Having faith is often difficult when we are being told not
to have it or that what we believe is incorrect. From our religion to our
values to the truth we hold dear to us as we do our readings for others. Of course
all of those are different categories in life and they vary in importance from
one to another. I would hold my religious beliefs and my personal values in the
same importance and then my confidence in the information I am bringing through
as a Medium and Psychic. What I find funny is that the information that I receive
as a Medium is almost always immediately validated and that makes my faith in
my abilities stronger every time and that validation makes my faith in religion
and good values even stronger.

Recently I had a skeptic put my faith to the test in my own abilities
and in some other aspects of life. I would like to state that I have always had
an open mind and don’t care for people who can’t find a reason to believe. I
especially have a bone to pick with those who go out of their way to make
people like myself look “bad” or “fake.” I understand that not everyone has had
the “Aha moment” where faith was replaced by knowing the truth. I am just upset
by skeptics who attack and use the scientific method as an argument for something
so beyond regular human understanding. Ok ,so anyway this person who challenged
me got me deep into thought about what I was doing, as a Medium a Psychic and
even as a person. I have never lied to anyone about the information I have received
or how I got it, by way of images and words formed in my mind by Spirit or “energy”
or whatever we want to call it to help bring comfort to the phenomenon.  

At one point in human history the Earth was flat, the moon was
unreachable and people were persecuted for saying otherwise. That is until science
caught up and we could prove the truth through technology, gaining access to a
macro and micro understanding of the world around us. So far we (highly trained
scientist) have proved the earth is round and we can reach the moon. Now it is
time for scientists to start thinking of new ways to measure psychic abilities,
paranormal phenomenon and all other supernatural areas of our existence.

Until the day comes when some one in a lab coat can recreate
what we do in a lab we have to just go on developing our skills and proving through
our actions that we have a gift. In the same vein of thinking and the reason I
am writing this it is important to have no doubt in yourself while conducting a
reading. Even when something just does not make sense, put it out there into
the Universe that you are getting what it is expelling. I have had a number of
instances where the person I was reading for told me I was wrong about the
information I was getting from a deceased relative and have had them come back
hours, days and weeks later to tell me that they discovered what I told them
was fact.

If you don’t have faith in yourself and in your ability you
will never get the validation you need to be successful. Not just bringing in
another income but as a good advisor and Medium/psychic. I don’t want you to challenge
any skeptics, that is a waste of energy but I do challenge you to go with your instinct
and say and write what you feel during a reading. Don’t let the person on front
of you tell you no because you are the conduit and the one with the responsibility
to relay information to them, whether it is what they hold to be true or not.
When you do that you will find validation which leads to faith and that leads
to strength and happiness.

Good luck out there, keep practicing, keep learning and keep


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