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Time Travel Through Psychometry


Time Travel Through Psychometry

Imagine you could travel through time like Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future. What an amazing experience that would be. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like a silver DeLorean time machine isn’t going to come blazing into our reality anytime soon, so we need to use what we have. What we can reach out and grasp today.

That would be Psychometry.

The ability to reach out and touch an object and be brought back in time to where it was made, who utilized it and many rich details about that person and their life. It all starts with knowing how to do the technique.

Bring a pen and paper for this exercise.

First, have a friend give you an object they know would have some rich history, family heirlooms work best. Put the object in front of you. Turn your palms upward and place them in front of you. I want you to imagine that on each palm there is swirling energy. Pick a color that would work best for you, I love red and blue for this exercise but you pick what you like!  After you have your energy moving in your palms, I want you to see the energy expand, spin faster and become brighter. When you are comfortable your energy is where you want it I want you to take several deep breaths. This will bring calmness. Close your eyes for a moment and clear your mind.

Next open your eyes and reach out in front of yourself.  Pick up the object, handle it, run your hands over it. What impressions are you receiving? Are having any emotional reactions? What are they? Does the object have its own energy? Are any impressions of an owner coming through? What they look like, where they lived. Maybe you can see the origin of the object or the journey it has been on since it was made.

Once you start getting impressions take a break every few minutes and write everything down. Do not worry about being “wrong.” Your focus is not to be right, just to be getting information. If you feel like you are struggling take a breath, clear your mind again and start over. This technique will not work immediately for many people, however for some you will be overwhelmed with information. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we all have to work on our gifts.

Once you feel that you have gotten as much information as you could, finish writing. Place the item down. Look at your palms, see the energy and close it up. Thank your energy for working with you. Place your palms down and breath out. You should be excited and happy that you have just completed such an awesome exercise!

Read your notes to your friend. Compare your impressions to what they actually know about the object. Who owned it, where it came from and so on. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t hit it out of the park, this is a starting point and I bet you got some things right! Even if they were in a round about way of being correct. Make sure to take the victories!

I hope you practice this and apply it often, when you become confident you will use this technique all the time, sometimes without knowing it. Psychometry is one of my favorite techniques to use when doing readings and especially during paranormal investigations.

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