In our lives many of us are driven to do things we don’t quiet understand. We don’t know why feelings come over us, wash over us, bring us to the next step of our journey. Sometimes the feelings come on like tidal waves and reside like gentle lapping water in a small pond. The wave is strong enough to pick us up and shove us forward but can only carry us so far, the initial drive subsides and then we have to make a decision: Am I going to keep going? That is where I was not too long ago when I realised my life needed to change.

Have you ever come to that point? What was it? When did it happen? Did you act on it? Has your decision affected your life? What way did this life decision present itself?

If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have a few gifts, some that are stronger than others. Of course I love to write but my spelling and grammar could use some refinement. They will ever only be as good as I really want them to be. My psychic ability however comes so naturally that it is kind of just good on its own. Now, I am not the best, I am no Edgar Cayce but the gifts I possess are strong, so much so that I had no choice really but to embrace them. Doing so has opened so many doors for me that I would have never even noticed had I not ridden the wave in and continued to paddle once the wave left me.

I can equate connecting to Spirit to cooking, yeah let’s go with cooking and eating. So we all need to eat to live, we all have a soul or spirit inside of us. Now, do we all need to cook to eat? No, someone else can cook for us, my wife mostly cooks in our house. I could burn water and I have no natural ability to prepare food well enough for human consumption, beyond a cheese sandwich maybe. Now, do we all need to use our soul or spirit and recognize it everyday to live? Nope, it kind of can just sit there and reside inside you. It will do its job to keep you alive and moving on but it may not be as strong as it could be if you did some things to recognize it and nourish it. Just like no one wants to eat chicken I have cooked because I will over cook it rather than be afraid people would get raw chicken. You can eat my over cooked chicken to live but it isn’t going to be awesome. Now, let’s say I watch a few cooking shows, watch some YouTube videos and study some recipes to learn how to cook, will I get better at it? Absolutely! As long as I follow the directions of the more experienced people teaching and understand what I want in the end. I can have well cooked food prepared that is delicious and nourishing that I can share! Same thing goes for connecting to Spirit. You can, even if you don’t feel like you can, connect to Spirit if you follow the directions of the people handing you the advice and showing you the recipes.

How does this all tie together? Well, if I had continued to ignore Spirit coming to me and asking me to bring messages to the people around me I would have never started doing readings. I would have not met so many great people, including the team I investigate the Paranormal with. I would certainly have never started writing a blog and sure as heck would have not had the guts to start a web site. Something else by the way I have had no experience doing, I only could Google things and use Ebay. That was my internet experience. Here I am less than a year later publishing my own writing and everyday learning more about how to spread my message further to help more people. Are you going to follow my same path? No WAY! I wouldn’t want you to! You have to find how your particular gifts fit your life and learn how to utilize them to enhance the lives of the folks around you.

Am I still riding the wave? The initial push sure is gone, that is for sure, but, I have become emotionally invested in what I am doing,ZomboMeme 19042017140445 so every day I wake up and get a gentle push to keep going and keep moving forward. Sometimes I have so much going through my mind that I cannot get it all out, thank goodness for meditation. That is where I find the calmness and ask for the most important things to come forward. Today this message was inside and I felt by writing it that I could help some one out there. Remember to ride the wave and then use the momentum to keep going.

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