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One day, an alien who had just landed on Earth decided to explore a human home. As it wandered around the house, it stumbled upon the refrigerator and became curious about what was inside. Without hesitation, the alien opened the refrigerator door and started rummaging through the contents. But as it grabbed a jar of pickles, the lid slipped off and pickles flew everywhere! The alien frantically tried to catch the pickles, but they kept slipping through its slimy, green fingers. It eventually gave up and decided to leave, but not before leaving a sticky trail of pickle juice all over the kitchen floor. The human family was baffled when they saw the mess, they never did figure out what had happened but I bet they’d never guess it was a pickle hungry extraterrestrial. Let’s just give them the pickles folks. Peace. Love. Pickles. #aliens #ufos #ufo #news #paranormal #humor #funny

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