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Sitting in the dark at 3am in the parking lot of one of the most haunted locations on the Eastern Seaboard, that is where I am typing this next installment. You may have heard of it, “The Spy House” is how it is affectionately known to the locals and is known by its proper name The Wilson-Seabrook home. Searching for it by the latter you will find a rich history of stories about paranormal pirates, widows and sea Captains, even a few children that have not moved on from this small paradise on the Jersey Shore. The rear of the Spy House overlooks the NY Harbor and has a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline, the twinkling lights from the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building can be seen towering over the rest of the giants that make up beautiful City that is New York.

Here in this quiet unassuming lot next to the house where my paranormal journey started is the perfect place to write to you about where my life is now. I first had come across a small boy named Mathew here at the Spy House, he showed me a closet with several toys in it while I was on a tour with my family, I was about 4 years old. My mom was surprised that I had found any toys in such an old home, turned museum. She asked where I got it and I told her that Mathew had shown me where they were. The curator of the museum heard our conversation and laughed, she knew that Mathew was a resident spirit and my mom was in for a shock. After several instances like this one in other not so haunted locations I was asked by my parents to tone it down, you know speaking to spirits, not everyone liked that I could do it. I didn’t know that it was creepy or scary, I just liked speaking to the people who I met.

Many years past with some hiccups along the way, I was happy that the occurences had dwindled to almost nothing and that I was able to live a life where the dead weren’t coming to me anymore, save the rare occasion of running into an Earthbound spirit. I noticed that during times of sickness like a severe cold or having the flu I would have more contact than I’d like with those who wanted to speak to me, and typically I shrugged them off. I also could not ignore them during times of stress in my life. They would usually have no trouble at all coming to speak to me, my defenses were weak and I was vulnerable. I had a heck of a bad time in life around 2008 to 2010 and that is when things came back with a fury, as if someone unkinked the hose and released all the water pressure that had been building up. GOOOOOSH! Spirits everywhere!

I did my best to try to ignore it but I was unable, fighting the current became tiresome and was leading to depression and truly affecting who I was. I decided that it was time to embrace who I was and made a decision that has ultimately led me here, so far. I wasn’t calling myself anything at all just yet though, no medium, no psychic no gifted, nothing. I had to go on a journey about harnessing and understanding who I was and what it was that I was doing. Speaking to the dead you know, saying it to other people out loud can make you sound a little crazy. I stuck to being very coy about what I was doing, who I was speaking to and what they were telling me, there were times I should have passed a message but didn’t and that still bothers me.

As I look back was selfish but I wasn’t aware then that when I spoke for the departed I would have God to run his love through the message and protect me from ridicule. I know this now, and I have learned because I have opened my heart to the fact that God does watch over me and does provide me with the gift to speak on behalf of those who can not communicate with loved ones any more. I am not special though, the longer I do this and more often I do it the more I realize that this gift is in each one of us, most just need to open up to it and let it flow. I have been in love and I have been angry and upset and all of the other emotions we feel during our time as human beings but there is a feeling that I only feel when I communicate for the deceased and that is Gods Love.

I don’t preach any religion here and I would never try to, nor will I ever tell you what is right or wrong for you. I have said before I am a Catholic and so I believe in God, but you believe in what you believe in. Make sure that it is something or someone who is filled with compassion and love and make sure that they want the best for you and your neighbors. This divine being and idea is what God is, and God grants us the light down the path to spread love and hope and help others to the light. As a medium I try to bring light to a path for others to follow, I cannot walk them down the path, just show them the way to it and give them some tools, which is what I do here. It is up to each of us to take the path we feel is right for us and use the tools we are handed to complete our journey.

I am not a great athlete or great at academics, I am however very naturally gifted in mediumship. I have a natural talent for what I do and I have found that it makes me happy to use my talent to help others. I have found myself on a path to do readings for others, teach how to develop this skill for others and be apart of paranormal investigations to help those conflicted with spirits in their homes. This is a snapshot of where I am today, and ten days from now or ten years from now the picture can and probably will be completely different. I welcome that because staying the same does not bring development, it’s the opposite of what we all want in life. I am sure that if you are here reading this that you feel the same and are looking to take the next step in developing yourself, and that can be in more than just your psychic skills. I would like to think that you want to develop in all areas of your life, whatever that may be.

I am at a point now that I am learning from others further along in their journey and development and am thirsty for more all of the time. I am not only learning through books and blogs and speaking with other Mediums but also through doing. I encourage doing as much as you can, it is all practice. I would say that this is one area that you should take small steps into a few directions to see where you are most comfortable. Are you good with doing Psychic readings and doing love life predictions, Mediumship speaking to the deceased or maybe you are better as a Medium investigating haunted areas. You won’t know what you are best at until you try, and that is the whole point of this site. I want you to get out there and try a little of everything.

I have Tarot cards I like to use every once in a while and rune stones I have tried a few times. I have a few pendulums that I use to speak to my inner self and I know I am comfortable with it because I tried it, and decided I like it. I know that I am pretty good on Paranormal Investigations because I do them, this also happens to come in handy when I am out and about in life because I know when I am speaking to an earthbound spirit versus someone who has crossed. I wouldn’t have known that unless I had been trying both types of Mediumship. I know that I am not very strong in the area of Love Life kind of things. I can see the people who I think belong together and describe them but I have no idea how to tell someone to go about meeting them or how to speak to them. Maybe some day I’ll figure it out.

Another avenue that you may want to try is healing through spiritual work. Doing energy healings for others may be your calling. I think later on another post I may go in-depth about this because it is very interesting to me and something I will be trying in the future. Some people just know that they should be doing it and some have to fall into it. I am going to push my way into it! I hope that it goes well but I won’t know until I get into it, and I am going to start with finding people who already practice it and I will read about it and watch many hours of video about it, just like I hope you are doing the same with all that you are pursing. Immerse yourself!

So that is where I am in this journey and there are many other ventures that I am getting into, including teaching classes about the paranormal and Mediumship, starting a business and continuing to build my family. All things I have never done but am getting into, I hope that if you have been reading my posts and following along that you can take some of what I say and put it into action. See you on the next one when we will both be further along in our journeys!


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