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What is in this for YOU?

When I take my time and stop for a little bit I reflect heavily on what I’m doing and what is in it for me. What am I gaining from giving away the information I’ve learned about Mediumship, Psychic gifts and all things “mystical?” Who is benefitting from this blog? Who am I really doing this for?

It’s a good question, one I’d like you to take a moment and ask yourself as well. I have been doing readings more and more steadily in the last few months and as a result my blog content has gone down, sorry about that. What has happened also though is I’m finding more and more people with gifts who need a place to start learning about them. Of course I direct them here and tell them to start reading from blog one and then think about how once they read through to the most current blog that they may be left hanging. I certainly don’t want to leave anyone hanging, especially if they are finding this site useful and easy to understand. With that said I will be picking up some new things to write about in regards to developing your own gifts. Now with that I ask “Who are you developing your gifts for and why?”

I started developing my own gifts pretty much out of instinct. I didn’t really have a motive other than I felt it needed to happen. Once I started to really dive in and understand who I was and how each of my own gifts worked I wanted to know more, not only did I want to know more but I wanted to test myself as myouruch as possible.

I started doing readings for friends and close family and it was a rush to say the least, when I would speak on behalf of a deceased person to the living. Describing an old apartment or fond memory they had, telling the living that the departed family member was alright and at peace became comforting to me. In the moment it was anyway, there was certainly a strain at home and there always will be. That’s with anything we dedicate time to, I want you to remember that for anything you apply yourself to. At first my wife thought it was a novelty or something I probably wouldn’t pursue too heavily, I have many interests and they all fizzle out and come back in waves.

Mediumship however never stopped being on my mind, it grew, like a small sapling into what is now a maturing tree. I consumed books and books, videos and podcasts and anything I could find for free on the Internet. Then something happened. I hit a wall. I grew as far as I felt I could. I kept reading the same things over and over, now what?

I decided I would take my perspective and knowledge and write a blog. Then the blog needed exposure so I started an Instagram and Facebook page for it. Then time went on, people booked me for readings and gave me glowing reviews, passed my cards along to family and friends. My Gift that was my passion grew into a small business. Well known people in the business of Psychics and Mediums have taken notice of me, even well known Paranormal Investigators ask my opinion on some of their cases. To say I’m humbled by all of that would be an understatement.

I recently became so overwhelmed with people asking for readings that I asked my wife to be the schedule keeper, a big step for me since I had been managing it myself for so long. Not only a big step for me though, a big one for her as well. Shellie, my wife takes care of our 2 young children, the house, the bills, the cooking and laundry and manages me now. My gift has turned into another job for someone else, thank goodness she took the position because I was drowning in schedule hell.

I write the blog for you. I want you to develop your gifts, whatever they may be. I want you to be as good as you can be with as much free information as you can get. That’s what I wanted for myself as well. I have that and so much more. Now, ask yourself “What is in this for YOU?”

What are you going to do with your gift once you have developed it into something that you can do on demand? Are you going to keep it to yourself? Are you going to tell friends? Will you make a business out of it? That’s all up to you. I just think about how I started doing this with no intention of being where I am and wonder what others are doing with the gift they have.

I’ll leave this session with this:

Do not have fear of the unknown. Embrace your Gifts, be positive and do this for you!


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Time to Make Time

It occurs to me that every day I hear myself say “I don’t have enough time.” I also hear so many other people say when I ask why they aren’t moving ahead with their goals. During readings careers often come up and goals for life and when I see a path so clearly for someone I ask them why they aren’t accomplishing their goals. It’s always the same. No Time.

“Time” is a 4 letter word for sure. There is never enough of it to go around. We waste it, we beg for more of it and we never seem to find it when we are looking for it. I’m the same as you for sure, work, family, friends and hobbies. How do we manage all of that? I’m 36 years old and still trying to really understand time management but I can tell you that when I’m passionate about something I did deep to find the time.

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If you are readings this on my blog you probably are looking through my posts about Mediumship and Psychic development, thank you by the way. You have probably read many things prior to coming here and now are readings this. You have made the time for it. You want something. I want you to succeed. I want you to flourish with your gifts. Its time to make time.

You will not develop if you aren’t making time to meditate and practice. Meditation takes the most time of anything for development. We all have a different method and none of them are wrong, whatever gets you into the flow of being able to listen to your intuition. The second thing you need time for is practice. I’ll tell you a few games in my next article to help you do that in a practical way. For now I’ll give you 1 that you can do anywhere.

The next time you are out, walking, driving, commuting, picture in your imagination something you think you’ll see along the way. Wait for it to appear. When you get good at it start being more specific with the things you think you’ll see and you will surprised how amazingly accurate you will become.

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Did I tell you to practice while you were doing something else? Yup. I sure did. Time management. You’ll be able to do simple psychic exercises like that one all the time and eventually you will just be doing them without thinking about it.

That’s how you make time to get better at this skillset. I’ll write a blog with other skill tests and of course they will be fun and practicle. Like me.

Make time, have fun, develop and bring happiness to yourself and everyone else. Have a great day and I will see you on the next one.

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Building a Future and seeing into it.

In last couple months I have been vigorously building a business. It’s hard to know where to go even as somebody with some clairvoyance, I’m not trying to be the same Psychic Medium you see on the side of the road. If you have been here reading along you know that I give what I would consider “classes”

away for free. Why? I believe everyone who wants to develop their own skills and gifts should have an equal starting point. It shouldn’t cost anyone a dime for directions. Imagine you pulled over and asked a stranger how to get to 123 street and they asked you for $50.00, what a croc that would be. Same goes here, learn what you can, take what works for your and move on. Come back occasionally to see what I have added. I’m still learning and writing it down to pass along. I’m on the verge however of going on to teaching in person, I didn’t see that coming when I started this blog. I thought I would teach through the Internet and that would be that. Well the Universe always knows better.

I Began by using this platform to reach people but I realized that there were better ways to reach more people and that was through social media, of course everybody else knew that but me. I know that I told everybody that they could reach me through Instagram and Facebook but I wasn’t properly utilizing those platforms. It hasn’t been until recently that I started using Facebook live as a advertisement tool to bring people here also to have them interact with me to book readings, which of course is where I make some money. Instagram is still sort of a mystery to me but I am working on it and I am proud to say that I almost have 1000 followers. We can leave Twitter out of it because that is a complete mystery to me as of right now. As I am moving forward however in social media and in real life more and more opportunities are becoming available to me, things that I would have never considered in a million years. Recently a very well known local psychic medium reached out to me and told me they had heard about what a good job I do and offered to send work my way. That is insane to me as I would have never thought anyone in the same business as me would want to send work to me. I have to say it is an amazing feeling to know that people that have been doing this for 20 plus years are sending potential clients to me with full Confidence that I will do a good job on my behalf and as well on their recommendation.

To me doing mediumship and psychic work has come very natural my entire life, being a business man however is a completely new realm to me. Why am I saying this in a blog that is primarily about mediumship and psychic work? I am hoping that even if that is not an interest to you that you are reading this and understanding that no matter what you do in life you have to try in order to succeed. I had never built a website prior to this one and I have never even attempted at doing business prior to the business I am doing now. Doing readings was just something I would get paid a few dollars for and that was great for helping paid to go to the movies or buy some groceries. Due to lots of work and learning through reading and amazing videos on YouTube I am building something that I hope all of you in the future are happy to be a part of.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do things that you want sure that you can do. Being a medium for me is easy being a business man is not, I feel so accomplished in everything I have learned so far in what I have done that I cannot hardly wait to take the next step and grow more as a business and more importantly as a brand. I am coming face-to-face with the fact that I am an entrepreneur and my dream is to have people read my blogs, watch my videos and have readings done by me. I want everyone to get to know me and I want to know you. There is a lot to be learned out there and I am never going to stop.

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Helping Others Helps Me

Very simply put, helping others helps me. If I were a baker and I only made things for myself I would get bored and my cakes would become lifeless with no reason for flare or improvement. The Baker is inspired to enhance the skill they have to enrich everyone else’s lives through the things they create. We eat with our eyes first so the Baker puts colorful and decorative frosting and icing on the cake with flowers and pearls and other things with eye catching appeal. This brings us to the cake and makes our imagination soar “what could be the center filling and what kind of cake is this made of?”  When I write an article  I dress up my knowledge with things you may enjoy, a catchy phrase and a nice photo with a hint of what you may obtain.

When the cake is cut and served it is laid out on a nice plate and the inside becomes visible and now you see what you have been craving, the filling and the cake and the icing, you can see it all now. Most times cake is shared with others over a special occasion and we eat it with friends. When I write about mediumship and pshycic abilities I try to show you everything I can, how the skills blend together and create a perfect synergy. I want your soul to recognize that it saw the icing and wanted more so you have cut in and now can see what you are longing. I make the posts public and share because that is best way to expierence these gifts and learning is the celebration we are all attending. 

Next we take a bite of cake and are satisfied with the decadent treat. We share with others how amazing it is and thank the Baker who put it together for us. We smile and delight and eat our cake, we remeber the bakers name and we call them for our next celebration. The Baker delights in knowing how much you love what they have brought that they go back to the bakery and start writing the next recipe with better ingredients to make the next batch of happiness they will bring. When I write and people respond I am always happy to have helped and it keeps me striving to be a better medium and teacher. I would like everyone to be able to bake thier own pshycic cake some day and pass the better improved recipe to the ones they love. That’s how helping others helps me. 


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