This is an up to date list of so many of the tools that I use day to day that have all been purchased through

The most important thing to remember is that I use and have continued to use every product I list. There is nothing here that you wouldn’t find in my To Go Box, at my desk or in my Ghost Hunting gear bag. Take a look and remember that if you order something from the links it helps me out a little bit.

I’ll list all of my favorite crystals first. One thing I love about ordering from Amazon is that I get a bulk order for the price of 1 or 2 crystals in the store. I love it the most because I give away the crystals as presents at in person readings.

Rose Quartz Hearts!
One of my favorites!
Rose Quartz Tumbled Bulk
Opens the Heart Chakra
Amethyst Tumbled!
Opens the Crown Chakra
These are Beautiful!
Lapis Tumbled
Used to open the Third Eye Chakra
Quartz Tumbled
Used for Clarity and Meditation
Black Tourmaline
Used for protection and keeping away evil
10 Selenite Wands
Clear your Aura with these!
Large Selenite Wand
Use for Super Protection
Chakra Bracelet
Be Mindful and Stylish

Here are a few essential oils I highly recommend!

Peppermint Oil
Use this to get your Psychic Senses Flowing!
Sandalwood Oil
Use this for Calming and Protection
Bergamot Oil
Bring focus to your day with this lovely citrus oil

Devining Tools

Complete Tarot Card Set with Booklet
Learn to Read Tarot with these beautiful cards!
Angel’s and Ancestors Oracle Cards
Another amazing way of reading Spirit
Beautiful Amethyst Pendulum
Learn the amazing and beautiful ways of the Pendulum
Ask questions and get answers!
Quartz Pendulum
This is for the real enthusiast!
Devining (Dousing) Rods
Find Water or Spirits with these amazing and mystical devining rods.
Electronic Dousing Roxs
Walk around in the dark often?
Needs to see without a doubt when the rods cross? These are for you!

Ghost Hunting Equipment

The Classic K2 Meter
Used for detecting spikes in EMF during investigations into the paranormal.
Mel Meter
Get real time EMF Data and temperature fluctuations on a light up screen.
Sony Digital Voice Recorder
Capture EVP Evidence with plenty of space on the external micro SD card
Red Light Flashlights
Perfect for walking around in the dark without blinding yourself or team mates.

Use your Phone to get professional Video Results using these items. I use these items to film almost everything I do! Save some Money and bundle the Light, Stabilizer and external Microphone all together. (Please read the description to make sure your specific device is compatible.)
Your phone goes from a shakey video taking device to a solid cinematic camera rig with these items.

Thanks for checking out the items I use every day! Check back soon for more items as I use and add them!

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