cannot do anything else if you are tired! Ready for the second intention? Keep reading!

The second intention goes like this: Do the same thing you did for the first intention up to the point of having the gold ball of light over your head. This time instead of the light turning to liquid and pouring I want you to imagine you have a bright purple, way to big crown on top of your head and that ball of light is hovering right above it. Now, you need to tell that light that it is going to be all of the thoughts and ideas of the things you are intended to know at this moment. Say this “Please be the inspiration and information that I want and deserve.” Now let the ball fall into your crown. What has come to you? Write down or draw what you feel or have seen, describe it and do not hold back because that is doubt and doubt has no place here! Do not be surprised at what comes to you, even if what you write or draw makes no sense that is ok, because once we get better at this things will be better. Imagine you are at the eye Doctor and they are doing that thing with all the lenses and you have to figure what lens helps you see best. Things will come into focus, we just need to keep coming back and practicing! So your second intention is one that will help leed to wisdom and spiritual enlightenment and that is where we want to go!

Use intention number one all day, it is great practice and will keep you feeling great! Use intention number two anytime you are feeling stuck or are going to attempt to do some psychic work, heck use it for inspiration writing or making music. There is no limit! Be creative and let me know how it goes! Write to me here, through email or over at my Instagram scottythenjmedium. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and leave me some feedback please! Feel free to ask questions and I will answer you best to my knowledge and if I don’t know the answer I will find it for you! Our next Chakra will be the The Third Eye, which we kind of covered but I will go more in-depth and explain how it works in conjunction with the Crown and how it helps with the other Chakras. At the end of the series we will go over all the crystals that are associated with these Chakras and how they help amplify the effects. Stay tuned! Thanks again!



It’s Not Just You!

“I know something is different about me, I’m just not sure what it is.”

” I think everyone experiences the things i do. Why do they say they don’t? ”

Hey there! have you thought those things in your life, or things like it? I have some news for you, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you are special! You have an ability to see and feel things that other people don’t! Is it a pain in the neck sometimes? YES IT IS! That is ok though because you are here and we are building a community of people who are like minded and who understand what you have been going through. Hey, this isn’t just for you Spiritual folks either, this is for every Paranormal Investigator and Empath and Person out there who knows deep inside that there is something more, more to this life and more to the afterlife.

I am guessing that if you are a Paranormal Investigator or “ghost hunter” there is more to you then just gadgets and a cool t-shirt with your logo on it. You have most likely had some experience that inspired you besides watching the fine folks on TV run around in the dark to join in the fringe area we explore everyday. I bet everyone who is reading has lived in a haunted house, or been to so many places that are haunted and have million stories to tell about the paranormal we could be here all day listening to just one of you. How can I be so sure? Guess how I figured it out, yeah realized at a young age that my friends and family didn’t see and feel the things I did.

Mom and Dad were pretty convinced that our 15 year old house wasn’t haunted and that I was crazy. I am not crazy, I told them that every time they said I was. I mean I am a bit out there sometimes but i am just like you! So, did you grow up having experiences you couldn’t explain and other people had a hard time relating to? I guess, YES! If not then I would venture to say that you have a strong belief in the afterlife and have your reasons, which is great because we are going to talk about that kind of thing in another article I have on the back burner. If you are reading this and want to read about dream stuff, stay tuned I am going to write the daylights out of that subject!

So all through life I would feel the presence of other beings, dream about them hear them and get all around creeped out by them. I realize in talking to people who are naturally gifted that they feel the same way as I did, even as grown up adults they are creeped out by the dark. If that is you, you are in the right place because by reading these blog posts you are going to become less afraid and more curious. With that you will become more empowered with your knowledge and the knowing that you have a place to come and ask questions without feeling weird or out-of-place. Take a minute and think about your most profound experience with the paranormal. Where did it happen, how old were you? How did it affect or effect the rest of your life? Is it recent or a long time ago and how did it lead you here? Would you like to share the story? I’d love to hear it, maybe you will help me write something that will answer questions for you and others! Most of my writing comes from my personal life and talking to others about the questions they have.

Growing up all I had were monster movies and fictional books to guide me, I didn’t know what Psychic was and I think that I have said that before here. That is because I want anyone reading this to know that in the world we live in today that we can connect with each other, get real-time feedback and have an outlet to express ourselves and ask questions. Please feel free to messege me here or on Instagram or even my Facebook. Just look me up, Scotty the Nj medium! I hope to see some comments below and please come back for Defense against the spirit world part 2. See ya soon!


Defending Against Attacks! Pt.1

If you read the first part of this little series you will already be familiar with the types of attacks and how to recognize them. If you haven’t please go back and read up, it is important to know what you are safeguarding yourself against before you start the protection part. You wouldn’t wear a life vest to go driving a race car, same idea applies here. You should have a general idea of where you are going and what activity is going on in order to protect yourself against an attack. Although it isn’t always possible to know exactly what you are getting into you can be prepared in a general way all the time, we will talk about that first.

So far you have read about eight or so things that I have written, at least I hope you have because I am doing this for you! You have learned a little about opening your third eye and meditation, you learned about being psychic and learning how to interpret the dead when they speak. You learned most recently about different attacks that can be waged against you and now we are going to talk about protecting ourselves. The first thing you need to do is go back and think about the meditation, remember it doesn’t have to be on the seashore in your best yoga clothes with the sun rising, that would be nice but that is not fesable. So we are going to sit down, relax and take a few deep breaths through our nose and let it go out of our mouth. Go ahead and do that, remember that you should feel it down in your belly. I like to lift my arms above my head sometimes while I do this, it really helps the air get down low into my belly area.

After that you need to imagine that golden rope, the one you cut when you practiced retrieving your energy from the world. If you didn’t read that it is ok, I’ll go over it here and you can go back and read that when you have a chance. Right now I want you to imagine a golden rope, actually it can be whatever color you want and made of whatever you want it to be made of. I like gold because it is super easy to visualize for me. Anyway, that rope should start right at your bellybutton and it should be nice and thick, like it could hold a ship to a dock, nice and strong. Now imagine that rope going from your bellybutton down into the earth and right to the core of the planet. It is anchored there and the only way that it can be dissolved is if you dissolve it. This easy method is called grounding! It the first step to effectively protecting yourself from the world around you. Go ahead and try that a few times before reading ahead, then when you are comfortable keep reading. As a side note you should be doing this a few times a day, it will help you in many aspects of your life, not just this part that we are talking about.

OK, do you have your rope anchored to the center of the Earth? Great! Lets move onto the next part of the protection. I will preface this by saying that I do not promote any particular religion at all, your belief system is all yours and it is up to you to pick what higher power you subscribe to. It is just important that you do realize that there is something higher than us here on this plane. With that in mind, let’s go! I want you to close your eyes again for this because it is all about visualization and setting intentions. I start by thinking about outer space, to me that is where the most cosmic energy is stored and where I gather all the energy that I use comes from. We are again going to take a deep breath and exhale just like always in through the nose and out the mouth. When you have become relaxed go ahead and think about a giant glowing ball of light above your head. It is white and gold and amazing and so brilliant you can’t look right at it, easy to imagine right because it sounds like the sun! Perfect you have your own sun now and you are ready to let it energize your protection sphere. Let that ball of light turn to liquid and pour over you until it surrounds you completely. Once that is done you have your most basic form of protection going, white light is the easiest protection to call upon and does wonders in all kinds of situations.

So it is important to think about the places you are going and what you are doing, why do you need protection beyond white light? I ask this question because there are levels of protection above this and apply to different situations. Lets talk about physical attacks first. When you are out in the world the white light will protect you against mostly anything but when you go to a place that you know has some physical activity happening and possibly physical attacks the best offense is a good defense. If you are helping someone as an investigator or as a medium and want to stay unscathed during your time at a location my best advice is to bring salt. Yep, salt. Some people say pink salt and some say sea salt and some say table salt, whatever you want and whatever you can get is what I recommend. I do like sea salt myself but use table salt as well if that is what is available to me. Salt is excellent at creating a barrier and also it is excellent at cleansing energy. I use salt in the shower, yes I shower with salt. I usually do it before and after readings, investigations or a day that was generally just taxing.

When you are home and take your shower bring a small bag of salt into the shower and do your normal cleaning routine. When that is done take a handful of salt in your hand, whichever it doesn’t matter. Put some on top of your head and then take the rest and scrub away. When you are doing this I want you to have your eyes closed because you don’t want burned eyes and because it is time to put your mind’s eye back to work. Imagine that the salt is like a sponge and that it is going to soak up and take all of the negative energy away from your spirit body and wash it down the drain. At the same time it is leaving your aura with a bright white protective barrier that will protect you from physical attacks. No spirit with malice intent will want to come near you because of how bright you are and how much positive energy you are beaming with. After your investigation go ahead and come home and do the same thing, rinse off all of the negative that you can. This will help you feel better, trust me.

Another way to use salt is to make a salt water mixture in a container and use it by pouring it over the threshold of doorways of the structure you are in. If you are advanced and have cleared a spirit it would be wise to create a salt water ring around the property further away as a way to keep the spirits from reentering the building. I personally like the water mixture because it soaks into the ground and creates a lasting barrier, just pouring salt can let the dry pile be knocked away and out-of-place breaking the seal. I also use the salt water barrier at my own home so that no nasties follow me home, I learned the hard way to do this and I’m glad you are reading this so you know it is a good idea. So far so good? Great let’s keep going.

Let’s talk about the spiritual defense, now this is completely up to you what you say and what you take from this. I am a Catholic so I base my spiritual protection in Catholic Faith. So let us move on, after doing your white light and salt protection you will need to protect your spirit. When would you feel the need to be specific about guarding this part of yourself? I would say that if you are going into a place that people have said there is depression or addiction and of course if someone has told you that there is the possibility of demonic or evil spirits. Lucky for us this type of protection is based in words, mostly. I wear a crucifix and a St Micheal medal around my neck as a reminder of my faith and that I will be protected by God and the Angels when I ask for it. Which brings me to my next part of this section, praying and intentions. You can ask for protection from the higher power that you believe in and that can be as simple as reaching out to the universe for help. Don’t let asking the Universe for help make you feel silly, remember it is about the intention and knowing that the greater good and higher powers that are out there will come to your aid. When faced with an attack on your faith, spirit or religion asking for this help will be your best bet and even if you feel silly asking trust me when I say, you’ll be better off for putting your ego away and doing it. Now, you can also invoke positive energy to combat the negative. Words carry energy and intent and are as powerful as you make them. Simply saying “You have no power over me and I am protected by the divine white light” can be as powerful as anything in your arsenal as long as you mean what you say.

Practicing your Faith will always be a great way to keep your defenses up, usually it is in the doctrine of the Faith that you find that advice I am just restating the obvious I guess. I bring it up because it happens to fall in line with my practice makes perfect motto. If you are always engaged in positive spiritual endeavours then you will be way less susceptible to an attack on your soul. Don’t get hung up on the whole good bad, light dark thing either. It is important to know that the bad things are out there and that’s why we are talking about it but it is my belief that if you are staying positive in your faith then the bad or dark side would have less of a chance of fighting you on this level. I am sure that in the future I will write more in-depth on the subject and we will discover more about it then, until that time, let’s move on.

Please see the next part. Coming soon.


Music and the way we listen Podcast

Go ahead and click the link below for my first ever “podcast” event. I took the blog and just spoke freely about something that has inspired me throughout my life. I will continue to post podcast type events in the future, they are fun for me and it helps us connect in another way that we haven’t before. Please enjoy!