Light Language Activation

I finished dinner for the night and said good night to the kids. I told my wife that I would be back in a few hours.  I made my way out into the cool August evening,looking up at the sky and the barely visible stars of the twilight. I started my car and checked the time, I had about a half an hour to make the start of the event. I motored down the highway fighting the end of the rush home with the hard working people of New Jersey. My destination, the Zen Den, a place I have visited many timesbefore. The owner is an old friend and just a great person in general. I thought about seeing her and being in the peacful place of her business, a warm space with lowlighting bamboo flooring and light meditation music playing in the background.

I arrived outside the building promptly at 7pm, just as the class was supposed to start. I walked into the front door and was met in the small lobby by several other people and the class leader, Kate. I was the last to arrive and was feeling some butterflies in my stomach, something that I didn’t generally feel prior to starting new things. I like making sure that I am cool and calm before starting things, that way I am clear to recieve messages and relay them. I had the feeling I have before starting a reading, which is speaking to strangers in an unfamiliar setting, so it was kind of like that.

We all made our way into the big room that is right off of the lobby, the smell of essential oils filled the air and the lights were dim. Folding chairs were set up in a circle and were facing inward. The other people all sat down and I was the last to take a seat, the class leader Kate sat next to me on my right. I noticed that my calves were feeling grounding energy that I had not felt in a long time. It felt like I was doing physical exercise and bringing my muscles to fatigue. I took this as my first sign that I was going to be in for a treat, I was right.

Kate began by introducing herself. I would describe her as a very lovely down to Earth woman who was very well spoken and had a certain charm I could not ignore. Now I say “charm” and I don’t mean in a way that is physical, it was a Spiritual type of “charm.” As she spoke I could see a gold Aura form arund her head and as she used her hands I could see a purple light trail her palms. Her Chakras were on fire, they were the brightest I have ever seen. Kate explained that she had recieved Light Language and that she now could channel it. As I understand it, Kate channels several different non-human beings tha speak this language. Don’t stop reading! I thought it sounded strange also but being that I am a Psychic Medium who speaks to the dead I put the factor of strange out of my head. I mean, look at what I do!

Kate went on to explain that there would be different sounds and noises that she would make and that they would come out at different volumes. I spent the entire time making sure that I wasn’t going to overthink this, strange noises and different volumes. I got it, I have a few little kids. Just prior to starting she explained that she had several crystals in the center of the circle on the floor and that she could possibly hand them out as she channeled the Light Language.

First we began by doing a very uniquly worded meditation linked with our intentions, what we wanted to recieve by being present for the Light Language. It was for grounding and connecting to the Earth. Something that was very interesting to me was that she told us to invision spirals into the Earty, different from the strait chords or ropes that I am used to using. She explained later that the spirals were stronger and that the Entities liked them more. As we finished the meditation, that

Kate spoke in fluent English, everything changed. Her language changed, her voice changed, the room changed and I would be left changed. The language that was coming out of Kate was unlike anything that I have ever heard before, I was in shock at first but after several minutes I warmed up to it. I was no longer thinking about it rather I was taking it in. I became hyper-aware of the beings that were surrounding myself and the others in the room. I was truely aware for the first time of Spirit Animals. They were flooding the room and standing by the sides of the people in the room who they belonged to. I saw a goose a bear and a bat. I saw a sea turtle and what I could only describe as a sea serpent near another person. I believe each was aware of me as well, they took turnes looking in my direction. Kate went from person to person speaking the Light language, her voice changed with each different dialect or language. She made rapid hand movements and walked from person to person in the circle. I kept my eyes closed most of the time using my Third Eye to focus on each person.

As Kate approached me I felt my core heat up, my head started swirling with energy. I felt as though the world was funneling through my Crown and down into my feet. My Third Eye exploded with visions and I knew then and there that I was going to be better at doing what I do. I fully expected for the deceased to take a chance at this moment to bombard me and it didn’t happen. Instead I was seeing vibrant colors and I was feeling all of my Chakras spin and become alive with energy all at once. This is something that I have experienced happen during meditation but never at the level that it was at right now. I kept taking deep breaths and let the energy flow, at this point I felt that I didn’t have a choice, I was fully enveloped in the moment and the feeling. Kates voice changed from time to time, I would assume that each voice change was a different Entity. With each change I felt a change in myself, giving energy and taking in energy. I never once felt stagnant or that nothing was happening. It was a life changing event for me.

Afer everyone had a turn we went back to the meditation which Kate preformed in English although by now I felt so comfortable hearing the new (to me) language that I would have been ok continuing on with it. Of course my brain or concious self did not understand it but I felt that I didn’t have to in order to get something from it. We continued grounding and breathing and coming out of the meditation until it was time to open our eyes. Everyone in the circle looked refreshed and renewed, we each shared a bit about what we felt during the Light Language Activation. I told people about the Spirit Animals that surrounded them and some about other things that I had seen. We broke the circle and said goodnight, I spoke briefly to Kate and told her what I wonderful time I had and how I could already tell that things already had began shifting.

Fast forward a few weeks later to now. I have for sure reopned my center Chakras and they are flowing with energy now. It’s very helpful during readings because I am not relying soley on my Third Eye to bring me information, now I can clearly feel the emotions of the deceased and the living. I have also been able to detect energy around the living as I walk near them, it feels like a static charge. I also have been seeing colors around people, Auaras, which before I could only see for a moment. Now it lasts a little longer and I am still amazed by it.

If you were to ask me if I thought this could help you in your spiritual journey I think that you know that I would say yes. Yes yes yes! I will go to more sessions and try to further advance myself and see what else it can lead to for me. I could not write this blog or any blog if I was not constantly learning and growing. Being as genuine as I can is the most important thing and that is especially true for this space. I want everyone who stops here to read what I write and be able to sit back and know that there is no hokey pokey nonesense to weed through.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and I hope that if you can find someone near you that does Light Language Activation you see them. Until then don’t stop here, go to youtube and look it up there, I have found some very wonderful folks out there who have videos reguarding this and who also speak the language in the videos.

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Please keep coming back, I am going to be posting more often now that summer is over. I have new things to talk about and I am going to finish my series about Chakras.
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  1. My mom sent me this article, and I have to tell you that your experience was amazing. I have been going to Kate’s sessions for awhile. Isnt it just awesome what comes through and the feelings you feel? Thank you for sharing.

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