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Lucy Visited

Lucy Visited

By Scotty

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Recently I had to help my Mom put her Yorkie Lucy to sleep. Lucy had a shunt in her liver and Mom had the Vet operate on Lucy to try and save her life. Unfortunately Lucy was unable to recover from the surgery and never left Vets office.

We had to take a long drive to see Lucy with full knowledge that we had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. When we arrived we found little Lucy on a table wrapped in a warm blanket and hooked to monitors. The Vet told us that Lucy was having seizures and she would not be able to live without suffering if we didn’t put her to sleep. My Mom made a tough choice and told the Vet to let Lucy go. I watched as the Lucy stopped breathing and when she did I saw a her Spirit shoot from the top of her head and up and away. I knew she had passed.

My Mom was obviously sad for weeks and asked me if I had seen her little Lucy. I hadn’t since that night. A few weeks ago my Mom came home and and my Dad had some strange news for her.

My Dad told Mom she had heard Lucy’s tags jingling down the hallway. This is mostly strange because my Dad doesn’t subscribe to ghosts and Spirits, go figure right. Mom shared with Dad that she had been hearing the same and Lucy’s bowls move in the kitchen. My Mom told me she spoke out loud to Lucy that day and told her to go be at peace and rest. That was the last time anyone heard Lucy in the house. We all know she went over the Rainbow Bridge for sure now. I hope she’s being just as sweet there as she was here.


In Loving Memory

Experience and Perspective

Like most things in life we have to experience something in order to understand it and once we do experience “it” then we gain perspective.

Take a moment and think back on your life and all of the times you have gained experience. Was is a traumatic event? Did you have the time of your life? Did you just learn how to set the clock on the oven? Let’s go with setting time. Once you learned something like that you probably went into friends homes in casual settings and noticed clocks not being set. The bright digital flash of the 12:00 calling to you. Did you offer to set the clock for your friend? Maybe you just did it for them when they left the room and it made you feel better. Now, with that example did you gain anything by helping your friend? No, not immediately but maybe tomorrow when they make coffee they will see they are running a few minutes behind and thanks to you they are able to adjust and get their day back on course. Good job. You used your experience to help your friend be on time. Take a step back now, look at the situation. What did you do by setting a simple clock for a friend? Set them on course for getting to work on time? Making an important appointment? Getting the kids out the door for the bus? These may seem like small things but they aren’t. Perspective is important. As you step back and look at it all, you have affected your friends life in a positive way and you really didn’t gain a thing. Well unless you like helping friends even if it is in such a simple manor.

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How does this relate to spirit work? Well I can tell you that every experience I have had in my life helps me relate to Spirit when they come through. I often tell people that at 36 years old I have lived several lifetimes. Scott, we all have it’s called being a human being. That’s true. However I would ask “What are you doing with your experience and perspective?”

When a spirit shows me addiction I understand, when they show me war, I understand, when they show me divorce I understand. When they show me holding their child as the best day they ever had, I understand. I use all of my lifetime so far to understand the experiences being conveyed to me to relay to the people I’m reading for. If I didn’t tap into my own life to understand others I would not be as effective as I am as a Medium.

My perspective is also very important. I have learned to not judge. Now, I’m a human being so of course when something seems strange to me I snap to a judgement but I don’t stay there. I have learned to back that judgment off because if I don’t then I will not see the big picture and do what I am supposed to do. Relay messages from Spirit to the living.

Spirit work is my flashing clock. I learned it, I use it whenever I can and I don’t always tell people it’s being done. I enjoy what I do and I am always doing my best to have positive impacts on people’s lives. I am at the point where people ask me for my help and also they ask me to help them set their clock, so to speak.

Take a few minutes after reading this and reflect on your life a bit. Who have you helped? What experience do you have that you can help influence others and what perspective will you gain from it?

As always thanks for reading and I hope I brought some value to your life through a few paragraphs.


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It’s not what I wanted

Sometimes we try and try to get what we want out of life and it just isn’t happening. Love, wealth, happiness, well being or a combination of all of these things. Are we guaranteed any of it? Unfortunately no. Nothing is a guarantee in life except as the old saying goes “death and taxes.” What do you want out of this life? Are you obtaining those things and what have you done to initiate the road to gain them?

For me lately all I have on my mind is a newer car. I have to admit I have a weird thing about getting bored with my transportation. I could wear jeans until they are see through but I like a nice car to drive around, nothing too fancy just an engine with some power and a nice radio. What am I doing to get it? Well I have a full time job and I do my readings but that’s just the financial part. I also have been looking around the net like a mad man, that’s usually how my real process starts, and that’s with anything. Scott, what does this have to do with developing my skills as a Medium, psychic or empath? Easy, how bad do you want it?

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That is the question you have to ask yourself. Is this a passing phase of life sparked by something you read or saw, or is it embedded so deeply in your mind that there is no choice but to get better? For me, this path was that. I had to develop my gifts (and still am) or I couldn’t sleep at night. I had to manifest it through strong prayer and thoughts and had to learn as much as I could to start, the kindling for the fire if you will. Now I really have a specific vehicle in mind and have been searching it, sending links to my wife (aka the boss) and dropping hints. Who have you been including in your journey forward? A loved one, a friend, someone like minded? I hope so because the more people that share in your dream the more likely it is to come to fruition.

This is something that is important and sparked the title of this blog and the content: just because it’s what you want does not mean it is exactly what you will get. The Universe, Spirit, whomever that is in charge of the bigger picture is going to decide what’s best for you and everyone you will come in contact with. What does that mean? No free will? No, of course not. You will be making the choice of avenue you will travel down. However, your goal may deviate due to what your actual strength is. I am a natural Medium and Psychic, not so much a healer. I want to learn to heal but right now I am only telling people they have an energy block or a pending health issue that needs to be checked. That’s a start.

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What I want and what I am doing are different. I started this blog to help teach, then I started demonstrating, and now I am bringing you on my adventures. Like learning about business and social media, bringing you parts of my family life and doing live videos of things that interest me. I never planned that, it wasn’t what I wanted to do but here we are.

Think about what you want and be mindful of the opportunities coming to you. I am set on a vehicle I want but right now may not be the time for it to come to me, maybe there is something better that will present itself and I will be happy that I waited. I’m optimistic that way. So far it has all been working itself out as long as I am putting the energy into it to move forward.

Don’t forget to have fun.

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Getting YouTube Rolling

Hey everyone!

Nice to see you there. I know I started this blog to teach and that’s still going to be very important, however in order to teach I also have to learn. I’m learning by the truck load at this point. I’m learning social media and small business growth plus managing family and 9 to 5 plus readings! Wooooooweee!

I am growing a small business I never fully intended on starting and it’s a learning curve. I have visited lots of blogs about social media and YouTube and reaching out to people. I had already done half of what was suggested by the time I found those teachers so I knew I was doing the right thing, following my intuition.

I guess it’s a good point to make, follow that “gut” instinct and you won’t go wrong. As usual make sure you are doing no harm and bringing a good of some sort to someone’s life through your journey. I hope to bring some lessons to YouTube that I have written about here and go beyond that.

Right now I use Facebook and Instagram primarily to reach out but that even has limits if it’s not apart of a well rounded outreach program. So, here we are. I’m reaching out.

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About Meditation

Written by Tami Knighten


Some quick questions-
1. Have you tried meditation before?

2. If so, what kind did you do and how often did you do it?

As we all know there are so many outside influences in life, that are totally outside of our control. Meditation is a way to transform your mental state in a positive way.

Other proven benefits of meditation are to help with anxiety, stress, and it can increase a sense of happiness, or well being. And the great thing is, meditation provides a direct link to divine energies. For me it doesn’t get better than that. In my book, that’s enough said.

Truth be told. As with many things meditation does take practice, so hang in there. Once you get it down you will be on your way to seeing all the amazing benefits.

I’m going to tell you a couple meditations I personally like to use. I like to go to YouTube, but I know there are some great apps out there also.

Spiritual Zen Subliminal Brainwave Entertainment:

Lokosmotivos Meditation Music:

Stay tuned and I will be writing more on meditation techniques.

Love, and light

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Intense Ouija Session.

Every Friday since October 30th, 2017 I have been doing live Facebook Ouija Sessions. They range from entertaining to just kind of nonsense. I am a kind of skeptic on the workings of the board, although last night sure did open my eyes. Someone came through, for a viewer…a ghost. An angry upset ghost.

My first session, about the first 30 minutes were tame. I spoke to a nice spirit who liked the Yankees and had joked about needing help finding his pants. He stated that he lived in a neighboring town and was just here to hang out. After I said goodbye to him, Steve I think he told me his name was, he departed and I put away my newer board to switch to the older one.

I started using the older board and without hesitation a Spirit came right on through. Now, I could tell you the rest of the incident but it was all recorded and I have the video right here. If you want to skip to the more intense part skip to around the 40 minute mark.

I went from Ouija Board User to Medium Mode really quick and it was intense. Follow the link.

These are my hand written notes from this session.

What do you think?


Building a Future and seeing into it.

In last couple months I have been vigorously building a business. It’s hard to know where to go even as somebody with some clairvoyance, I’m not trying to be the same Psychic Medium you see on the side of the road. If you have been here reading along you know that I give what I would consider “classes”

away for free. Why? I believe everyone who wants to develop their own skills and gifts should have an equal starting point. It shouldn’t cost anyone a dime for directions. Imagine you pulled over and asked a stranger how to get to 123 street and they asked you for $50.00, what a croc that would be. Same goes here, learn what you can, take what works for your and move on. Come back occasionally to see what I have added. I’m still learning and writing it down to pass along. I’m on the verge however of going on to teaching in person, I didn’t see that coming when I started this blog. I thought I would teach through the Internet and that would be that. Well the Universe always knows better.

I Began by using this platform to reach people but I realized that there were better ways to reach more people and that was through social media, of course everybody else knew that but me. I know that I told everybody that they could reach me through Instagram and Facebook but I wasn’t properly utilizing those platforms. It hasn’t been until recently that I started using Facebook live as a advertisement tool to bring people here also to have them interact with me to book readings, which of course is where I make some money. Instagram is still sort of a mystery to me but I am working on it and I am proud to say that I almost have 1000 followers. We can leave Twitter out of it because that is a complete mystery to me as of right now. As I am moving forward however in social media and in real life more and more opportunities are becoming available to me, things that I would have never considered in a million years. Recently a very well known local psychic medium reached out to me and told me they had heard about what a good job I do and offered to send work my way. That is insane to me as I would have never thought anyone in the same business as me would want to send work to me. I have to say it is an amazing feeling to know that people that have been doing this for 20 plus years are sending potential clients to me with full Confidence that I will do a good job on my behalf and as well on their recommendation.

To me doing mediumship and psychic work has come very natural my entire life, being a business man however is a completely new realm to me. Why am I saying this in a blog that is primarily about mediumship and psychic work? I am hoping that even if that is not an interest to you that you are reading this and understanding that no matter what you do in life you have to try in order to succeed. I had never built a website prior to this one and I have never even attempted at doing business prior to the business I am doing now. Doing readings was just something I would get paid a few dollars for and that was great for helping paid to go to the movies or buy some groceries. Due to lots of work and learning through reading and amazing videos on YouTube I am building something that I hope all of you in the future are happy to be a part of.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do things that you want sure that you can do. Being a medium for me is easy being a business man is not, I feel so accomplished in everything I have learned so far in what I have done that I cannot hardly wait to take the next step and grow more as a business and more importantly as a brand. I am coming face-to-face with the fact that I am an entrepreneur and my dream is to have people read my blogs, watch my videos and have readings done by me. I want everyone to get to know me and I want to know you. There is a lot to be learned out there and I am never going to stop.

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Best Intentions

Intention, what is yours? If you have been following me for any time at all you would know that my intention is to teach as much as possible without charging anybody for one blog session. As long as you’ve been coming to my website I have always said that I have been trying to provide a service that I wish was available to me. My question for you now is what are you doing to pay it forward to others? Have you taken some of my advice and gone to other people like us and spread the knowledge? Have you tried to reach out for others with your gift that you have been developing? Have you tried to do some readings for the best interest of other people?

If you have not yet I would like for you to take a minute and think about how you can do something nice for somebody else. The most important part of this is not thinking about what you’re going to do but actually just doing something. The best intentions sometimes go unfulfilled. Execution is 100% the end goal. If you have been writing nice things down in your book to do for other people but have not done one of them then you truly haven’t done anything yet at all. Today, the day that you are reading this I want you to take one thing and do it for somebody else. It doesn’t have to be psychic related it could just be buying someone a coffee, picking someone else’s kids up from school for them, doing the laundry or cooking dinner. The sky is the limit and the ball is in your court.

Today’s the day that you are going to do something good for somebody else and you will not expect anything back in return. It is my belief that once you start doing good for other people the good that you will feel inside will motivate you to do more and once that feeling wells up inside of you enough the universe will take notice and start returning back to you what you have put out. Of course this is an old notion called karma but sometimes we need a real life day today example of how to get started. So today you were going to get started.

When you are done reading this please just hit the share button copy it and paste it to whatever social media you belong to and let’s get some really nice things going for everybody. Again I don’t make anything off of this except for the fact that I know I am trying to put the good out there in the universe for everybody to share in. I would love to see this shared so many times that you come back to me, and you all have great stories to tell me about all of the good that you have done for other people. Then you can tell your story about how you have been rewarded.


Dreams and Premontions

What may the future hold, for any of us? With the turbulent times we live in it is tough to predict what’s going to happen day to day let alone a week from now or a year and especially years from now. Sometime though we get a glimpse into the future and it could be any time ahead of us, seconds, minutes, hours and sometimes even days. The notion can come in form of a day dream or night dream and it can be so vivid we believe that it has happened already and we have just recalled a memory. These sometimes are called premonitions. A look into the future of our own lives or other people’s lives. I myself have had many premonition dreams and have had gut feelings about my life that I have acted on. For example I was about fourteen and I had a dream about my parents being in a car accident where neither of them survived. I told my mom and had begged them not to be in the same car for at least a week. My mom knew that I had some sort of gift and she was able to convince my not so believing dad into the idea of separate cars for a bit. Nothing ever came of the dream and both of my parents are still alive and well, I’ll never know if they just avoided fate by listening to me or if it was never in the stars.

Think back now, think back to a time when you had a dream or a feeling and acted on it. What did you do? What was the outcome? Recently I was contacted by a gentleman I did a reading for who had a story for me. He told me that he had a dream that he was in a cemetery standing over a body wrapped in a sheet and on the forehead of the body was a name, Gregory. (Name changed for privacy) My client woke up and sent a text to his friend and co-worker, Gregory. He told Gregory about the dream, to which he was replied “ok.” Gregory was late to work that day by about 2 hours. He explained that he was up with his sick children and wife and had no sleep at all and had felt that if he drove he would fall asleep at the wheel. Gregory changed his mind and decided to get some rest before driving thanks to the text message. So a life could have been potentially saved due to someone listening to that premonition dream. Even at the risk of sounding crazy an adult man sent a message that could have been a lifesaving due to a dream and that is fantastic.

To add to that story and just to illustrate how we are all truly connected I will give you a little side story. As I have said before I am a paranormal investigator and help out anyone I can in any way that I can, sometimes I receive photos to analyze and they are sent from all over the United States. My partner Patrick forwarded me a photo of a man and woman in a cemetery standing over a headstone with a strange white mist in the background of the photo. I didn’t think much of the mist but did pick up on some details of the photo. Now this happened about two days prior to the story above, I saw the name Gregory, then I saw a car accident and felt pain in my upper right leg. I saw in the same person death linked to another health issue and also that someone was shot. I sent the info back to Patrick who got back in touch with the sender of the photo. She said she was visiting her brother who was in a motorcycle accident and broke his femur (upper leg) and found that he had a heart condition which he later passed from. He was buried next to their cousin who was shot to death. They did not connect Gregory to anyone. It wasn’t until two days later that I found out why, Gregory was in need of some guidance which he got.

There are many stories like this all around the world and the reason I decided to take some time out and write about it is because I wanted anyone who read this to be aware that it is important to pay attention to premonitions and dreams and always your intuition. I know you have heard to always go with your gut, this is just a little story to help you understand that doing just that can be a major factor in someone else life, not just your own. I’d not be doing anyone any favors if I didn’t say that you can’t always change the course of events about to unfold and that is ok.

I couldn’t say why we sometimes get information and cannot do anything with it, I once did a meditation and saw my sister’s car and it had bandages around the tires. I couldn’t get in touch with her so I called my mom and told her to tell my sister to watch out for a flat tire and my mom laughed, I was a day late. She had a flat tire the day before. So who knows why we get some things, even up to really major events. I had a dream of a terror attack in a city near a big river, I didn’t know where it was really or what I could do about it but a few days later Chattanooga TN had an attack happen. I felt bad but I didn’t know he whole story and could not have prevented it, I just knew it was going to happen in a certain setting. In another example I had a woman come to me and she told me she was “abuela.” She was in a white gown and had a mint green wrap around her shoulders. I went to work and spoke to someone who I thought the message was for, I asked him if he had a grandmother with a “Lu” type of name. He told me that he had a neighbor who was like a grandmother growing up and her name was Lucy. He also told me she was alive but on hospice care. A few days later he called me after her wake and told me there was a photo on a board where Lucy was with all her grandkids and the boarder of the photo was mint green.

We are all connected one way or another and we can change people’s lives when we listen to our instincts and pay attention to the signs and promotions. How can we train ourselves to be more aware of when to act? Start by acting on the small things and keep doing the meditations I have given you. Keep being peaceful and wanting a stronger and better connection with the living and with spirit. You can and will influence others once you have yourself better in tune.
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