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Develop Psychic Abilities, faster.

Let’s be clear, there are no shortcuts. However there are certain practices that can help you improve your Psychic and intuitive skills. I’m going to give you some pointers and hope you use them!

1. Ask friends to do photo readings of their relatives. What does that mean? Ask a trusted friend for a photo of a relative (living or deceased) and ask them if you can try to pick up traits about the person in the photo that you could not possibly know. For example, the persons favorite music, the color house they lived in, ailments, middle name and so on. Doing this with a trusted friend will help build confidence by verification. Your friend will be gentle with you when you are incorrect and should be able to verify the information about the person in the photo when you are correct.

2. Sit with a friend or relative. Ask them the name of someone they know (living or deceased) and see how many things you can pick up on someone based solely on a name. This is similar to the photo reading exercise but with less of a safety net. With no photo to aid you there is only you and the person you are sitting with. The person you are sitting with should pick a person they can verify information about. Write down everything that comes to mind, you never know what can be verified later.

In the photo below I told my client I saw her father in a brown suit with a yellow shirt. I did not have a photo to read, she sent this to me several days later. My handwriting from the reading is attached.

3. Sit down with a pen and paper, take a few deep breaths and let your mind go to ease. (I hope you’ve been meditating.) When you are quiet, begin to let information flow, what do you see, hear, smell or feel? Write everything down, no matter how silly or insignificant it may seem. After you are satisfied that you’ve written down enough go on with your day. Keep the paper with you that you’ve written on. During the next several days check off things you’ve written down on the paper. Mark them as significant, mundane or extraordinary. See how many times you come across something you wrote down that the odds of being there and happening are astronomical. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you pick up, even at first.

The key to these 3 exercises is to let go of your fears and insecurity. Once you tell yourself it’s ok to be wrong you will be ready to really grow your abilities.

Make sure you mediate and practice these three basic exercises often. The more you do them the more accurate you will become!

Let me know what you think of these exercises and leave a comment.

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Psychic Armor

Let’s talk about beefing up your defenses, against the living and the dead.

If you are a human being chances are you are affected by a million types of energy every day. Some electronic, some solar, some human and some Spirit. It can be a huge drain on your mind, body and soul. I have seen the effects range from irritability to physical sickness manifest due to the bombardment of every day energy.

Let’s list some steps to help back off the human energy right down to the lowest vibrations out there, demons. Of course all things take practice so don’t go out there after trying these simple steps a few times and think you are going to be safe fighting the darkness alone. Stay safe, follow these steps and lead a better life with cleaner energy.

1. Meditate- You can’t identify your own energy and what is contaminating it without meditation. If you read this blog often you know I’m a meditation hound. I’ll beat this dead horse and its Spirit too. If you plan to separate foreign energy away from your own you’ll have to identify your energy first. This is done during meditation and becoming self aware. Once you know what’s yours and what isn’t move to step 2.

2. Salt shower/bath- Don’t underestimate how powerful the table salt can be. Used for centuries by almost every religion salt is the ultimate energy cleanser. Think about the energy that you want gone and lather up with your favorite body wash and a few tablespoons of salt. You can use table salt if you have it on hand or something fancier if you like. It all works about the same. Once you are so fresh so clean move to step 3!

3. Surround yourself- Get a photograph of yourself and surround it in your favorite color pen, marker, string or ribbon. Pick several colors to really bring on the protection! There is no wrong that can be done here, as you are surrounding yourself in color make sure to remember that this is a protection barrier! Nothing bad can come in and influence you in your bubble, only good positive vibes are allowed in. Set your intention and when things start to affect you remember to be aware of them, visualize your barrier and kick low vibrations to the curb!

Once you’ve done that you are all set! Easy right? Remember to repeat steps 1 and 2 often and keep your photo where you can see it. Change the colors up every so often and see what kinds of new experiences you have after!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, stay safe out there and remember to MEDITATE!

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Seeing clearly with your meditation goggles.

“When I close my eyes I see places and faces, I’m unfamiliar with both but seem to have a connection with them.”

-Many people I speak with

I used to be surprised when I’d be doing a reading and people would clue me into their own natural ability to connect with Spirit or beyond. As far as I knew when I first started doing this there weren’t that many gifted Mediums or Psychics. How would I know otherwise? I laugh now because so many have stepped forward and told me. It makes sense to me, we all have a level of this gift one way or another. Are we all the best at it? Nope. I’m not a strong swimmer but I float pretty well. Can I become a better swimmer. Yup! With practice and coaching and a willingness to learn.

I am constantly learning and taking what I learn and bringing it here. One thing I’ve been learning alot about the last few months is how many people are thirsty for this knowledge. How can they improve, who can guide them? What are the “proper” steps to take? Wow, who knows! I personally have taken a little bit from everyone I’ve learned from and made it my own. I think that’s just human. What works for one doesn’t work for everyone. What is interesting is how many experience the same things when their Third Eye begins to open. Unfamiliar places and faces that seem to hold significance to them. That’s how it started for me and it was a cloudy unclear mess. Making sense of this gift is a bit of a burden at first, until the clarity comes. Then it is a true gift with many rewards.

If this is your first time here go back and start from the beginning or go from here. Nothing is changing. Opening your intuition begins withmeditations. Quiet your mind, create a comfortable place in your imagination to relax in. Place yourself at ease with breathing and grounding. Look back for tips on medications, mostly I recommend quiet music and a comfy spot to sit in for about 15 minutes.

Once you mediate and PRACTICE it for several days you will get better, your clarity will improve. It’s like swimming under water without goggles and then putting on a pair. You have seen shapes and colors but everything was out of focus. Now with your meditation goggles it’s all clear and you can see the vividness of the Spirit and all things around you.

Your intuition will guide you to what is important as long as you operate without hesitation or doubt. Clear your mind, breath, know yourself and become clear with practice.

I use this technique to speak with the deceased and to do psychic readings. There is no real secret except I practice and I believe what am experiencing. You do the same. Maybe easier said than done but I know you can do it!

Here is your intention. Write it down.

“I will see more clearly today than yesterday.”

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What is in this for YOU?

When I take my time and stop for a little bit I reflect heavily on what I’m doing and what is in it for me. What am I gaining from giving away the information I’ve learned about Mediumship, Psychic gifts and all things “mystical?” Who is benefitting from this blog? Who am I really doing this for?

It’s a good question, one I’d like you to take a moment and ask yourself as well. I have been doing readings more and more steadily in the last few months and as a result my blog content has gone down, sorry about that. What has happened also though is I’m finding more and more people with gifts who need a place to start learning about them. Of course I direct them here and tell them to start reading from blog one and then think about how once they read through to the most current blog that they may be left hanging. I certainly don’t want to leave anyone hanging, especially if they are finding this site useful and easy to understand. With that said I will be picking up some new things to write about in regards to developing your own gifts. Now with that I ask “Who are you developing your gifts for and why?”

I started developing my own gifts pretty much out of instinct. I didn’t really have a motive other than I felt it needed to happen. Once I started to really dive in and understand who I was and how each of my own gifts worked I wanted to know more, not only did I want to know more but I wanted to test myself as myouruch as possible.

I started doing readings for friends and close family and it was a rush to say the least, when I would speak on behalf of a deceased person to the living. Describing an old apartment or fond memory they had, telling the living that the departed family member was alright and at peace became comforting to me. In the moment it was anyway, there was certainly a strain at home and there always will be. That’s with anything we dedicate time to, I want you to remember that for anything you apply yourself to. At first my wife thought it was a novelty or something I probably wouldn’t pursue too heavily, I have many interests and they all fizzle out and come back in waves.

Mediumship however never stopped being on my mind, it grew, like a small sapling into what is now a maturing tree. I consumed books and books, videos and podcasts and anything I could find for free on the Internet. Then something happened. I hit a wall. I grew as far as I felt I could. I kept reading the same things over and over, now what?

I decided I would take my perspective and knowledge and write a blog. Then the blog needed exposure so I started an Instagram and Facebook page for it. Then time went on, people booked me for readings and gave me glowing reviews, passed my cards along to family and friends. My Gift that was my passion grew into a small business. Well known people in the business of Psychics and Mediums have taken notice of me, even well known Paranormal Investigators ask my opinion on some of their cases. To say I’m humbled by all of that would be an understatement.

I recently became so overwhelmed with people asking for readings that I asked my wife to be the schedule keeper, a big step for me since I had been managing it myself for so long. Not only a big step for me though, a big one for her as well. Shellie, my wife takes care of our 2 young children, the house, the bills, the cooking and laundry and manages me now. My gift has turned into another job for someone else, thank goodness she took the position because I was drowning in schedule hell.

I write the blog for you. I want you to develop your gifts, whatever they may be. I want you to be as good as you can be with as much free information as you can get. That’s what I wanted for myself as well. I have that and so much more. Now, ask yourself “What is in this for YOU?”

What are you going to do with your gift once you have developed it into something that you can do on demand? Are you going to keep it to yourself? Are you going to tell friends? Will you make a business out of it? That’s all up to you. I just think about how I started doing this with no intention of being where I am and wonder what others are doing with the gift they have.

I’ll leave this session with this:

Do not have fear of the unknown. Embrace your Gifts, be positive and do this for you!


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Best Intentions

Intention, what is yours? If you have been following me for any time at all you would know that my intention is to teach as much as possible without charging anybody for one blog session. As long as you’ve been coming to my website I have always said that I have been trying to provide a service that I wish was available to me. My question for you now is what are you doing to pay it forward to others? Have you taken some of my advice and gone to other people like us and spread the knowledge? Have you tried to reach out for others with your gift that you have been developing? Have you tried to do some readings for the best interest of other people?

If you have not yet I would like for you to take a minute and think about how you can do something nice for somebody else. The most important part of this is not thinking about what you’re going to do but actually just doing something. The best intentions sometimes go unfulfilled. Execution is 100% the end goal. If you have been writing nice things down in your book to do for other people but have not done one of them then you truly haven’t done anything yet at all. Today, the day that you are reading this I want you to take one thing and do it for somebody else. It doesn’t have to be psychic related it could just be buying someone a coffee, picking someone else’s kids up from school for them, doing the laundry or cooking dinner. The sky is the limit and the ball is in your court.

Today’s the day that you are going to do something good for somebody else and you will not expect anything back in return. It is my belief that once you start doing good for other people the good that you will feel inside will motivate you to do more and once that feeling wells up inside of you enough the universe will take notice and start returning back to you what you have put out. Of course this is an old notion called karma but sometimes we need a real life day today example of how to get started. So today you were going to get started.

When you are done reading this please just hit the share button copy it and paste it to whatever social media you belong to and let’s get some really nice things going for everybody. Again I don’t make anything off of this except for the fact that I know I am trying to put the good out there in the universe for everybody to share in. I would love to see this shared so many times that you come back to me, and you all have great stories to tell me about all of the good that you have done for other people. Then you can tell your story about how you have been rewarded.



Light Language Activation

I finished dinner for the night and said good night to the kids. I told my wife that I would be back in a few hours.  I made my way out into the cool August evening,looking up at the sky and the barely visible stars of the twilight. I started my car and checked the time, I had about a half an hour to make the start of the event. I motored down the highway fighting the end of the rush home with the hard working people of New Jersey. My destination, the Zen Den, a place I have visited many timesbefore. The owner is an old friend and just a great person in general. I thought about seeing her and being in the peacful place of her business, a warm space with lowlighting bamboo flooring and light meditation music playing in the background.

I arrived outside the building promptly at 7pm, just as the class was supposed to start. I walked into the front door and was met in the small lobby by several other people and the class leader, Kate. I was the last to arrive and was feeling some butterflies in my stomach, something that I didn’t generally feel prior to starting new things. I like making sure that I am cool and calm before starting things, that way I am clear to recieve messages and relay them. I had the feeling I have before starting a reading, which is speaking to strangers in an unfamiliar setting, so it was kind of like that.

We all made our way into the big room that is right off of the lobby, the smell of essential oils filled the air and the lights were dim. Folding chairs were set up in a circle and were facing inward. The other people all sat down and I was the last to take a seat, the class leader Kate sat next to me on my right. I noticed that my calves were feeling grounding energy that I had not felt in a long time. It felt like I was doing physical exercise and bringing my muscles to fatigue. I took this as my first sign that I was going to be in for a treat, I was right.

Kate began by introducing herself. I would describe her as a very lovely down to Earth woman who was very well spoken and had a certain charm I could not ignore. Now I say “charm” and I don’t mean in a way that is physical, it was a Spiritual type of “charm.” As she spoke I could see a gold Aura form arund her head and as she used her hands I could see a purple light trail her palms. Her Chakras were on fire, they were the brightest I have ever seen. Kate explained that she had recieved Light Language and that she now could channel it. As I understand it, Kate channels several different non-human beings tha speak this language. Don’t stop reading! I thought it sounded strange also but being that I am a Psychic Medium who speaks to the dead I put the factor of strange out of my head. I mean, look at what I do!

Kate went on to explain that there would be different sounds and noises that she would make and that they would come out at different volumes. I spent the entire time making sure that I wasn’t going to overthink this, strange noises and different volumes. I got it, I have a few little kids. Just prior to starting she explained that she had several crystals in the center of the circle on the floor and that she could possibly hand them out as she channeled the Light Language.

First we began by doing a very uniquly worded meditation linked with our intentions, what we wanted to recieve by being present for the Light Language. It was for grounding and connecting to the Earth. Something that was very interesting to me was that she told us to invision spirals into the Earty, different from the strait chords or ropes that I am used to using. She explained later that the spirals were stronger and that the Entities liked them more. As we finished the meditation, that

Kate spoke in fluent English, everything changed. Her language changed, her voice changed, the room changed and I would be left changed. The language that was coming out of Kate was unlike anything that I have ever heard before, I was in shock at first but after several minutes I warmed up to it. I was no longer thinking about it rather I was taking it in. I became hyper-aware of the beings that were surrounding myself and the others in the room. I was truely aware for the first time of Spirit Animals. They were flooding the room and standing by the sides of the people in the room who they belonged to. I saw a goose a bear and a bat. I saw a sea turtle and what I could only describe as a sea serpent near another person. I believe each was aware of me as well, they took turnes looking in my direction. Kate went from person to person speaking the Light language, her voice changed with each different dialect or language. She made rapid hand movements and walked from person to person in the circle. I kept my eyes closed most of the time using my Third Eye to focus on each person.

As Kate approached me I felt my core heat up, my head started swirling with energy. I felt as though the world was funneling through my Crown and down into my feet. My Third Eye exploded with visions and I knew then and there that I was going to be better at doing what I do. I fully expected for the deceased to take a chance at this moment to bombard me and it didn’t happen. Instead I was seeing vibrant colors and I was feeling all of my Chakras spin and become alive with energy all at once. This is something that I have experienced happen during meditation but never at the level that it was at right now. I kept taking deep breaths and let the energy flow, at this point I felt that I didn’t have a choice, I was fully enveloped in the moment and the feeling. Kates voice changed from time to time, I would assume that each voice change was a different Entity. With each change I felt a change in myself, giving energy and taking in energy. I never once felt stagnant or that nothing was happening. It was a life changing event for me.

Afer everyone had a turn we went back to the meditation which Kate preformed in English although by now I felt so comfortable hearing the new (to me) language that I would have been ok continuing on with it. Of course my brain or concious self did not understand it but I felt that I didn’t have to in order to get something from it. We continued grounding and breathing and coming out of the meditation until it was time to open our eyes. Everyone in the circle looked refreshed and renewed, we each shared a bit about what we felt during the Light Language Activation. I told people about the Spirit Animals that surrounded them and some about other things that I had seen. We broke the circle and said goodnight, I spoke briefly to Kate and told her what I wonderful time I had and how I could already tell that things already had began shifting.

Fast forward a few weeks later to now. I have for sure reopned my center Chakras and they are flowing with energy now. It’s very helpful during readings because I am not relying soley on my Third Eye to bring me information, now I can clearly feel the emotions of the deceased and the living. I have also been able to detect energy around the living as I walk near them, it feels like a static charge. I also have been seeing colors around people, Auaras, which before I could only see for a moment. Now it lasts a little longer and I am still amazed by it.

If you were to ask me if I thought this could help you in your spiritual journey I think that you know that I would say yes. Yes yes yes! I will go to more sessions and try to further advance myself and see what else it can lead to for me. I could not write this blog or any blog if I was not constantly learning and growing. Being as genuine as I can is the most important thing and that is especially true for this space. I want everyone who stops here to read what I write and be able to sit back and know that there is no hokey pokey nonesense to weed through.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and I hope that if you can find someone near you that does Light Language Activation you see them. Until then don’t stop here, go to youtube and look it up there, I have found some very wonderful folks out there who have videos reguarding this and who also speak the language in the videos.

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Remote Viewing and a couch

If you are interested in psychic phenomena than you have probably heard the term “Remote Viewing.” It sounds as awesome as it actually is. Think for a moment, wouldn’t it be great if you could you could visit somewhere before you actually went. What if you could see the details of places and people in those places before you actually ever even went there, or what if you never even went there at all and new all kinds of things as if you have already visited? Do you think that this kind of phenomenon actually exists? I can assure you through my personal experience that this does exist and it is possible for you to be able to practice it. 

We can start with the American government acknowledging the fact that this exists because they hired psychics to spy on other countries during times of War. They tried to gain State secrets through remote viewing. How does that sound to you?

Check out this link that explains “Project Stargate.” Even the name is awesome! 


Have you ever had any experience with remote viewing? If so what were the results what did you experience? I’d like to tell you a little story about one of the best experiences I had while utilizing remote viewing. 

Prior to going on a paranormal investigation I laid down and did my normal meditation routine. This time though instead of trying to contact my Spirit guides and ask them for help communicating with Spirits I decided to focus on the location that we were going to be going to. Now keep in mind I have never been there and I’d only seen one photograph of the outside of the house. The only real thing that I knew was that it was an old farm house that was around 200 years old. 

I decided that I would imagine myself walking up to the front door of the house opening the door and looking at the things that I could immediately see from the entrance. I could see steps there were straight ahead of me I could see two to three separate rooms and I also was picking up on something that I thought was strange, it was a blue couch and it was the only piece of furniture that I could see during my psychic walk. I could tell that it was not original to the house and it did not fit the time period of the furniture that I thought should be in an old farmhouse. I noted the couch in my writings when I was done with my meditation and that’s where this gets very cool.

That day we went to The Farmhouse and I let the group walk-in ahead of me as I didn’t want to spoil my psychic impressions with the tour of the house. After the group was done taking the tour I entered the house through the front as I had imagined in my psychic walk during my remote viewing session and lo and behold in front of me was a blue couch. It was exactly what I had envisioned when I did my remote viewing.

This to me was more proof and validation of the psychic ability I possessed and it encouraged me to do more remote viewing. With that in mind I would like for you to take the time and practice remote viewing. I want you to think about a place that you know that you are going to go to in the future. I want you to imagine walking in through the entrance and I want you to think about the things that you see, smell and can touch. Make sure that when you are done with your meditation that you write everything down that you can remember.

Do not be discouraged if you did not get too many things correct and it is okay to say that if you were going to the grocery store that you know that there are going to be fresh fruits and vegetables there. While you’re doing your remote viewing meditation try to visualize what the prices might be or any new or exotic fruits and vegetables that may be in the store. Once you have started to master the easier locations start to challenge yourself by going to new places that you have never been and see what you might find.

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Third Eye Chakra

Hello again! Thanks for coming back! This next post is about the Third Eye Chakra and I’m going to do my best to keep it simple and informative. The third eye is one of the most mystic parts of our spiritual selves and it is one of the most useful, in my opinion. It is located right in the middle of our foreheads just above our eyeline. Did you read my post about the third eye yet? If you did that last bit is old news, if not go back and check it out! Lots of good info there I won’t be going back over, we need to move forward!

Have you ever used your imagination? Have you ever pictured a story playing out in your head like a movie? Have you ever looked at a room in front of you and pictured it as it was 20 years ago? If you have answered yes to any of that then it is very likely that you have activated your Third Eye Chakra! I always thought that everyone around me processed information like I did in my head and found out that it simply wasn’t true. Not everyone can see things as clearly as I could, when I thought of something I’d get a full detailed description like a photo someone placed into my head. If that sounds familiar than you are on the right track.

The Chakra that is your energy basis for the third eye is extremely potent. It is what gives you that other worldly view and provides insite through vivid photos in your mind. It is important to recognize it when training yourself to be more open to pshycic abilities and using it as a Medium. The more focused you become on the Third Eye the more powerful it becomes. Like any other part of your body it needs a work out and if you’ve read my previous post about this topic you hopefully have been practicing the techniques I explained, if not please go back and learn them!

Let’s talk about how this works and how you can apply it. For me, I will receive an image and let’s say it’s a lawnmower. If I am doing a reading and connecting to someone’s passed loved one I would explain I could see a lawnmower and hopefully the person in front of me will know what that means in relation to the spirit. If I am doing an investigation I will document that I see the lawnmower and hopefully it will mean something later. If I am carrying out day to day activities and a lawnmower pops into my head I would take note of it and ask myself why I am seeing it, later on it could mean something.

After learning to pay attention to the Third Eye you will unlock another world of information for yourself and others around you. If you see something in your mind write it down in a log book or journal. Pay attention if those images show up in your day to day life, these very well could be important messages for you or.someone that you love.

Beyond that, I can also make you aware that this is often the same method as to which spirits will show themselves. They will put an image of themselves in your head, in line with your Third Eye and make you see them. Don’t be afraid, write down what they look like, ask them to spell a name in front of you. Your ability to be comfortable with this Claire-ability will make you much more effective as a psychic and medium. Also, learning this and combining it your other gifts will help you paint a better picture and gain access to more information.

We will talk about the third eye more as I discuss other abilities. There are several visual based practices that rely on the Third Eye Chakra, such as Lucid Dream, Astral Projection and receiving Premonitions. Please go learn the techniques and meditations so that you can be prepared when we move on to the other fun activities we can perform using our Third Eye and it’s Chakra!

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