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So, do you take notes when you are meditating or doing a reading? I do. It’s my signature move. Lol well it’s at least the way I keep track of what my train of thought is.

I recently started keeping “scrap” paper during readings, it has come in handy every time! Normally what I do is write everything down that comes in on the note paper in front of me, for the client I’m with at the time. Many times things dont make sense and the information is lost when the client takes the notes with them.

Sometimes what will happen is later that day or a few days later I’ll have another client and do a reading with them and I’ll feel like something is missing or I’m missing something, to find out during the reading I’ve already received the info I needed prior to sitting with this client! It’s so frustrating!

I just said that! Wait I drew a picture of that exact thing yesterday!

Then I wouldn’t have a way to back it up. Lol come on! Well I decided from now on (A few days ago) that I’m keeping specific notes on important details so I can show clients that the information was so complete that I had received it prior to them arriving.

Here are some examples of when this has happened:

I did a reading and drew a banjo and a broken mantel clock. The client didn’t know what that would mean.

Several days later I went to do a group reading at a clients home, as soon as I walked in the door there was banjo. When I took my seat on the couch there was a broken mantel clock on the table next to me.

I recently sat down with a client at her home at the beginning of a party and gave her a name, and a very specific medical issue and means of treatment. The client stated she didn’t know the name or the medical things the Spirit was conveying. The Spirit said to me “I’m going to be here a while.”

I wrote everything down on my scrap paper, the name the ailment and the words he said to me about waiting. I did 4 readings and then the final person came in. She sat down and I said hello “Jill.” I stopped, “Did you tell me your name?” She confirmed that she hadn’t. I started the reading and a man told me about his stomach issues and Jill told me oh that’s because of this specific medical issue, I stopped dead in my tracks. “I wrote that down prior to you coming in here!” I had my scrap paper and showed her. From there the reading continued and it was fantastic.

I wanted to tell that story to illustrate the importance of two things, trust everything that you hear, see, feel and “know.” Also, write it all down and make sure to remember as much as you can. To be clear, don’t try to make things fit where they clearly don’t belong. Only apply the information when it is very specific.

I hope you can use this in your meditation and readings!

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