If you are interested in psychic phenomena than you have probably heard the term “Remote Viewing.” It sounds as awesome as it actually is. Think for a moment, wouldn’t it be great if you could you could visit somewhere before you actually went. What if you could see the details of places and people in those places before you actually ever even went there, or what if you never even went there at all and new all kinds of things as if you have already visited? Do you think that this kind of phenomenon actually exists? I can assure you through my personal experience that this does exist and it is possible for you to be able to practice it. 

We can start with the American government acknowledging the fact that this exists because they hired psychics to spy on other countries during times of War. They tried to gain State secrets through remote viewing. How does that sound to you?

Check out this link that explains “Project Stargate.” Even the name is awesome! 


Have you ever had any experience with remote viewing? If so what were the results what did you experience? I’d like to tell you a little story about one of the best experiences I had while utilizing remote viewing. 

Prior to going on a paranormal investigation I laid down and did my normal meditation routine. This time though instead of trying to contact my Spirit guides and ask them for help communicating with Spirits I decided to focus on the location that we were going to be going to. Now keep in mind I have never been there and I’d only seen one photograph of the outside of the house. The only real thing that I knew was that it was an old farm house that was around 200 years old. 

I decided that I would imagine myself walking up to the front door of the house opening the door and looking at the things that I could immediately see from the entrance. I could see steps there were straight ahead of me I could see two to three separate rooms and I also was picking up on something that I thought was strange, it was a blue couch and it was the only piece of furniture that I could see during my psychic walk. I could tell that it was not original to the house and it did not fit the time period of the furniture that I thought should be in an old farmhouse. I noted the couch in my writings when I was done with my meditation and that’s where this gets very cool.

That day we went to The Farmhouse and I let the group walk-in ahead of me as I didn’t want to spoil my psychic impressions with the tour of the house. After the group was done taking the tour I entered the house through the front as I had imagined in my psychic walk during my remote viewing session and lo and behold in front of me was a blue couch. It was exactly what I had envisioned when I did my remote viewing.

This to me was more proof and validation of the psychic ability I possessed and it encouraged me to do more remote viewing. With that in mind I would like for you to take the time and practice remote viewing. I want you to think about a place that you know that you are going to go to in the future. I want you to imagine walking in through the entrance and I want you to think about the things that you see, smell and can touch. Make sure that when you are done with your meditation that you write everything down that you can remember.

Do not be discouraged if you did not get too many things correct and it is okay to say that if you were going to the grocery store that you know that there are going to be fresh fruits and vegetables there. While you’re doing your remote viewing meditation try to visualize what the prices might be or any new or exotic fruits and vegetables that may be in the store. Once you have started to master the easier locations start to challenge yourself by going to new places that you have never been and see what you might find.

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