Aside from all of the learning I have done to become a Medium and Psychic I have slowly had to learn about things like Webpage building, advertising, self promoting and how to build good relationships with people based on who I am and what I have to offer. For me this has been harder than the latter. I mean, being intuitive to Spirit was a gift I was born with and had to learn to use and sharpen, as I am always doing and hope you are too! Being a business man however has been and continues to be a challenge!

How did I get the business ball rolling? Research! It is super important to research everything before you go to it. I of course turned to Google for the first set of answers and I found that there is no model really set up for a Medium or psychic. I mean, if I was a 1-800 type of Psychic I guess there is, or if I had a shop on the highway there is a way I am sure to get established but I am neither of those. I do a few telephone readings every once in a while sure, and people can come to my home for a reading but that isn’t really the way I do things. So what is business model? Write basic things for people who want to learn and don’t charge, haha that doesn’t make money. Operate a facebook, twiiter and instagram account (soon a youtube). Those don’t generate cash at all. None of those will offer me health insurance either I’m guessing. So how can I make any money doing this? Better yet, when you are ready how can you make some money doing this?

Let’s start with this fact: If you are efficient enough to do readings and feel comfortable there are people who will be delighted to sit with you and pay to hear from a relative or learn a little about the future.

I started by doing a few readings for free, it was with family friends who I was comfortable with and who were open to what I had to say. If you don’t have family to practice with find a friend, I know that someone out there who you know, would love for you to practice your new or sharpened skills on them. After you have done that, also take your time until you are comfortable because you are the key to a good reading, start charging a little cash and see how it goes for you. Ask your friends who you’ve practiced with to share your name and number with other friends or acquaintances. Start by charging twenty dollars for a reading and explain that you are just starting out. There is no shame in that! No Medium woke up and was The Long Island Medium! LOL it just doesn’t happen that way, well maybe Edgar Cayce but that’s it!

After you have done a few readings where you have gotten paid go ahead and charge a little more, and don’t feel bad. by now you are realizing that it takes time and effort to do a reading. I always tell my clients that they are not paying me for my Gift, they are paying me for my time. That is the truth, I have a family and friends and hobbies I could be enjoying so if I am going to be away doing something that I can do and they can’t I would like to be earning something for it. I also give tips and hints on how to connect with Spirit so they can try themselves and pay attention to the signs, kind of like with my blogs accept I am there and teaching while I am connecting. So if you feel comfortable with things so far, here are some suggestions of what to do next.

Get business cards made up. I used (non-paid endorsement) I had 500 custom made cards with my name and number for about $22.00 shipped to my home. Hand those out at readings. When I do readings I make little “goody bags” and put my card in them with a crystal. That way the client has something to remind them that they spoke to me and a card to call me back with. I usually leave a few extra cards with them as well and ask them to give them out to friends. This is a great tool and very reliable, people are comfortable with handing out cards to friends after telling what a good experience they had with a medium. Make sure the card has your Phone number, an email address set for just your business like mine is “” and that the card graphic is relevant to who you are.

Next, make sure that you have a friendly voice mail set up for anyone who does call looking for an appointment. The usual stuff should be for them to leave a first name and number to call them back at. Any more than that and you run the risk of someone accusing you of looking them up. A very unfortunate part of this world, so to keep your reputation in tact just ask for the bare minimum to get back in touch with them. For your emails, make sure that you are attentive. Many people are apprehensive at first to contact someone they don’t know over the phone. Make sure to be attentive to your account and respond to emails in a personable and timely manner. Also, make sure to save that contact information and build a list from the people who have gotten in touch with you. This will help later on if you decide to run a special or want to offer your service to someone who may have not responded back in a while. You don’t have to be intrusive, email is a very easy and nice way to remind people you are still around.

Social Media, this one has been key for me. It is in the top three of the most time consuming components though.¬† I love Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is ok but it isn’t the best tool for what I do. If you are reading this you most likely found me through Instagram, which I have close to 700 followers that I got organically. That means that I did not pay for any followers or run any promotions. My Facebook only has about 120 followers as of now but I will be focusing on boosting that soon. Instagram is great for posting photos of what you are up to, I use it to promote the page you are on right now. I make a photo that is relevant to the theme I am writing about and add some words so my audience has an idea of what I am going to be presenting to them. I then use that image on my site to be the featured image so it is easily found by the client. I have been trying to post more than that lately to make it more personal without it being my private account that I share with my family and friends. People love to see what you are doing and what you look like, that is how we find common ground with others and develop relationships. Being a male Medium and Psychic I seem to be in the minority in this field so I really have to show that I am friendly and outgoing. You decide what to portray¬† on your Instagram, make sure though that it promotes you and what your specialty is and how people can reach you.

Facebook is great for local exposure, you can set your address and do small ad’s for a few dollars a day and reach a wide range of people who you may not have reached any other way. I use this for my Paranormal Class page and it works really well. I have managed to reach a few thousand people a week with this feature, so it could be a really great tool for this as well if you decided to use it for yourself. You can post ad’s as well as things that interest you as well as updates and all the other things that you use regular facebook for. I would recommend keeping them separate, you don’t want clients interrupting your daily private life with questions or comments. Trust me! Let them use your business social media or email. You don’t want your personal life cluttered up with your business affairs.

When you have established all the things above you will be on your way to a healthy business. I have to tell you like I tell everyone, this isn’t going to happen overnight. You will have to decide first off how much of your personal money you are going to put into developing your business as well as how much time. Both are valuable and hard to find extra of, so make your investments count. Make sure that you follow your gut, find what balance works best for you and go with it. If you hit a wall don’t worry, this business ebbs and flows. Sometimes I don’t have enough time in a week to fit in all the readings and sometimes I have more free time than I would like. Don’t get upset or frustrated, neither of those will help you develop yourself or your budding business. It is going to be tough in the beginning.¬† Make sure to do research, don’t stop here, go look at more people like me and see what they are doing and how they set themselves up to do business.

Success isn’t around the corner! It sure is down the street though, for all of us willing to put in the time and the dedication to develop every part of ourselves.

I hope that you have gotten something from this, please leave a comment or feel free to ask any questions. I love to hear your feedback!








  1. Thank you for these tips on just starting out. I am very new to enhancing my mediumship. I am in South Jersey, Ocean City. The tips were VERY helpful.

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