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Blowing Smoke (sage)

Every time that I open up a new blog or go to a Facebook page where somebody is affected by something they think is a negative entity someone always suggests that they burn Sage to rid themselves of the being. It seems that it is the trend since all of the paranormal shows have shown it on television.

Have you ever come across this exact type of post before? If you are like me and read as much paranormal media as you can then I’m sure you have. Where did this idea come from that every entity is negative and should be gotten rid of with sage? I know that saging or smudging a house or area is an ancient ritual. However not every entity, ghost or whatever you want to call them is bad and needs to be gotten rid of.

I myself have used white sage many times to help calm the atmosphere of a location that was encountering negative paranormal happenings. However I have not found that this ritual will forever get rid of a spirit that does want to be there. Are all of these shows blowing smoke? What is the real answer for moving on a spirit that we no longer want in our space?

Let’s take a look at why we would not want a spirit or entity in our space. For one reason it may be very disruptive to our everyday lives, such as banging knocking or being all-around frightening which we would call a haunting. Maybe the spirit is making you feel uncomfortable in other ways, such as making you feel watched or depressed and or anxious. These are great reasons to want to have a spirit evacuate your area. Before we get into good ways to have the spirit exit your life let’s talk about why they may be there in the first place.

Through many investigations and speaking with many different Spirits I have found that the things they do that frighten us or haunt us are often ways that they try to get our attention. Many times it just feels frightening to us because the events that are occurring around us are not expected. If a spirit were to yell in your ear right now you would probably jump out of your skin, but maybe they are screaming in your ear because they have been trying for months to get your attention for help. How can you help them? Well first you have to learn to listen or find somebody who knows how to listen to them. Obviously this day in age you can go on the internet and look for your local psychic medium or a paranormal group to help you out. Hopefully if you have been reading my blog then you have figured out how to listen to them for yourselves.

Unlike an unwanted pests or bug infestation in your home these paranormal beings have a want or a need and should be listened to. If after you have done a thorough investigation it leads you to believe that this is a negative entity then you should contact the proper people to help you move them on. I think it is in everyone’s best interest however to take the time to find out what they want, more than likely they are good or at least malevolent and are just looking for help.

Don’t let negative media and television guide your thoughts about the Paranormal. It is very important for you to come to conclusions yourself, and if you cannot come to the conclusion again it is important to find a reputable team or person that can help you.

Next time you see a post about someone being afraid in their home or area and someone suggest they Sage it to rid the space of a ghost make sure you direct them here and tell them it is important to listen to what the entity has to say.

I hope you have gained a little inside from this and realize that we should not be blowing smoke at each other.

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Holiday Spirit!

Hey there, it has been a while. I hope that everybody is getting ready for the holiday season. What sorts of traditions do you follow, what do you and your family do for the holidays? Generally at my house we have Christmas Eve with my wife’s family and then we head to my parents house for Christmas Day. It is usually nothing too fancy just dinner the exchange of presents and a nice time had by all.

I know that the holidays aren’t always so happy for everybody, but we try to do our best to help those who may maybe are not having such a good time. If you attend services at a church or at Temple I am sure that you are told to count your blessings, at least where I go that is what we are told. Sometimes we think that we have it hard when in reality it is only hard for us because we look around and see what others may have and know that we do not have them. I recently fell victim to this sort of thinking, it took me a little bit of meditation and a kick in the pants from my lovely wife to realize that I really do have the whole world.

As you know from reading my other blogs I am a big fan of meditation, it is always a good way to take a good look into our selves and also help develop critical-thinking for getting ourselves out of tough situations. By tough situation it doesn’t always have to be something catastrophic in life it could just be walls that we have put up for ourselves. What walls do we put up for ourselves you may ask. Well we tend to project our feelings onto other people and think we know what they are thinking about us and our situations. This is a tricky place to put yourself into and again it is something that I have done for myself multiple times and I am learning to not do it. By projecting our feelings onto other people we tend to not be able to find out what they are truly thinking and how they feel, once we break down this wall for ourselves we will be able to have a more full and Rich experience among others.
Don’t be a Grumy Cat!

I am kind of trying to go over this right now because I know that during the holidays it becomes very stressful for each of us and sometimes we can become spiteful and angry amid all of the stress. We forget that the true Spirit of Christmas and the holidays is to be generous with ourselves and our time, it isn’t all about the monetary gains of presents and all of the trimmings.

When you travel in the upcoming weeks to your Christmas parties and your holiday festivities make sure to let go of some of your walls and don’t worry so much about what you have physically brought, think about what you have spiritually brought to the event. Make sure to hand out plenty of hugs and smiles make sure that you shake lots of hands and send well wishes and intentions towards everyone. That is the true Spirit of the holiday, it should be enough that it lasts a person an entire year and next year you can recharge them with the same Smiles handshakes and hugs. Make them remember that when they go home that you were so generous and giving of yourself your time and your spirit. I would bet that most people would be excited that you gave them that opportunity to know you and give them something to reflect on about how they will start spreading their holiday spirit.

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Validation and Faith

Having faith is often difficult when we are being told not
to have it or that what we believe is incorrect. From our religion to our
values to the truth we hold dear to us as we do our readings for others. Of course
all of those are different categories in life and they vary in importance from
one to another. I would hold my religious beliefs and my personal values in the
same importance and then my confidence in the information I am bringing through
as a Medium and Psychic. What I find funny is that the information that I receive
as a Medium is almost always immediately validated and that makes my faith in
my abilities stronger every time and that validation makes my faith in religion
and good values even stronger.

Recently I had a skeptic put my faith to the test in my own abilities
and in some other aspects of life. I would like to state that I have always had
an open mind and don’t care for people who can’t find a reason to believe. I
especially have a bone to pick with those who go out of their way to make
people like myself look “bad” or “fake.” I understand that not everyone has had
the “Aha moment” where faith was replaced by knowing the truth. I am just upset
by skeptics who attack and use the scientific method as an argument for something
so beyond regular human understanding. Ok ,so anyway this person who challenged
me got me deep into thought about what I was doing, as a Medium a Psychic and
even as a person. I have never lied to anyone about the information I have received
or how I got it, by way of images and words formed in my mind by Spirit or “energy”
or whatever we want to call it to help bring comfort to the phenomenon.  

At one point in human history the Earth was flat, the moon was
unreachable and people were persecuted for saying otherwise. That is until science
caught up and we could prove the truth through technology, gaining access to a
macro and micro understanding of the world around us. So far we (highly trained
scientist) have proved the earth is round and we can reach the moon. Now it is
time for scientists to start thinking of new ways to measure psychic abilities,
paranormal phenomenon and all other supernatural areas of our existence.

Until the day comes when some one in a lab coat can recreate
what we do in a lab we have to just go on developing our skills and proving through
our actions that we have a gift. In the same vein of thinking and the reason I
am writing this it is important to have no doubt in yourself while conducting a
reading. Even when something just does not make sense, put it out there into
the Universe that you are getting what it is expelling. I have had a number of
instances where the person I was reading for told me I was wrong about the
information I was getting from a deceased relative and have had them come back
hours, days and weeks later to tell me that they discovered what I told them
was fact.

If you don’t have faith in yourself and in your ability you
will never get the validation you need to be successful. Not just bringing in
another income but as a good advisor and Medium/psychic. I don’t want you to challenge
any skeptics, that is a waste of energy but I do challenge you to go with your instinct
and say and write what you feel during a reading. Don’t let the person on front
of you tell you no because you are the conduit and the one with the responsibility
to relay information to them, whether it is what they hold to be true or not.
When you do that you will find validation which leads to faith and that leads
to strength and happiness.

Good luck out there, keep practicing, keep learning and keep


Heart Chakra 

Heart Chakra…right in the feels as they say. There is so
much that we could cover when talking about this very sensitive area of our
energetic spirit body but we will keep it short and simple. The Heart Chakra
can be very open or very closed and either way can be an issue for us, for
developing psychics, mediums and alike. Being too open or closed can also
affect our personal lives and relationships aside from what we usually discuss

So let’s begin, how can we identify our openness or lack thereof
in our Heart Chakra. I find that we can look inward first to see where we are
with this specific energy. I want you to meditate and see where you feel your
energy. Is it in your head, heart or stomach? I often find that I am in my
head, I am a very visual Psychic Medium so I prefer to see what I am interpreting.
Perhaps you like to feel it because visions are too powerful or uncomfortable
for you, or you read from your stomach area, a gut feeling or just knowing.
When I find that I am too much in my head and in my Third Eye I have to
envision pushing the energy down to my heart, this is something for me that
takes practice. Lots of practice. It’s important to be able to utilize this
energy even if your other abilities are very strong.  Many times a reading can seem cold if you don’t
emotionally connect with your client, that isn’t who you want to be. For
instance, have you ever been to the Doctor and they were very cold with no
bedside manor? It’s the same thing. I didn’t realize that until another Medium
pointed it out to me and of course I ran with it.

So when you do readings, which I think by now if you have
been practicing you should be at least have done a few, have you thought about
focusing on your heart energy and seeing what happened? It can be a real eye
opening so to speak. I find that when I open that part of myself for a reading
that the connection becomes so much stronger between the Spirit and my client.
That being said I don’t always open like that, sometimes though it is required
to make the full connection and get the message across. I let the Spirit or my
Higher Self show me a heart in order to direct me to open up that way. I would
like for you to decide what your symbol will be when you do readings so that you
can be guided in the correct direction.

Now let’s talk about being too open. This to me is more of
an issue than being closed up. Folks who are widely open in the heart often
find themselves hurt or misguided by others because they allow themselves to be
manipulated. THIS DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE! I have found from speaking to many people
with “big hearts” that they have been in many bad relationships or find
themselves pleasing everyone but themselves. This is no good because it takes from
your purpose.  This does not mean the
great people out there who dedicate their lives to service or volunteering.
They have found the reason for their big heart and are acting on it, which of
this is something you do then please keep doing it! Being kind is one of the
most amazing gifts we can give to each other.

If you find that you are too open then you need to focus on
moving that energy upward or downward away from your heart. Don’t close up all
together because that will also make you sick and not serve a purpose. During
meditation and readings if you find that you are becoming too attached to a
thought or feeling move the energy away until you become comfortable again.
This will benefit your client and you and the Spirit who you are communicating

We all as human need love and need  to give love, it is one of the biggest themes
throughout our lives and it is so important to keep a balance between enough
and too much. Remember that because once you have control of that aspect of
your energy other opportunities will become clear to you in your life. I’m very
visual so even as I typed that I imagined having blurry vision and putting on a
pair of glasses and having everything come into focus.

Your Heart Chakra Meditation.

Find your comfortable space and get into meditation mode.
When you are set and in your space imagine a bright green energy above your
crown. Have the energy pass through your crown past your Third Eye and past
your Throat Chakra. Have it settle into your heart. See the bright green color
shimmer and shine brightly, see the edges of it, into the center. Notice the
color variations and how they swirl and move about. Now as you are seeing this
energy I want you to put a dimmer switch next to it. Use the switch to turn the
brightness up and down on the energy. Get it to the point where you are comfortable
and can focus on it. Be aware now that the dimmer is always there and can be
used anytime to turn that energy up or down depending on your needs. It’s that easy!

The next time you need a little more heart in a reading use
the dimmer to turn up the brightness and then use it to turn it down when you
are done. You have the ability to control your Heart Chakra from now on, if you
start to feel too attached to something or someone turn it down, if you start
to feel disdain for something that you really shouldn’t then turn it up.

I hope this very brief insight into the Heart Chakra helps
you along and has you asking more questions and trying to find more answers while
on your path. Remember if you would like to ask anything please feel free to
message me on facebook @scottythenjmedium. I usually answer within a few hours
and am always happy to help! Have a great day and remember to be kind to each


Self Healing 

It’s almost Halloween and things have been getting spooky
around the NJ Medium Headquarters. I have increased my readings and people seem
to have been reaching out more for all kind of paranormal services. Of course I
figured that it would be that way around this time of year, the veil has
thinned and this year seems to be the biggest pull in a while that I can
remember. It seems that not only the spirits are getting stronger but each and
every one of you. Is there a big awakening happening? I would love to think so
and I hope that’s the case, there is no but. I really am on board for everyone
gaining spiritual insight and finding a path that speaks to them.

Almost since the beginning of doing readings for people I
try to impart words of wisdom, not that I am some guru but I have a lifetime of
experience that I like to tap into in order to help others on their journey.
One of the things that I am not, at least right at this point in my life is a “spiritual
healer.” What is that anyway? Well I think it is someone who as a great insight
into the spirt and can recognize the issues that reside inside and they have
the tools to help heal the spirit by way of using their own energy. For an
example, you go to the Doctor with an issue and they diagnose it using training
and experience and then prescribe a medicine to help remedy the issue. I don’t
really do that. I prefer to act as a guide to helping people heal themselves.
Sometimes they cannot do it for themselves and need an outside source to do it
for them. I am always willing to send them to the proper person that can do
that for them of course.

I think that it is very important for people who are waking
up to their own energy to realize when something is wrong, try to find the
answer for themselves and then try to fix the issue. This leads to a stronger understanding
of who they are as a person and I think it helps them recognize the same issues
in others. It’s a tool for the tool belt. Of course it’s always good to ask for
help and find someone to help you out when the issue is greater than you can

When you begin to reach out for help or guidance you will
find that people will actually find you, we attract those around us who are
like us. That is one of the laws of attraction. (Something I will cover
sometime in the future) It’s good to bring likeminded people into our circle,
they support us and we support them. You may be surprised that someone with a
special gift is not as talented as you are in your particular skill. That is
the way it works, which is good because if we were all good at everything we do
than we wouldn’t need each other. BORING! 
So as you move along, read along here and practice don’t forget to offer
your opinions and views into the conversation. You have no idea if someone out
there is looking for the experience that you have and your advice or guidance
could help heal a soul.

When you are done reading this take a moment and decide on
one thing that you are going to work on for yourself. After you decide what
that is look up the topic, read about it, watch a video or two and then decide
if you can fix the issue yourself. If you aren’t sure give it a try anyway, get
to the bottom of the issue at hand and explore ways of bringing peace to it. If
you have tried several methods to try and fix your individual issue then it is
time to reach out for help. Don’t be afraid. Now this isn’t just for psychic
development or spiritual, you can apply this to just about any situation in
life. Of course if you are experiencing an emergency reach out to the
authorities immediately, for everything else, give self-healing a try and go
from there.

Good luck to everyone out there and have a safe and happy Halloween.
Good luck reaching out to your lost loved ones, healing yourselves and making a
positive impact on other people’s lives.



Here we are approaching mid-October and I am behind as per
the usual lately. Thank you to everyone who has been coming here and reading
all my other blogs, that is much appreciated. To all the new folks, welcome! We
are coming close to the time of year where the “veil” between our world and the
spirit world is the thinnest. That means for all of us who are sensitive and
even those who aren’t spirit communication is the easiest right now.
 For all of those who have been following along
I hope that you have been practicing and those who are just joining us make
sure to go back and learn the basics to communicating with the spirits and how
to protect yourselves.

So much has been happening lately for me that I have had a
hard time to get here and write it all down, I have been to the Hinsdale House
in NY and the Rolling Hills Asylum that is located in NY as well.  My team ( had a great
time and collected some pretty cool evidence. We brought two guests who have
never been on an investigation and they did really well. If you want to go on a
“ghost hunt” I would advise that you find a local reputable team and ask if you
can tag along. Most teams would probably say yes, if for nothing else because
they would like a hand carrying in equipment.

Since my last entry I have gotten a second “Light Language
Activation” session under my belt. ( The session went
really well, I really liked that we did a barter deal, I traded a reading for
her talent. If you have a talent you should reach out to other light workers
who have a different talent and see if they would be interested in doing a
trade, chance are that they would want to. I find that others can do for me
things I cannot do for myself and it usually costs a few dollars so when people
are willing to trade it’s a win win.

During my second session of light language I was able to
tune better into my own ability to pick up on characteristics of an object
without seeing them, such as color and energy imprint. During my session a
photo of Mary (Jesus’s Mother) was placed on my heart and I was seeing images
of a manger scene and a crucifix. A red orange crystal was placed into my right
hand and I saw an orange red color with my eyes closed. When the session was
over I opened my eyes and told Kate some of what I saw in my minds eye and she
revealed to me the objects that she placed around me and on me. To me that was clear
indicator that I was making leaps in the right direction with my own gifts.

Since the light language activation I have had a higher
volume of readings scheduled and have been enjoying them more. Even though I am
confident in my abilities it still can be nerve racking before doing a reading
for someone, I never know if the person they want to come through is going to.
It’s a silly fear because I have yet to have a spirit not show up. This really
all goes back to opening up and getting over fear. Once that hurdle is cleared
opportunities start to appear, for me at least that has been the case. I am
going to be doing a 5 hour marathon of readings at the end of the month, I am
crazy nervous! Again I know I don’t need to be but it is natural I suppose.

On top of that I have also been asked to be interviewed for
a book, that is something that I never even though of. Someone thinks enough of
me to ask me questions and interview me for something they are hard at work on.
That to me amazing, I really appreciate that and I can’t wait to see what
opportunities come from that. Hopefully I get to talk about this site and also
all my paranormal adventures growing up to the present. I have more to share
here of course and a rather big one that is shaping up right now. It’s a story
that has taken two years to come to the point I am at now and will be writing
about it as soon as I know where I end up in the whole thing. To give you a
hint it is about a 115 year old house that has some crazy family history and
paranormal stories to go with them.

I always want anyone who is reading what I write to remember
that everything starts with you, you are the spark that gets it all started. If
you are a developing Light Worker it is important to remember that none of this
is scary or frightening. What is scary? Not following the path that is in front
of you, going against the grain of what you feel inside and ignoring what you
were sent here to do. As I take steps forward I am learning myself from doing,
I am not sure what the end game is for me yet but I can say for sure that I am
learning so much heading in that direction and that’s where you should be going
as well. There will be times things are slow and these are time to read about
new things. Find things that interest you. For light workers the material is
endless, look up astral projection, past lives, near death experiences, past
lives, visitation dreams, akashic records, spirit guides, aura readings, tarot
readings, palm reading. When you read those things see what is associated with
those and read about that topic as well! You have no idea where the road will
take you until you start reading the road signs that speak to you!

Stay tune for opening your Heart Chakra, that is what is upnext! As always thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to email me withany topics you would like me to write about and any questions you have. Visit meon facebook @scottythenjmedium and Instagram the same feed and NEW follow meday to day on Snapchat! Scottynjmedium! Thanks everyone!



Light Language Activation

I finished dinner for the night and said good night to the kids. I told my wife that I would be back in a few hours.  I made my way out into the cool August evening,looking up at the sky and the barely visible stars of the twilight. I started my car and checked the time, I had about a half an hour to make the start of the event. I motored down the highway fighting the end of the rush home with the hard working people of New Jersey. My destination, the Zen Den, a place I have visited many timesbefore. The owner is an old friend and just a great person in general. I thought about seeing her and being in the peacful place of her business, a warm space with lowlighting bamboo flooring and light meditation music playing in the background.

I arrived outside the building promptly at 7pm, just as the class was supposed to start. I walked into the front door and was met in the small lobby by several other people and the class leader, Kate. I was the last to arrive and was feeling some butterflies in my stomach, something that I didn’t generally feel prior to starting new things. I like making sure that I am cool and calm before starting things, that way I am clear to recieve messages and relay them. I had the feeling I have before starting a reading, which is speaking to strangers in an unfamiliar setting, so it was kind of like that.

We all made our way into the big room that is right off of the lobby, the smell of essential oils filled the air and the lights were dim. Folding chairs were set up in a circle and were facing inward. The other people all sat down and I was the last to take a seat, the class leader Kate sat next to me on my right. I noticed that my calves were feeling grounding energy that I had not felt in a long time. It felt like I was doing physical exercise and bringing my muscles to fatigue. I took this as my first sign that I was going to be in for a treat, I was right.

Kate began by introducing herself. I would describe her as a very lovely down to Earth woman who was very well spoken and had a certain charm I could not ignore. Now I say “charm” and I don’t mean in a way that is physical, it was a Spiritual type of “charm.” As she spoke I could see a gold Aura form arund her head and as she used her hands I could see a purple light trail her palms. Her Chakras were on fire, they were the brightest I have ever seen. Kate explained that she had recieved Light Language and that she now could channel it. As I understand it, Kate channels several different non-human beings tha speak this language. Don’t stop reading! I thought it sounded strange also but being that I am a Psychic Medium who speaks to the dead I put the factor of strange out of my head. I mean, look at what I do!

Kate went on to explain that there would be different sounds and noises that she would make and that they would come out at different volumes. I spent the entire time making sure that I wasn’t going to overthink this, strange noises and different volumes. I got it, I have a few little kids. Just prior to starting she explained that she had several crystals in the center of the circle on the floor and that she could possibly hand them out as she channeled the Light Language.

First we began by doing a very uniquly worded meditation linked with our intentions, what we wanted to recieve by being present for the Light Language. It was for grounding and connecting to the Earth. Something that was very interesting to me was that she told us to invision spirals into the Earty, different from the strait chords or ropes that I am used to using. She explained later that the spirals were stronger and that the Entities liked them more. As we finished the meditation, that

Kate spoke in fluent English, everything changed. Her language changed, her voice changed, the room changed and I would be left changed. The language that was coming out of Kate was unlike anything that I have ever heard before, I was in shock at first but after several minutes I warmed up to it. I was no longer thinking about it rather I was taking it in. I became hyper-aware of the beings that were surrounding myself and the others in the room. I was truely aware for the first time of Spirit Animals. They were flooding the room and standing by the sides of the people in the room who they belonged to. I saw a goose a bear and a bat. I saw a sea turtle and what I could only describe as a sea serpent near another person. I believe each was aware of me as well, they took turnes looking in my direction. Kate went from person to person speaking the Light language, her voice changed with each different dialect or language. She made rapid hand movements and walked from person to person in the circle. I kept my eyes closed most of the time using my Third Eye to focus on each person.

As Kate approached me I felt my core heat up, my head started swirling with energy. I felt as though the world was funneling through my Crown and down into my feet. My Third Eye exploded with visions and I knew then and there that I was going to be better at doing what I do. I fully expected for the deceased to take a chance at this moment to bombard me and it didn’t happen. Instead I was seeing vibrant colors and I was feeling all of my Chakras spin and become alive with energy all at once. This is something that I have experienced happen during meditation but never at the level that it was at right now. I kept taking deep breaths and let the energy flow, at this point I felt that I didn’t have a choice, I was fully enveloped in the moment and the feeling. Kates voice changed from time to time, I would assume that each voice change was a different Entity. With each change I felt a change in myself, giving energy and taking in energy. I never once felt stagnant or that nothing was happening. It was a life changing event for me.

Afer everyone had a turn we went back to the meditation which Kate preformed in English although by now I felt so comfortable hearing the new (to me) language that I would have been ok continuing on with it. Of course my brain or concious self did not understand it but I felt that I didn’t have to in order to get something from it. We continued grounding and breathing and coming out of the meditation until it was time to open our eyes. Everyone in the circle looked refreshed and renewed, we each shared a bit about what we felt during the Light Language Activation. I told people about the Spirit Animals that surrounded them and some about other things that I had seen. We broke the circle and said goodnight, I spoke briefly to Kate and told her what I wonderful time I had and how I could already tell that things already had began shifting.

Fast forward a few weeks later to now. I have for sure reopned my center Chakras and they are flowing with energy now. It’s very helpful during readings because I am not relying soley on my Third Eye to bring me information, now I can clearly feel the emotions of the deceased and the living. I have also been able to detect energy around the living as I walk near them, it feels like a static charge. I also have been seeing colors around people, Auaras, which before I could only see for a moment. Now it lasts a little longer and I am still amazed by it.

If you were to ask me if I thought this could help you in your spiritual journey I think that you know that I would say yes. Yes yes yes! I will go to more sessions and try to further advance myself and see what else it can lead to for me. I could not write this blog or any blog if I was not constantly learning and growing. Being as genuine as I can is the most important thing and that is especially true for this space. I want everyone who stops here to read what I write and be able to sit back and know that there is no hokey pokey nonesense to weed through.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and I hope that if you can find someone near you that does Light Language Activation you see them. Until then don’t stop here, go to youtube and look it up there, I have found some very wonderful folks out there who have videos reguarding this and who also speak the language in the videos.

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Please keep coming back, I am going to be posting more often now that summer is over. I have new things to talk about and I am going to finish my series about Chakras.
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Remote Viewing and a couch

If you are interested in psychic phenomena than you have probably heard the term “Remote Viewing.” It sounds as awesome as it actually is. Think for a moment, wouldn’t it be great if you could you could visit somewhere before you actually went. What if you could see the details of places and people in those places before you actually ever even went there, or what if you never even went there at all and new all kinds of things as if you have already visited? Do you think that this kind of phenomenon actually exists? I can assure you through my personal experience that this does exist and it is possible for you to be able to practice it. 

We can start with the American government acknowledging the fact that this exists because they hired psychics to spy on other countries during times of War. They tried to gain State secrets through remote viewing. How does that sound to you?

Check out this link that explains “Project Stargate.” Even the name is awesome! 


Have you ever had any experience with remote viewing? If so what were the results what did you experience? I’d like to tell you a little story about one of the best experiences I had while utilizing remote viewing. 

Prior to going on a paranormal investigation I laid down and did my normal meditation routine. This time though instead of trying to contact my Spirit guides and ask them for help communicating with Spirits I decided to focus on the location that we were going to be going to. Now keep in mind I have never been there and I’d only seen one photograph of the outside of the house. The only real thing that I knew was that it was an old farm house that was around 200 years old. 

I decided that I would imagine myself walking up to the front door of the house opening the door and looking at the things that I could immediately see from the entrance. I could see steps there were straight ahead of me I could see two to three separate rooms and I also was picking up on something that I thought was strange, it was a blue couch and it was the only piece of furniture that I could see during my psychic walk. I could tell that it was not original to the house and it did not fit the time period of the furniture that I thought should be in an old farmhouse. I noted the couch in my writings when I was done with my meditation and that’s where this gets very cool.

That day we went to The Farmhouse and I let the group walk-in ahead of me as I didn’t want to spoil my psychic impressions with the tour of the house. After the group was done taking the tour I entered the house through the front as I had imagined in my psychic walk during my remote viewing session and lo and behold in front of me was a blue couch. It was exactly what I had envisioned when I did my remote viewing.

This to me was more proof and validation of the psychic ability I possessed and it encouraged me to do more remote viewing. With that in mind I would like for you to take the time and practice remote viewing. I want you to think about a place that you know that you are going to go to in the future. I want you to imagine walking in through the entrance and I want you to think about the things that you see, smell and can touch. Make sure that when you are done with your meditation that you write everything down that you can remember.

Do not be discouraged if you did not get too many things correct and it is okay to say that if you were going to the grocery store that you know that there are going to be fresh fruits and vegetables there. While you’re doing your remote viewing meditation try to visualize what the prices might be or any new or exotic fruits and vegetables that may be in the store. Once you have started to master the easier locations start to challenge yourself by going to new places that you have never been and see what you might find.

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