Time to clear all the bad vibes from you, your space and your personal belongings! This is the most basic, easy and most talked method out there! Saging the low level energy out of your life! What’s the key? Well, having some dry sage formed to bundles on hand is a good start, hold on though we will get to that. Let’s go!

Let’s start with the Tradition of using sage. The Egyptians burned sage, the Native Americans and many other ancient civilizations that found spiritual energy through the Earth. A little bit of Magick in a very simple form. The smoke is said to cleanse the air by forcing the negative lower vibrations out of the physical space and dissipating it into “thin air.” How cool is that? Well for a long time the idea of burning sage was considered “woo woo new age” and kind of made fun of.

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Those days, thank Goodness are coming to an end. Human beings are understanding that there is more to the world we live in than what meets the eye. People in general are becoming more open, more spiritual and more in tune to the vibrations around us. Did you know that everything, living and non-living has a specific vibration that can be measured? So when you are “vibing” with another person or a piece of jewelry or a space you are actually accepting that you are in the same vibration range. Cool right?

What happens when you are not feeling the vibes so much? Well you just don’t meld or get along or you simply say “I’m just not feeling it.” What happens when you just aren’t feeling it and it’s your home, place of business or just your own skin? There certainly should be a natural and easy way to help “clear the air” and make things more comfortable for you and the others around you. That is where the sage comes in!

Those little bundles of amazing smelling sage work amazing feats of cleansing when used with the right intentions! By now if you’ve read this far you probably have read so many different articles about sage and maybe “the right way to sage.” Well let me tell you there is no wrong way. The only thing you can maybe do wrong is just burn the sage with no intention behind it. Yeah, the space will smell nice but you probably won’t effectively remove the negative vibes. Below is how I do it and my customers agree it works really well!

1. I burn the sage over a nice bowl. When I light the sage I simply state “We are going to clear this space.”

2. I pick a space to start in, if it’s a home I go from bottom to top (like smoke rises) and go from corner to corner. Objects or other people, same thing bottom to top. You can cleanse your Crystal’s this way as well. As I am clearing the space I simply state “There is no room for negative energy here. As the negative is cleared it will be replaced by positive energy, wellness and prosperity. ”

3. End the session by saying thank you to the positive energy around you and in the space now. I recommend doing this once a week or as needed. That’s it!

I hope you liked this and the three easy steps to sending those bad vibes up in smoke! Have a great day and feel better today and every day!

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