Sometimes I write about the “paranormal” and I am very casual about how I go about it. For most folks, spirits and ghosts and everything else in between is very mystical and often times scary. I am not saying that I do get a little frightened of the things out there because I sure as heck do. I’d be a fool to say “nothing scares me because of all that I know.” I think that anyone who says that would be foolish to say that. However I can say that I am less afraid of the things out there that are paranormal or supernatural because of all the things I have experienced and all of the good encounters I have had as a Medium. For many people the paranormal is a dark cave they stand at the mouth of and peer in every once in a while to get a chill. For others they enter the cave without a flash light and may become overwhelmed or bump into something they cannot see which is either a thrill or chill. For someone like me, I would say it was like going into that cave with a nice light and finding new things all the time. Some things are scary for sure but most of the time as long as a level head is kept, things are more interesting than frightening.

I found myself at a young age dealing with things that were supernatural and paranormal but I did not know what to call them. I would have translucent people at my bedside at night, or have strange adults approach me while I was out, keep in mind I am having this happen from when I was about three years of age. Of course I didn’t understand that this wasn’t normal and I had a less than regular beginning to life which I would attribute to my developed abilities, that is another story for another day. Long story short, I am adopted and ended up with a very loving family, who were not equipped to deal with the strange things that were going to come out of my mouth. I had imaginary friends and stories about people talking to me all night long, a need for the light to stay on, not a night-light, the room light. That seemed to keep the strangers away.

As I grew up a bit I spoke about the ghostly things that would happen to me, it seemed that it followed me around and no one else in the house ever experienced these things. I have had spirits imitate my family by mimicking voices, sit beside me while watching television and some that weren’t so benevolent. Those spirits haunted my dreams, held me down in bed and would have me dream of horrific things happening to my family. Some would say that maybe I was having some mental health issues but rest assured that I wasn’t and have spoken with a few mental health professionals that cleared me as not crazy.

So here I am, growing up with no idea why I am always having so much luck with ghosts and having no shortage of stories to tell when the subject is brought up. Of course I had a fascination with everything paranormal and often times felt that I was really the only one. I mean, there were some books I had read but they were fiction, and some magazine articles here and there about very educated folks researching the paranormal and it was all great but I never found anyone like me. I really didn’t have anyone who understood the things I did, how I did. I hadn’t really discovered the word “Medium” and had no idea that “Psychic” was a path to the answers I was looking for.

Fast forward through the nineties and lets stop around 2003 or 2004 I think. Cable television, channel 27 and the station is SIFI. The first episode of “Ghost Hunters” is premiering and I have planted myself down in front if the television just for this. It was 9 at night and it was dark, no one in my house wanted to watch with me but I was ok with that, no one every really wanted anything to do with ghosts besides me. “Tonight on Ghost Hunters the TAPS Team investigates…” I was hooked. Here were everyday guys (and a gal at the time) who had day jobs but had found the means to investigate the paranormal and the best part, it was going to be on television every week!

Since then the market for these television shows has taken off and pretty much any decent team with a little ambition can make a case to be on cable, that is ok with me because I have a DVR full of these shows. Now I am apart of a team and have been for a while, we have been to some really great places and met some really nice people doing what we do. The experiences I have had are great doing it to. One of the best and kind of selfish reasons for being on the team is that I get to immerse myself into paranormal situations that I would probably have never had otherwise. From people who have loved ones haunting their homes to others who have played with spirit communication and were reckless with thier intent. Instead of reading or watching other people’s ghost stories I am getting involved with them. Of course that means that I also am helping them, I wouldn’t want to show up and document the spirits and then just leave with no resolution for the people who have called for help.

Is being a Medium paranormal? I ask myself that a lot. Is it more spiritual than paranormal? I am not sure that I will ever have an answer for that. I know for sure that they go hand in hand so often that it is difficult to separate them at times. I think that when people think of paranormal they think of bad ghosts and spirits that are lurking in the closet or under the bed, where as when I think of it I think of the poor earthbound spirit that is in front of your face screaming for attention. Often times I find that the spooky experiences for most people is when a spirit is desperate for attention and does something drastic to get attention. Does that mean that all spirits have the same intentions? No, not at all. Just as we the living have different agendas so do those who have passed over. Some find enjoyment being jerks, scaring the living or being a pest.

We can also talk quickly about all the different levels of spirits and ghosts. I mean, it would be a book if we went into detail but without being all technical lets just go over some basics. This I think is helpful for many people and I will probably make a video going over it in the future, but for now lets just write it down. We can start with the human spirits. Those who have deceased and have remained earthbound. These are ghosts. They are the ones who are intelligent and create the bulk of ghost stories. I have found that they are not necessarily bound by walls, so don’t think they can’t travel around and be in more than one place. The other “ghost” is the “repeater” or residual haunting. That one is thought to be energy that keeps repeating in a pattern in a certain spot the same every time and is unaware of us. Scary? Sure, but not really. Next is the human spirit that passed and comes around and visits us, usually family and friends. We get to hear from them in the form of signs and reminders about them. “The room smelled like grandmas perfume.” “My best friend loved this song, I’m surprised to hear it on the radio at all anymore.” We have all had that, whether or not you have paid attention is another thing.

We have the “Evil” or bad spirits, things that may not have been living ever and are created through bad feelings or bad intentions or just something in the Universe that we don’t understand. What is for sure is that every religion in the world talks about something evil and paranormal so let’s just go with the fact that it does exist. I have only come across a very few spirits that I did not believe to be human and thought that they were purposely being evil. These spirits tend to create havoc in the lives of the people they become involved in, creating addictions, fighting, violence, depression and a world of other unpleasantness.

Of course there is the worst of the worst and the best of the best. I’ll put them together, don’t be upset, I just think the two extremes should be in the same breath because of how infrequently they are encountered. This is my opinion so please, please do not be upset and you don’t have to feel the same way I do. OK? Cool, so Angels and Demons. God and the Devil. Are they there? Are they spiritual or paranormal? See from earlier why I was saying it’s a bit of a blurred line? Well just as often as people say they encounter Angels is how often I hear about Demons. “An Angel came and saved my Jimmy from a horrible wreck, I saw it!” And on the other extreme. “This Demon lives in my basement and it comes out and terrorizes my company. They all see it with its red eyes and sharp teeth.” Of course doing investigations I hear more of the Demon stuff than Angels because no one is calling us to get rid of Angels. I am speaking in general terms when I say how often I hear about the Good and the Bad, outside of investigating.

So the paranormal, scary? Yeah sometimes. Explainable? No, otherwise it would be just normal.

I will most likely add to this part of the page as I get older and more experienced and find more “answers.” I just am careful to not get that Mulder complex, chasing things into dark places that get me no where. I suggest that if you are into the paranormal you do the same. Have an open mind and always be ready to step back and take a look at the big picture. Then you can decide if something was scary or not and if you want to go further into that cave.

Next I will talk about the tools that act as the light in the cave. That’s the Spiritual Medium stuff and the actual tools and gadgets. So, check back soon for that!


  1. Omg, do ever relate to this statement “need for the light to stay on, not a night-light, the room light. That seemed to keep the strangers away.” YES!!!!! Could not sleep in a dark room until my 30s. They still come once in a while. I also find my cats keep them away at night, as long as they are on the bed.

  2. Ive been experiencing things of this nature for a long time, I’m 52. But it seems more so in recent years. I was trying to correlate these happenings with our recent move into an old home, my fear of it along with deaths that occurred the first 2 years of living here. When I do see, hear or smell things I say a prayer, I don’t know if it helps or not but it’s what I do. Just recently when someone asked my husband and I if strange things happen here, my husband offered my experiences. I always thought he dismissed them, but instead he said he does believe that the experiences were real and that he’s had some also.

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