Hey there, it has been a while. I hope that everybody is getting ready for the holiday season. What sorts of traditions do you follow, what do you and your family do for the holidays? Generally at my house we have Christmas Eve with my wife’s family and then we head to my parents house for Christmas Day. It is usually nothing too fancy just dinner the exchange of presents and a nice time had by all.

I know that the holidays aren’t always so happy for everybody, but we try to do our best to help those who may maybe are not having such a good time. If you attend services at a church or at Temple I am sure that you are told to count your blessings, at least where I go that is what we are told. Sometimes we think that we have it hard when in reality it is only hard for us because we look around and see what others may have and know that we do not have them. I recently fell victim to this sort of thinking, it took me a little bit of meditation and a kick in the pants from my lovely wife to realize that I really do have the whole world.

As you know from reading my other blogs I am a big fan of meditation, it is always a good way to take a good look into our selves and also help develop critical-thinking for getting ourselves out of tough situations. By tough situation it doesn’t always have to be something catastrophic in life it could just be walls that we have put up for ourselves. What walls do we put up for ourselves you may ask. Well we tend to project our feelings onto other people and think we know what they are thinking about us and our situations. This is a tricky place to put yourself into and again it is something that I have done for myself multiple times and I am learning to not do it. By projecting our feelings onto other people we tend to not be able to find out what they are truly thinking and how they feel, once we break down this wall for ourselves we will be able to have a more full and Rich experience among others.
Don’t be a Grumy Cat!

I am kind of trying to go over this right now because I know that during the holidays it becomes very stressful for each of us and sometimes we can become spiteful and angry amid all of the stress. We forget that the true Spirit of Christmas and the holidays is to be generous with ourselves and our time, it isn’t all about the monetary gains of presents and all of the trimmings.

When you travel in the upcoming weeks to your Christmas parties and your holiday festivities make sure to let go of some of your walls and don’t worry so much about what you have physically brought, think about what you have spiritually brought to the event. Make sure to hand out plenty of hugs and smiles make sure that you shake lots of hands and send well wishes and intentions towards everyone. That is the true Spirit of the holiday, it should be enough that it lasts a person an entire year and next year you can recharge them with the same Smiles handshakes and hugs. Make them remember that when they go home that you were so generous and giving of yourself your time and your spirit. I would bet that most people would be excited that you gave them that opportunity to know you and give them something to reflect on about how they will start spreading their holiday spirit.

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